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THE following extracts have been compiled for the benefit of the members of our Yearly Meeting, that observing the travail of the Church under various concerns, which in divine wisdom have been communicated for its weighty attention, they may be drawn to the principle of Life and Light manifested in the mind, which points out the path of duty and can alone preserve therein.

Our ancient Friends and their faithful syccessors to the present day, have earn






estly laboured to turn the attention of all to this pure spirit; knowing from experience, that it is the means appointed by God for effecting our salvation, and the only foundation of all true religion and worship. As by this we have been fed into diyers testimonies which have distinguished us from most other professors of the Christian name, we fervently desire that all our members may walk by the same rule and mind the same thing; thus every one filling his place in the body, we shall grow up into Him in all things, who is the Head, even Christ.

Meeting for Sufferings, Philadelphia,

Twelfth Month, 16th, 1808.


THIS meeting doth earnestly exhort all parents, heads of families and guardians of minors, that they prevent as much as in them lies, their children and others under their care and tuition, from having or reading books and papers tending to prejudice the profession of the christian religion, lest their infant and feeble minds should be poisoned thereby and a foundation laid for the greatest evils.

And it is earnestly recommended to every member of our religious society,


that they avoid and discourage the reading of plays, romances, novels, and other

pernicious books, which evidently tend to strengthen the corrupt propensities of nature, to give the mind false ideas of pleasure and happiness, and to disincline it to virtuous and praise-worthy pursuits.


AS those who attend Burials may sometimes come from far and be in need of bodily refreshment, it is earnestly advised that when this is really necessary

it may be taken in moderation; and that Friends be careful to demean themselves with gravity and decency; remembering that such seasons especially ought never to be perverted into opportunities for intemperance or levity. And it is desired that when any thing unseemly appears, the offenders may be taken aside and tenderly admonished, that so every thing tending to lessen the solemnity of suchoccasions may be avoided. .

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