An index of dates, a complete index to the enlarged ed. of [J.] Blair's Chronological tables, Volume 1

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Page 431 - MATTHEW OF WESTMINSTER'S Flowers of History, especially such as relate to the affairs of Britain, from the beginning of the World to AD 1307. By CD Yonge. 2 vols. NENNIUS. Chronicle of. See Six OE Chronicles. ORDERICUS VITALIS' Ecclesiastical History of England and Normandy.
Page 431 - Lectures on the Characters of Shakespeare's Plays. Lectures on the Literature of the Age of Elizabeth, chiefly Dramatic. IRVING (Washington). Lives of Successors of Mohammed. Life of Goldsmith. Sketch-book. Tales of a Traveller. Tour on the Prairies. Conquests of Granada and Spain. Two Parts.
Page 237 - Roman emperor ; and these electors were the king of Bohemia, the duke of Saxony, the margrave of Brandenburg, the count palatine of the Rhine, and the three archbishops of Mentz, of Treves, and of Cologne.
Page 74 - Highness the Prince Regent, the Emperor of Russia, the King of Prussia, and the...
Page 431 - INGULPH'S CHRONICLE OF THE ABBEY OF CROYLAND, with the Continuations by Peter of Blois and other Writers. Translated, with Notes and an Index, by 11.
Page 431 - BUCHANAN'S Dictionary of Science and Technical Terms used in Philosophy, Literature, Professions, Commerce, Arts, and Trades. By WH Buchanan, with Supplement. Edited by Jas. A. Smith.
Page 431 - FAULTS (Dr. R.) Life of Alfred the Great. To which is appended Alfred's ANGLO-SAxON VERSION OF OROSIUs. With literal Translation interpaged, Notes, and an ANGLO-SAxON GRAMMAR and Glossary, by B.
Page 431 - WORCESTER'S Chronicle, with the Two Continuations : comprising Annals of English History from the Departure of the Romans to the Reign of Edward I.
Page 431 - BURKE'S WORKS. Vol. 2, containing Essay on the French Revolution, Political Letters and Speeches. 17. DEFOE'S WORKS, Vol. 4. Roxana, or the Fortunate Mistress; and Life and Adventures of Mother Ross. 18. BURKE'S WORKS, Vol. 3. Appeal from the New to the Old Whigs, be., !te.

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