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service to the church, by preserving this invaluable treasure from oblivion; which God in his provi-dence hath thus put into his hands, he trusts, for this very purpose. Nor will his prayers be wanting, that evey reader of this precious collection may, by the divine blessing, reap the greatest benefit from its perusal; and have cause to glorify the Great Head of the Church, who had so abund antly blessed this incomparable minister's labours in his life, for accompanying with the unction of the Spirit, these his posthumous letters; by which, though dead, he yet speaketh..


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Do not forget you, nor your last favour. Till memory fail me, I hope, in a grateful mind, to retain a sweet sense of your kindness to me. Blessed be his name! I have a desire put into my heart, by my heavenly lover, to spread his fame and glory, as far as my tongue can reach. And for what else do I take up my pen, but to make mention of HIM, even of HIM ONLY? the favourite theme of his redeemed on earth-the triumph of the same redeemed, when they come to Sion


with everlasting joy upon their heads and in their hearts. My meditation of him is now sweet. In one single point of view I am beholding him, and in that he is all glorious. O that the faithful witness for him may give you to feel, what I have felt, of his incarnate love. May the Spirit glorify in your soul that greatest, that standing miracle of Jehovah's everlasting grace, by letting you know, that for you a child was born, for you a son was given, even Immanuel himself God with us, and God for us. I will try to lead you, by the light of revelation, into some of the wonders of this transaction, as they have been manifested with life and power unto my own heart.

The scripture is a full description of the purposes of the divine will from eternity to eternity. Therein we find a council held, before all worlds, between the Holy Trinity, and the decrees of this council confirmed by the covenant and oath of each of the divine persons. This was the great contrivance of heaven, and it lay in the bosom of Jehovah with infinite delight. He viewed it, as the richest display of all his divine perfections, in which, and for which, his glory would be admired, and enjoyed by his creatures for ever and for ever. Immanuel was the centre of this covenant -his becoming surety for his people-taking flesh for them-living and dying, that the divine

Honours of the holiness, and truth, and justice of the Godhead might shine forth in full-orbed glory, for shewing mercy to poor sinners.-This was, this is, this will be, the eternal subject of praise. Hear how the Father triumphs in the Son of his love-Behold my servant, whom I uphold, mine elect, in whom my SOUL delighteth. And again, with a voice from heaven, This is my BELOVED SON, in whom I am well pleased. All the councils, decrees, and works of Jehovah terminate, yea begin and end in this blessed Immanucl; and, therefore, when the angels were created, the purpose of Jehovah's taking flesh was manifested to them, and proclamation was made-Let ALL the angels of God worship him. Pride arose in the heart of Lucifer and his companions-their will opposed the will of the eternal Three in this matter, for which they were cast out of heaven, and have opposed Christ and his people ever since.

Then this world was created for the carrying into execution the purposes of the everlasting covenant. Man, the object of the Deity's delight, as made in the image of God-part of two worlds -1 body of earth-an immortal spirit-by the one connected to matter and sense, by the other to God the Father of spirits. The enemy of Jesus attacked Eve, and beguiled her through his subtlety: Adam was not deceived, but fell by listef


ing to his material and sensual part. He preferred his wife to God, and so lost his image, knowledge, righteousness, and holiness.

Upon this the revelation of the Covenant was made, and the incarnation of Jehovah was made known, as the ground of faith and hope, and of return again to God in the way of love and gratitude. As clear as words can speak, and signs declare, the promised seed of the woman was to attack Satan, and was to bruise his head, where his poison lies, and thereby to deliver his people: For this purpose the Father sent him into the world, that he might deliver us from the pow er of darkness, and translate us into the kingdom of his dear Son. I believe, from the evidence of Scripture, that Adam, and all believers downwards, had as clear a view of the incarnation of Jehovah, and of the reasons for his taking flesh, as you and I have, and, with as warm hearts, as we can have, they rejoiced in the God of their salvation. Hear one of them, how he stands amazed at this miracle of mercy: But will God indeed dwell with men on the earth? And mind the pi ous breathings of his holy father-how he longed. for Christmas! O! that the salvation was come unto Israel out of Sion; O! that the Lord would deliver his people out of captivity, then shall Jacob rejoice, and Israel shall be glad. That he would

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