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ETHELRIC, son of Ida, succeeds in Bernicia; ETHELRED I., or Ethelbert, after the failure by the marriage of his son, Ethelfrid,

of Uffa's line, k. of East Anglia, in con- with Acca, daughter of Ælla, k. of junction with Eeorna, 749–0.758.

Deira, the two kingdoms are united, and ETHELRED II., king of East Anglia, 761— form that of Northumberland, 588 790.

Ethelric d. 593. ETHELRED, k. of Mercia, third son of Penda, ETHELSTAN; the name taken by Guthrum,

marries Ostritha, daughter of Oswy, the Dane, on his conversion to Christik. of Northumberland, and succeeds his anity, 878— he divides East Anglia brother, Wulf here, on the throne, 675— among his followers, 880—d. 890. ravages Kent, and destroys Rochester, ETHELSWITH, daughter of Ethelwulf, mar676—war with his brother-in-law, Egfrid, ried to Burbred, k. of Mercia, 853-d. at k. of Northumberland, 679. See ELFWIN. Pavia, 874.

- Theodore, archbp. of Canterbury, me- ETHELTRUDA, daughter of Ethelbald, k. of diates a peace between them, and Egfrid Mercia, abbess at Lucca, 785. restores Lindsey, 680-Ostritha murder- ETHELWALCH restores the kingdom of Sused by the Southumbrians, 697-Ethelred sex, 647 — receives the isle of Wight abdicates, and becomes abbot of Bardney, from Wulphere, k. of Mercia, 661-slain 704.

in battle against Caedwalla, k. of WesETHELRED, son of Moll Ethelwald, elected

sex, 686. k. of Northumberland, 774—dethroned ETHELWALD, succeeds his brother, Ethelby Alfwold, 778-restored, 790-married here, as k. of East Anglia, 655—d. of to Elfeda, daughter of Offa, k. of Mercia, the plague, 664. 792-slain by his subjects, 794.

ETHELWALD, bp. of Lichfield, d. 828. ETHELRED I., K. of England, fourth son of ETHELWALD, bp. of Lindisfarne, d. 737.

Ethelwulf, succeeds his brother, Ethel- ETHELWERD, the high-steward, slain at bert, 866--besieges the Danes in Not- Alton, 1001-supposed to be the “ Patri. tingham, 868—d. 871.

cius Fabius Quæstor Ethelwerdus,” who ETHELRED II., the Unready, k. of England, made a Latin version of the Saxon Chro

son of Edgar and Elfrida, 6.968—inhe- nicle to the year 975. rits the throne after the assassination of ETHELWOLD, son of Ethelbald, retires his brother, Edward II., the Martyr, 978 among the Danes of Northumberland, -the Danes renew their depredations, 901—-conducts a Danish fleet to Essex, 979. See DANES. Ethelred marries 904-slain, 905. Elfred, daughter of the ealdorman Tho- ETHELWOLD), bp. of Winchester, promotes red, 985-besieges Rochester and fines the Benedictine rule in England, 963—d. the bishop, 986-sends an army to at- 984. tack Normandy, 990—it is defeated, and ETHELWULF, king of England, son of Egpeace made; Ethelred imposes on his bert, inherits his father's throne, and people the “ Danegild” tax, 991-collects gives the government of Kent, Essex, a fleet against the Danes and defeats and Sussex, to his son, Athelstan, 836them, 992-concludes a treaty of peace he is defeated by the Danes at Carrum, with Swein, k. of Denmark, and Olaf, 840—birth of his youngest son, Alfred, k. of Norway, who had attacked London, 849—he defeats Röric at Ockley, in Surand been repulsed by the citizens, 994. rey, 851-defeats Rotri Mawr (Roderic See Danes. -Marries Emma, sister of the Great), k. of the Welsh Cymri, and Richard II., duke of Normandy. See penetrates to the isle of Anglesea, 853_ EMMA.-Makes a truce with the Danes, gives his daughter, Ethelswith, in marand pays them tribute, after which he riage to Burhred of Mercia, and sends orders a general massacre of them in Alfred to Rome, who is anointed k. by England on St. Brice's day, Nov. 13, 1002 the pope, 863—he visits Rome; remains -defeated by them at Kennet, he retires there a year; restores the Anglo-Saxon into Shropshire, and obtaius peace by school, and confirms the Rome-scot, 855 paying tribute, 1006—prepares a fleet -visits Charles the Bald, and marries for the defence of his country, 1008-his his daughter, Judith; on his return to fleet is dispersed by a storm; fresh in- England, Alstan, bp. of Sherbourne, and cursions of the Danes, 1009-Thorkill Eanwulf, ealdorman of Somerset, force enters the service of Ethelred, 1012– him to resign his crown to his son, Swein takes London and the greater Ethelbald, 856-d. 858. part of England; Ethelred and his queen ETHELWULF, the ealdorman, repulses the withdraw to Normandy, 1013—he returns Danes at Winchester, 860. and drives out Canute, 1014-d. at Lon- ETHIOPJA, Ptolemy Euergetes exterds his don, Apr. 23, 1016.

empire in, B.C. 225.

ETHIOPIANS, first settle near Egypt, B.C. EUCLIDES, Athenian archon, B C. 427 (403 1615.

C., 402 H.) ETHNARCH. See ARCHELAUS, son of Herod. EUCLIDES, the mathematician, fl. at AlexETNA, Mount. See ERUPTIONS.--Ascended andria, B.C. 300. by the emperor Hadrian, 126.

EUCRATES, Athenian archon, B,C. 592. ETON COLLEGE, founded by Henry VI., EUCRATIDES I. and II. See BACTRIA.

1441— Montem, or triennial procession of EUCTEMON, Athenian archon, B.C. 108 — the scholars to Salthill, discontinued, another, 299. 1847.

EUDAMIDAS I., Proclidan k. of Lacedæmon, ETRURIA, a flourishing State, B.C. 530 succeeds his father, Agis III., B.C. 331.

makes war on Rome to restore the Tar- EUDAMIDAS II., Proclidan k. of Lacedæmon, quins, 508-again, in favour of the Sam- B.C, 268. nites, 310-defeated, 309-compelled by EUDEMUS, k. of Corinth, B.C. 859. Fabius to make peace, 308-takes the EUDEMUS, Athenian archon, B.c. 353. Senones into pay, and enters into a new Eudes, count of Paris, defends the city league with the Samnites, 298--Gellius against the Danes, 886-elected k. of Egnatius brings in a Samnite army, France, 888 - Charles IV., the Simple, 297-victory of the Romans at the Vadi- proclaimed in opposition to him-driven monian lake, 283-a Roman colony plant- by him into Germany, 892—he relined at Cosa, 273-passage of Hannibal, quishes the eastern province of France 217.

to Charles, and recognises his title, 896 ETRURIA, the modern kingdom formed out d. 898.

of the duchy of Tuscany by Bonaparte, Eudes, duke of Aquitaine, 717 — defents and given to Louis, son of the duke of and slays the Saracen, Zama, in the battle Parma, Mar. 21, 1801--Louis d. Oct. 9, of Toulouse, 721-prevents the Saracens 1803-his widow, Maria Louisa, regent passing the Rhone, 725-gives his daughfor their son, Charles Louis; his lands ter in marriage to Munusa, a Saracen added by Napoleon to the kingdom of chief, and enters into a league with him, Italy, Dec. 12, 1807.

730 — defeated at Arles and Bordeaux, ETRUSCAN VASES imitated by Wedgwood, 731-unites with Charles Martel, defeats 1787.

the Saracens, and expels them from AquiETRUSCANS. See ETRURIA.

taine, 732-d. 735. ETTENHEIM, the duke d'Enghien seized EUDES, count of Champagne, on the decease

by French troops at, Mar. 15, 1804. of his uncle, Rudolf III., claims BurETTY, William, R.A., b. 1787--d. 1849. gundy, but is conquered by the emperor EUÆNETUS, Athenian archon, B.c. 335. Conrad II., 1034-seizes Bar-le-Duc; is EUARESTUS, bp. of Rome, 100-109.

defeated and slain by Gonthelon, duke of EUBATOS, Olympic victor, B.C. 408.

Lorraine, Sept. 17, 1037. EUBEA, revolt of, suppressed by Pericles, Eudocia, daughter of the Frank, Bauto,

B.C. 445-revolts again, 411--the Atheni. married to the emperor Arcadius, 395— ans send an expedition against, under favours the enemies of Chrysostom, 403 Timotheus, 358-recovered by the Athe- --d. Oct. 6, 404. nians, 357—the Athenians, under Pho- EUDOCIA, wife of the emperor Heraclius I., cion, victorious at Tamynæ, 350-con- d. 612. quered by Philip of Macedon, 347. See Eudocia, their daughter. See EPIPHANIA. CHALCIS, and NEGROPONT.

EUDOCIA, Makremvolitissa, the widow of EUBOTAS, Olympic victor, B.C. 364.

Constantine XIII, Ducas, emperor of the EUBULIDES, Athenian archon, B.C. 394, East, regent during the minority of her EUBULUS, poet of the middle comedy, fl. son, Michael VII., 1067 - compelled to B.C. 375.

take the veil, 1071-d. 1096. EUBULUS, a leading orator at Athens, pro- EUDOCIA, daughter of Valentinian III.,

motes the alliance with Thebes, 362- taken at Rome by Genseric, and carried persuades the Athenians to recognise to Africa, 455--married to his son, Hunthe independence of the confederated neric, 462. States, and terminate the social war, 355 EUDOXIA, see ATHENAIS-married to Theo-opposes Demosthenes, 349-archon of dosius II., 421-proclaimed Augusta, 423 Athens, 345-d. about 332.

- cultivates literature, writes poetical EUCHARIST, controversy on, among the paraphrases of scripture, and other works, Reformers, 1524.

425-performs a pilgrimage to JerusaEUCHARISTUS, Athenian archon, B.C. 359. lem, 438 – fixes her residence there, 444 EUCHERIUS, son of Stilicho, slain, 408. -d. Oct. 30, 460. EUCHERIUS, bp. of Lyons, 450.

Eudoxia, daughter of Theodosius II., marEUCHERIUS, Fi., consul of Rome, 381. ried to Valentinian III., at ConstantiDople, 437-compelled to marry Maximus, EUGENIUS revolts at Antioch, and is supand is carried from Rome by Genseric, pressed by the inhabitants, 303. 455-restored by him, 462.

EUGENIUS I., pope, elected on the impriEUDOXIUS. See ANTIOCH and CONSTAN- sonment of Martin I., 651-consecrated, TINOPLE, bishops of.

655--d. June, 657. EUDOXIUS, consul of Rome, 442.


824-827. Eudoxus,' of Cnidus, connects geography EUGENIUS III., pope, Bernard, abbot of St. and astronomy, B.C. 360.

Anastasius, elected, Feb. 27, 1145 — he EUERGETES. See PTOLEMY III., k. of Egypt; withdraws from Rome; after some and ANTIOCHUS VI., k. of Syria.

months, quiets the people and returns; EUGAMON, the poet, fl. at Syracuse, B.C. again leaves Rome, employs the abbot, 566.

Bernard of Clairvaux, to preach another EUGENE FRANCIS, prince of Savoy, son of crusade, 1146--urges the undertaking,

Eugene Maurice of Savoy, count of 1147-establishes himself in Rome, 1149 Soissons, b. Oct. 18, 1663 – takes the -is again driven out, 1150 - Bernard decommand of the imperial army in dicates to him his five books, “De ConHungary, and defeats the Turks at sideratione," 1150-returns to Rome, 1152 Zenta, Sept. 11, N.s. 1697 --- sent by the -d. July 7, 1153, emperor Leopold I. with an army into EUGENIUS IV., pope, cardinal Gabriello dei Italy; defeats the French generals, Condolmieri, elected March 3, 1431-deCatinat, at Carpi, July 9; and Villeroi, prives the Colonna family of their ofat Chiari, Sept. 1, 1701--surprises Cre- fices, and patronizes the Orsini, 1431 — mona, and takes Villeroi prisoner, Feb. the council at Basle assembles. See 1; is obliged, by the duke de Vendôme, BASLE.--He refuses the imperial crown to raise the siege of Mantua, Aug. 1, to Sigismund, 1432--confirms the March 1702-co-operates with Marlborough in of Ancona to Francesco Sforza for life, Germany, and assists him at the battle and appoints him gonfalonier of the of Blenheim, 1704 — takes the command church, 1434 — Rome taken by Forteagain in Italy, 1705-joins the duke of braccio; Eugenius escapes in disguise, Savoy in Aug., gains the battle of Turin, and retires to Florence, 1434-asserts Sept. 7; and drives the French out of his claim to Naples, and supports it with Italy, 1706 -- invades Provence, 1707— an army; the duke of Milan and Alfonso conference with Marlborough at the of Aragon league against him, 1435-Hague: acts with him in Flanders, and invited to return to Rome; fixes bis reis wounded at the siege of Lisle, Sept. sidence at Bologna, 1436--summoned to 21, 1708 — they collect their forces at appear before the council and answer Lisle, June 18; take Tournay, July 30; various charges brought against him ; defeat Villars and Boufflers at Malpla- he answers by a Bull, dissolving the quet, Sept. 11; Mons surrenders to them, council, and calling another at Ferrara, Oct, 21, 1709--take Montaigne, April 18,

where he invites the Greek emperor, 1710—he arrives in London, and endea- John VI., to attend, an arrange for the vours, without success, to persuade the union of the twochurches, 1437--the counqueen not to negotiate for peace, Jan. 5, cil of Basle continues, declares Eugenius 1712-leaves England, Feb. 13—besieges contumacious, and decrees the suspension Landrecy, July 16; a detachment of his of his authority, 1438 -- the council of army, under lord Albemarle, completely Ferrara opened, Jan. 8, by cardinal Nidefeated by Villars, at Denain, July 24 ; cholas Albergati; the pope arrives there, he loses Marchiennes, 31 ; raises the Jan. 27, 1438—the Pragmatic Sanction of siege of Landrecy, Aug. 21; he begins Bourges declares the pope subordinate to negotiate for peace at Rastadt, Nov. 28, to a general council, and annuls his fiscal 1713--concludes the treaty, Mar. 6, 1714 rights in France, 1438 – Eugenius re-- defeats the Turks at Peterwaradin, moves his council from Ferrara to FloAug. 5, 1715; and takes Temeswar, Oct. rence, where an ostensible union of the 13: again defeats them, Aug. 16, 1717 ; Latin and Greek churches is signed, and takes Belgrade, 22 ; he takes the July 6, 1439-the council of Basle decommand, to oppose the French on the poses Eugenius, June 25; and renews the Rhine-- retires from active service, 1734 schism of the church, by electing Ama-d. 1736.

deus of Savoy (Felix V.), 1439- he leaves EUGENIE ADELAIDE LOUISE, sister of Louis Florence, and fixes his residence again Phirippe, b. 1776-d. Dec. 31, 1847.

in Rome; acknowledges Alfonso, king of EUGENIUS, a rhetorician, set up as emperor, Naples, and employs him to recover the

by Arbogastes, 392-defeat and death of, March of Ancona for him, from FranSept. 6,394.

cesco Sforza, 1443--he deposes the arch

bishops of Cologne and Treves, for their | EUMOLPUS brings the Eleusinian mysteries
adherence to the council of Basle, 1445– to Athens, B.C. 1356.
the electors of Germany, assembled at EUNAPICS, B. 346—studies at Athens, 362–
Frankfort, threaten to declare for Felix writes the life of Maximus, 395-ends
V., unless Eugenius restores the deposed his History, 404.
archbishops, and acknowledges the liber- EUNEUS, k. of Sicyon, B.C. 1122. Doubtful.
ties of their national church, 1446--by Eunoius of Cæsarea, f. 367.
the advice of Æneas Sylvius, Eugenius “ EUNOMIA" discovered by De Gasparis,
assents, by a Concordat, to the demands July 29, 1851.
of the German electors; soon after which EUNOMIANS, violent edicts against, by the
he d., Feb. 23, 1447.

young emperor Arcadius, dated C. P. EUGENIUS, bp. of Carthage, defends the March 13 and 29, by which they are for

Athanasian faith at the meeting of the bidden to appoint bishops, and declared bishops there, 484—d. 505.

incapable of making wills or inheriting EUGENIUS, a general of the emperor Auas property, 395.

tasius I., repels an invasion of the Sara- EUNOMIUS, a native of Cadora, at the foot cens in Syria, 497.

of Mount Argæus, between Cappadocia EUGUBINE Tables discovered, 1440.

and Cilicia, is instructed by Aetius, 353 EUGUBIUM, a town of the Umbri, conquered -writes in defence of his doctrines,

by the Romans, B.C. 320. See GUBBIO. which Basilius, Gregory of Naz., and EUHIPPUS, Athenian archon, B.C. 461. See Gregory of Nyssa oppose, 372–d. in exEUTHIPPUS, 463 H.

ile at his native village. EULæus, rules in Egypt for Ptolemy Phi- Eunomus or Polydectes, Proclidan king of

lometor, makes war on Antiochus Epi- Lacedæmon, B.C. 926—881. phanes, k. of Syria, and is defeated near EUODIUS, consul of Rome, 386. lake Sirbonis, B.C. 173.

EUPALES, k. of Nineveh or Assyria, B.c. EULALIUS, bp. of Antioch, 329.

1044, EULER, Leonard, b. 1707-d. 1783.

EUPATOR. See ANTIOCHUS V., k. of Syria. EULOGIUS. See ALEXANDRIA, bishops of. EUPATORIA surrenders to Lucullus, B.C. 71 EUMELUS. See BOSPORUS.

--capture of, by the allies, Sept. 14, 1854 EUMELUS, a Corinthian poet, fl. B.C. 761. --repulse of the Russian attack on, Feb. EUMENES I., k. of Pergamus, B.C. 263—

17, 1855. collects his library, and invents parch- | EUPHANTUS of Olynthus, historian, fl. B.C. ment; defeats Antiochus Soter near 246. Sardis, and adds Æolis to his domi- EUPHEMIUS. See CONSTANTINOPLE, bishops nions, 263-conquers some of the western of. provinces of Syria, 242-d. 241.

EUPHEMIUS introduces the Saracens of
EUMENES II., k. of Pergamus, B.C. 197— Africa into Sicily, 827.

maintains the alliance with Rome, 191– EUPHEMUS, Athenian archon, B.C. 417.
his fleet, in concert with that of Rome, EUPHORION, son of Æschylus, gains the
destroys the Syrian navy, 191--receives first prize for tragedy against Euripides
a large addition of territory, 188-at- and Sophocles, B.C. 431.
tacked by Prusias I., k. of Bithynia, 184 EUPHORION, the poet, b. at Chalcis, B.C.
-honourably received at Rome; on his 274-librarian to Antiochus the Great,
return he is attacked by assassins near 221.
Delphi, 172-begins to treat with An- EUPHRASIUS. See ANTIOCH, bishops of.
tiochus Epiphaves, 170--d. 159.

EUPHRATES, crossed by an expedition of
EUMENES, one of Alexander's officers, oc- Ashurakbal, B.C. 930, La. - by Alex-

cupies part of Asia Minor, B.C. 323–Čra- ander, at Thapsacus, 331–by Trajan, terus makes war on him, 321-defeated A.D. 116-Hadrian makes it the limit of by Antigonus, 320--besieged by him in his dominions in the East, 117–crossed Nora, 319-escapes, and is assisted by by Sept. Severus, 195—by Galerius, 298 Mithridates of Pontus, 318 - defeats -Ursicinus commands the army of ConAntigonus while pursuing him, 316 — stantius II. on its banks, 353-crossed finally overcome and slain, 315.

by Julian, 363—Belisarius compels the EUMENES. See ALEXANDRIA, bishops of. Persians to recross, 542 - crossed by EUMENIUS, professor of rhetoric at Au- Chosroes, 607-by Heraclius, 625-by

gustodunum (Autun), 297-offers to re- the Mohammedans, 636-by John Zimilinquish his salary for the repair of sces, 974 - by the Carismians, 1232-exthe schools, 299. See AUTUN.

plored by British steamers, 1838. EUMER, a West Saxon, attempts to assas- EUPHRATES, stoic philosopher, quarrels

sinate Edwin, king of Northumberland, with Apollonius of Tyana, 69—d. 119. 626.

EUPHRONIUS. See Antioch, bishops of.

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" EUPHROSYNE,” the planet discovered by tius II.,353—saves the life of Julian, 354 Ferguson, Sept. 1, 1854.

-persuades her husband to create him EUPOLEMUS, Olympic victor, B.C. 396. Cæsar, 355-Julian's encomium on, 357 EURIC, k. of the Visigoths, son of Theodoric -d. 360.

I., obtains the throne by murdering his EUSEBIUS, consul of Rome, 311, uncertain brother Theodoric II., and conquers a others, 347, and 489—II., 493. large part of Spain, 466-completes its EUSEBIUS, Flavius, brother of the empress conquest, 469 -- takes Arles and Mar- Eusebia, consul of Rome, 359. seilles; defeats Riothamar, the Breton EUSEBIUS, bp. of Rome, 310. chief; his progress in Auvergne is EUSEBIUS, bp. of Cæsarea, b. about 275 checked by Ècdicius, 470—Epiphanius teaches at Cæsarea, 306-imprisoned, 307 negotiates between him and Nepos ; Au- -made bp. and writes in defence of Orivergne is ceded to him, 474-Odoacer gen, 308--supports the doctrines of Arius, relinquishes all beyond the Alps to him, 316-ends his Chronicle and completes 478d. 485.

his Hist. Ecc., 325-publishes his Hist. EURIPIDES, b. at Salamis, B.C. 480-pro- Ecc. 326-his Life of Constantine, 337-d.

duces his first tragedy, the “ Peliades," 340. 455-gains the highest prize in tragedy, EUSEBIUS, bp. of Dorylæum, deposed, 449 441-his “Medea,” and “Philoctetes,". -restored, 451. appear, 431–“ Palamedes,” Troades,” EUSEBIUS, bp. of Emesa, writes his Comand "Sisyphus" appear, 415—" Andro- mentaries, 347. meda," 412—“Orestes,” 408–d. 406- EUSEBIUS, bp. of Nicomedia, supports the

a bronze statue erected to him, 337. doctrines of Arius, 316-baptizes ConEUROPE, first entered by the Persians stantine, 337-appointed bp. of Constan

under Darius, B.C. 507-ravaged by the tinople, 340d. 342. great plague, A.D. 542, and many suc- EUSTACE, St., battle of, the Canadian receeding years — first permanent settle- bels defeated, Dec. 19, 1837. ment of the Turks in, 1343—again visited EUSTACE, earl of Boulogne, marries Goda, by the plague, 1348.

sister of Edward the Confessor; on his EUROPs, king of Sicyon, B.C. 2038 (1777 C.) return to France an affray takes place EURybUS, Olympic victor, B.C. 672.

between his retinue and the people of EURYCLES, Olympic victor, B.C. 592.

Dover, 1051 - marries afterwards Ida, EURYCLIDAS, Olympic victor, B.C. 632. sister of Godfrey IV.,, duke of Lorraine. EURYCBATES I., Agidan k. of Lacedæmon, See GODFREY DE BOUILLON. B.C. 709–676.

EUSTACE, count of Boulogne, the son, joins EURYCRATES II., Agidan k. of Lacedæmon, the rebellion of bp. Odo against Wm. B.C. 637-593.

Rufus, 1088 - accompanies his brother, EVRYDAMIDAS, Agidan k. of Lacedæmon, Godfrey de Bouillon, to the crusade, 1096. B.C. 240.

EUSTACE, son of Stephen, k. of England, EURYDICE, widow of Amyntas II., king of d. 1153.

Macedon, obtains the protection of the EUSTACE DE ST. PIERRE and five other Athenian general Iphicrates for herself citizens of Calais saved by the interand her two youngest sons, Perdiccas cession of Philippa and the Black Prince, and Philip, B.C. 365.

1347. EURYMEDON, a river of Pamphylia, near EUSTASIUS, the Greek catapan, defeated

which Cimon gains the victories which at Trani by the Normans, 1046. close the war between Greece and Persia, EUSTATHIUS, bp. of Bercea, writes against B.C. 466.

the Arians, 324-elected bp. of Antioch, EURYMEDON, an Athenian general, conveys 325-deposed by the Arians, 328.

supplies to his countrymen, who are be- EUSTATHIUS, consul of Rome, 421. sieging Syracuse, B.c. 414.

EUSTATHIUS of Syria, writes his History, EURYPON, Proclidan k. of Lacedæmon, B.C. from 479 till his death, 503. 1028-975.

EUSTATHIUS. See JERUSALEM, bishops of. EURYSTHENES, first Agidan k. of Lacedæ- EUSTATHIUS. See CONSTANTINOPLE, bimon, B.C. 1096—1059.

shops of. EURYSTHUS, son of Sthenelus, recovers EUSTATHIUS writes Commentaries on HoMycepe, B.c. 1274 (1258 C.)

mer and Dionysius Periegeta, 1155. EURYTUS, a Pythagorean philosopher of Eustatia, St., island of, acquired by the

Magna Græcia, visited by Plato, B.o. 395. Dutch, 1632-taken by adm. Rodney, EURYXIDAS, Olympic victor, B.C. 532. Feb. 2, 1781--recovered by the French, EUADEX, Laurence, poet laureate, 1718-d. Nov. 20 – claims for private property 1730.

seized there allowed by the privy counEUSEBIA, married to the emperor Constan- cil, May 26, 1791-captured by the en

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