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J. Billing, Printer and Stereotyper, Guildford, Surrey.


Tas Index is intended as a companion to the CHRONOLOGICAL TABLES, published by Mr. Bohn in 1856, and was announced in the Preface to that volume. To render it as complete as possible, it has been thought desirable to introduce many additional details, for which the TABLES' afforded neither opportunity nor space. Among these will be found the origin of countries, states, dynasties, and eminent families ; synoptical views of the succession of sovereigns, and of public functionaries, civil and ecclesiastical; together with many supplementary notices of battles, sieges, shipwrecks, eruptions, fires, floods, and other events, which had not found a place under their respective dates.

The authorities for the facts and dates have been generally stated in the Preface to the Chronological Tables,' to which few of importance have been added, excepting some government publications, especially the Liber Munerum Publicorum Hibernia, which, for all that concerns the official lists of Ireland, is invaluable.

The labour of collecting, investigating, and arranging such a mass of materials as are compressed into this Index, and the time required to read it through the press with sufficient care, have retarded its completion considerably beyond the period originally contemplated. It has therefore been determined to publish as much of it as is ready-about one-half-without further delay.

The remainder is fast advancing, and will follow, it is expected, in the course of the year.

DECEMBER 28, 1857.


The Dates before the Christian Era are denoted by B.C.; where a series of such dates occur

under one name, this prefix is not repeated ; all other dates are those of the Christian Ero. B. before a date signifits according to Bunsen ; Cl. Clinton ; H. Hales ; L. Lepsius ; and La. Layard.


ABD A AHMES, queen of Egypt, B.O. 1638 (B. | ABBOTT, Charles, b, 1762—appointed chief-. and L.). See ARMAJS, B.C. 1490.

justice, 1818--created a peer. See TenAARGAU, dissension in Switzerland re- TERDEN, LORD. specting the convents of, 1844.

ABBRUZZO, a Neapolitan province, receives AARHUUS, the Prussians defeated at, May Alfonso as king of Naples, 1436. 31, 1849.

ABDALLAH, son of Said, appointed to goAARON, b. B.C. 1574 (1731 H.; 1708 C.) vern Egypt, 644-advances from Egypt --made high priest, 1490—d. 1451 (1608 into Roman Africa, 647. H. ; 1585 C.)

ABDALLAH, son of Zobeir, proclaimed ABAs, king of Sicyon, B.C. 1384 (1353 C.) caliph at Medina, 680—still supported by ABBA Salama, or Fremonatos, the Abys- a powerful party, 684-taken prisoner, sinian name of Frumentius, 329.

686-d. 692. ABBAS the Great, sultan of Persia, defeats ABDALLAH, son of Musa, succeeds him in

the Turks and takes Van, 1585- dies, Spain, 714. 1628.

ABDALLAH, succeeds as caliph in Spain, ABBAS, uncle of Mohammed. See ABBAS- 888—his sons rebel, 889-supported by SIDES.

his son, Abderahman, 892–894—mainABBAS Pasha, viceroy of Egypt, 1848 – tains peace with Alfonso III. of Spain,

invested by the sultan, Jan. 12, 1849- 900-sends an embassy to him, 901--uncontracts with Mr. Stephenson for a popular in consequence, 902-puts his railway from Alexandria to Cairo, July son Alcasim to death, 902–d. 912. 12, 1851.

ABDALLAH MOHAMAD, Saracen king in ABBASSIDES, origin of the; black is adopted Spain, deposes Abulmelic, king of Mur

as their colour, 746 — Abul-Abbas, or cia, 1224-succeeded by Abulola, 1227. Saffah, is their leader, 747—their dy- ABDALLAN el Zagal, obtains the crown nasty established, 750-extinguished by of Granada, 1484—is defeated by Ferdithe Mongol Hulagou, 1258.

nand of Spain, 1486-gives up his terriABBEVILLE, treaty of, between Henry III. tories, and retires to an estate allotted

of England and Louis IX. of France, to him, 1490. 1259.

ABDALLAH, son of Abderahman I., conABBEYS, foundation of, see under their re- spires against his brother, the caliph spective heads.

Hixem, 788-surrenders Toledo, and is ABBO, founds and endows the monastery reconciled to him, 789-conspires against

of Novalesa, at the foot of Mount Cenis, his nephew, Al Hakem, when Toledo de739.

clares in his favour, 797-defeated and ABBO, a monk and astronomer, d. 1003. driven into Murcia and Valencia, 799-ABBOT, George, archbishop of Canterbury, capitulates, and retires to Tangier, 800 1610, d. 1633.

-endeavours to raise another rebellion, ABBOTT, Charles, b. 1757-Speaker of the submits, and is pardoned, 821.

House of Commons, Feb. 10, 1802 - ABDALLAH, son of Abderahman III., conspeaks (in committee) against the Ca- spires against his father, and is put to tholic claims, 1813-resigns the speaker- death, 949. ship, and is created a peer, 1817. See ABDALMELIK, caliph, 685—his treaty with COLCHESTER, LORD,

Justinian II., 686 — defeats and kills


Amrou, 688—as also Musab, 690-reco- feats Yussef, who is slain, and puts Savers Persia, 691-undisputed caliph, 692 mail to death, 758-recovers Toledo and --coins the first Arabian money, 695— Seville from Yussef's sons, 759---subdues d. 705. See ARABIA, caliphs of.

the rebel, Hixem Ben Adra, at Toledo, ABDARRHAMAN, son of Caled, poisoned in 760—defeats an African expedition sent Syria, 666

against him, and kills Ali, the comABDARRHAMAN, son of Mohammad, rebels mander, 762-again recovers Toledo from

at Bassorah, is defeated, and kills him- insurgents, 765—receives tribute from self, 701.

Aurelius, king of the Goths, 769—fits ABDELAZIZ, son of Musa, makes a treaty out a fleet, and appoints an admiral to

with Theodemir of Murcia, and marries guard his coasts, 772–provides for the Egilona, widow of Roderic, 713-com- education of his sons, and institutes mands in Spain, 714 - assassinated at academies of learned men, 773-still disCordova, 716.

turbed by his rebellious subjects, 782ABDELAAMID, Gen. of the Saracens, taken gains a victory over them at Castalona,

prisoner, and his army cut to pieces, 885. 784-in a progress through Spain, builds ABD EL KADER, maintains war with the and endows mosques, 785 — builds the

French in Algeria-Mar. Clauzel sent great mosqne and court of justice at Coragainst him, 1835-continues his incur- dova (Aljama), 786—d. 787. sions, 1843—is abandoned by his men, ABDERAHMAN II., son of Al Hakem I., de1844-instigates the Kabyles to attack livers Tortosa, 808-proclaimed as his the French, 1845-surrenders, 1847-is father's vicegerent and successor, 815set at liberty by Louis Napoleon, 1852— called from war with the Franks on the arrives at the residence assigned to Ebro to Cordova by his father's illness,

him, Boursa, in Asia Minor, 1853. 820—succeeds as caliph, and quells the ABDELMELIC, son of Almansor of Toledo, rebellion of Abdallah, 821--takes Barce

kills Calib in single combat, 979—de- lona and Urgel, 822-receives an einfeats Zeir Ben Atia, 997-succeeds to his bassy, and a proposal of alliance from father's offices, and defeats the Chris- the emperor Michael, 823-establishes tians at Lerida, 1003-his defeat and schools, constructs public works, and padeath, 1008.

tronizes the learned, 826--revolt of MeABDELMELIK, successor of Abderahman, rida, 827--quelled ; Toledo revolts, 828

remains inactive in Spain, 732—put to -and Merida again, 831-he defeats the death at Cordova, 743.

rebels, 832, 833 - and finally subdues ABDELMUMEN, succeeds El Mehedi as chief them, 834-is invited by Theophilus to

of the Almohades, 1129— totally defeats assist him against Al Motassem, 839— Taxfin in Africa, 1144-takes Morocco, fits out a fleet to protect Cadiz and Seand sends an army into Spain, 1145 -- ville against the Danes, 844--relieves makes conquests in Africa, 1151-takes the distress caused by a great dronght Tunis, 1158-passes over from Africa to in Spain, 847-paves Cordova, builds paSpain, 1160—d. 1163.

laces there, and punishes Christians who ABDERA, a town of Thrace, built b.c. 654 speak against Mahomet, 850-d. 852.

--birth-place of Protagoras, 470—and of ABDEBAHMAN III., caliph of Spain, 912– Democritus, 460.

equips a fleet against the African pirates ABDERAHMAN BEN MOAWIYAH, escapes -obtains Saragossa, 917-overcomes the

from the massacre of the Ommiades, Christians of Leon and Castille, in the into the valleys of Mount Atlas, 750- valley of Junquera, 921-obtains Toledo chosen ruler by the Saracens in Spain, from Giafar Ben Hafsun, 927—assists the 754-lands there, defeats Yussef and Edrisites in Fez, 929-occupies Ceuta Samail at Musara, takes Cordova, and and Tangier, 930-is proclaimed king is acknowledged king. See ABDERAH- at Fez, 931-builds his magnificent paMAN I.

lace of Azahra, 936-said by Arabian ABDERAHMAN I., caliph of Spain, 755— writers to have gained a victory at Al

compels Yussef and Samail to a peace. handic, and captured Zamora, 938 (doubtwhich the former soon breaks--birth of ful) makes a five years' truce with his son Hixem, 756-invites his friends Ramiro, 941 - improves the harbour of from Syria and Egypt,gives them honour- Tortosa, 944-puts his son Abdallah to able appointments, and makes Cordova death for a conspiracy, and renews his his capital-Samail enters into his ser- attempt to conquer Fez, 949-assists to vice, but Yussef still persists in rebel- restore Sancho 1. to the throne of Leon, lion, 757-gives a letter of protection to 957-d. 961. the Christians in Spain, and fixes an ABDEPAHMAN IV., caliph of Spain, opposed anmal tribute to be paid by them-de- by Alcasim, 1017---withstands the Afri

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