Herodotus: A New and Literal Version from the Text of Baehr, with a Geographical and General Index

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Harper, 1892 - 613 pages

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Page 483 - When, however, he found on the fifth that they were not gone, thinking that their firm stand was mere impudence and recklessness, he grew wroth and sent against them the Medes and Cissians, with orders to take them alive and bring them into his presence. Then the Medes rushed forward and charged the Greeks, but fell in vast numbers; others, however, took the places of the slain and would not be beaten off, though they suffered terrible losses. In this way it became clear to all, and especially to...
Page 152 - During this time, they related, that the sun had four times risen out of his usual quarter, and that he had twice risen where he now sets, and twice set where he now rises...
Page 250 - Hercules into the northern sea,7 and so to return to Egypt. The Phoenicians accordingly, setting out from the Red Sea, navigated the southern sea ; when autumn came, they went ashore, and sowed the land, by whatever part of Libya they happened to be sailing, and waited for harvest ; then having reaped the corn, they put to sea again. When two years had thus passEd, in the third, having doubled the pillars of Hercules, they arrived in Egypt, and related what to me does not seem credible, but may to...
Page 399 - Susa, and forty from the well which produces three different substances ; for asphalt, salt, and oil are drawn up from it, in the following manner. It is pumped up by means...
Page 87 - Hut when she has had intercourse and has absolved herself from her obligation to the goddess, she returns home ; and after that time, however great a sum you may give her, you will not gain possession of her.
Page 156 - The water in this lake does not spring from the soil, for these parts are excessively dry, but it is conveyed through a channel from the Nile, and for six months it flows into the lake, and six months out again into the Nile.
Page 21 - Croesus gave it in charge to inquire of the oracles, whether he should make war on the Persians, and if he should unite any other nation as an ally. Accordingly, when the Lydians arrived at the places to which they were sent, and had dedicated the offerings, they consulted the oracles, saying, " Croesus, king of the Lydians and of other nations, esteeming these to be the only oracles among men, sends these presents in acknowledgment of your discoveries ; and now asks, whether he should lead an army...
Page 33 - ... so that the river, being turned into this from its old channel, might pass in the rear of the camp pitched where it then was, and afterward, having passed by the camp, might fall into its former course ; so that as soon as the river was divided into two streams, it became fordable in both. Some say that the ancient channel of the river was entirely dried up : but this I cannot assent to ; for how then could they have crossed it on their return ? However, Croesus, having passed the river with...
Page 120 - When a conflagration takes place, a supernatural impulse seizes on the cats ; for the Egyptians, standing at a distance, take care of the cats, and neglect to put out the fire ; but the cats, making their escape, and leaping over the men, throw themselves into the fire ; and when this happens, great lamentations are made among the Egyptians. In whatever house a cat dies of a natural death, all the family shave their eyebrows only ; but if a dog die, they shave the whole body and the head.
Page 121 - ... night-air and the dew. Of all known animals this is the one which from the smallest size grows to be the greatest : for the egg of the crocodile is but little bigger than that of the goose, and the young crocodile is in proportion to the egg ; yet when it is full grown, the animal measures frequently seventeen cubits and even more.

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