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HAVE endeavoured, in the following pages, to impress upon the youthful mind some of the grand and wonder

ful objects of creative excellence in the “ Broad, Broad Ocean." The subject is exhaustless. I have been able only to treat upon a few of its most salient and interesting features, such as the young-always ardent and impressionable-would be most likely to appreciate.

A portion of this volume was written at a very sequestered coast of North Devon--Croyde Bay, a few miles from Barnstaple, where I had ample opportunities of witnessing a glorious expanse of ocean in all its features : calm and serene as Wordsworth describes it

“The gentleness of Heaven is on the sea.

Listen! The Mighty Being is awake,
And doth with His eternal motion make

A sound like thunder, everlastingly;" or in tempestuous gales, when we see

“ The ambitious ocean swell, and rage, and foam,

To be exalted with the threatening clouds." My youngsters were lively amateur fishers, captors of prawns and

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shrimps, and occasional takers of small strange fish, the birth and parentage of which became a marine study to us in the evening. I find that occasional -visits to the sea-side open the young inquiring mind, and prepare it for the reception of more serious and thoughtful studies of the ocean

“The paragon of elemental powers, Mystery of waters, never-slumbering sea ! Impassioned orator with lips sublime,

Whose waves are arguments which prove a God.” I trust that the present work will be received with the same favour as its “companion" volume, the “Treasures of the Earth,” which, although but recently published, has had the honour of a second edition.



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Arctic summer-Presents many interesting features—Description of
an Arctic sunrise-Melting of the ice-Excessive heat for a short time
-Effect of the dry air upon the skin-Preparations for the seal fishery
by the Esquimaux - Industry of the natives—Value of seals' flesh and
skins— Use of the blubber - Expertness in capturing seals — Skin-
covered boats-Dexterity in their management-A herd of seals-
Curious tricks for entrapping them—The chase of the seal sometimes
dangerous — Destruction of skin-covered boats by seals — Different
species of seals—The sea-calf — Encounters with bears-Subject to
violent fits of anger–Irritation of the muscular parts after death-

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Falling off in the whale fisheries-Peterhead and Hull the principal
ports of the fishery-Old customs and usages at Hull—Early history
of the whale fishery—The Biscayans-Hakluyt-Description of ships

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