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Name of the woman.

a rib taken out of the side of Adam during a deep sleep. (Gen. ii. 21.)

Being brought to Adam, he called her name Eve, which means the mother of all living.

“She was called woman, because she was taken out of man.(Gen. ii. 23.) The Love of Endea: The happiness of Adam and how interrupted. Eve was destroyed by the subtlety of Satan in the form of a serpent. How it was done. He tempted Eve to eat of the

forbidden fruit; and when she had tasted of it, she prevailed on her husband to do so too.

In punishment of this disobedience

(1.) Adam and all his posterity were made liable to sorrow, want, and death;

(2.) The woman was doomed to bring forth children in great pain;

(3.) The ground was cursed, and made to bring forth thorns and thistles; and

(4.) Both Adam and Eve were driven

Their pun


made them,

out of Eden, to earn their bread by the sweat of their brow.

The consciousness of sin made Adam and Eve ashamed and afraid. They were ashamed because they had no clothing, but God gave them “coats of skin.”* They were afraid, and therefore hid themselves amongst the trees when they heard

God walking in the garden at the cool of the day. The promise God made them a promise in their wretchedness: that a time should come when 66 the seed of the women should bruise the serpent's head.” (Gen. iii. 15.)

The SEED of the WOMAN meant Jesus Christ, who, 4000 years afterwards, was born of a woman.

He bruised the serpent's

head by dying for sinners on the cross, whereby he counteracted the evils of the fall. (Gal. iv. 4.)

The chief evils of the fall are

Who is meant.

How Jesus Christ bruised the serpent's head.

Chief evils of the fall.

* These coats were probably skins of beasts offered in sacrifice. If so, we may trace a real or fanciful emblem between them and “the wedding garment of the Lamb.” As the beasts were first sacrificed, and their skins then given for clothing, so Christ, the Lamb of God, was first slain, and then became the“ garment of righteousness” to all believers.

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How Jesus Christ destroys sin.

How Jesus Christ destroyed death,

sin and death, which Jesus Christ came to destroy.

He destroys sin : (1) By the example he set; (2) By the teaching of the Gospel; and (3) By the gift of the Holy Ghost to convert the heart and to direct it in the right way.

He destroyed death: (1) By making it no longer a penalty of sin; and (2) By obtaining for sinners a joyful resurrection to immortal life. Adam, how long Adam lived, after his expul

sion from Eden, about 930 years, and had sons and daughters.

It is probable that Adam's disobedience brought death only on the human species, and that all other animals were subject to death before the fall.

1. All organized matter, animal as well as vegetable, is formed on a plan which renders death necessary ;

2. Corporal life is supported by the agency of death. The processes of nutrition, assimilation, growth, &c., continue only by death and decay. Every root, leaf, and drop of water, teems with living creatures;

3. The jaws of carnivorous animals, the beaks

he lived.

of birds of prey, and their digestive organs, are so made that they could not live except upon animal food;

4. The threat “thou shalt die” like other animals, would have had no terror if Adam did not know what death meant;

5. “By man came death, and by man the resurrection from the dead;" if these terms are equal, then by man came death on those only who will hereafter rise from the dead;

6. “The wages of sin is death.” Where there is no sin, death has no sting, and is no penalty. Death to dumb animals is no punishment, it is punishment only to man, and that because of sin.



of Adam.

The religion The religion of Adam before the

fall consisted in the worship of God, and the obedience to one precept. The precept. He was wholly to abstain from the fruit of the forbidden tree, on pain of death.

This has been called by some the wlogians the dispensation of innocence. His religion af- After the fall his religion probably

consisted of these three things : 1. The worship of God;

ter the fall,

How faith was shewn.

stituted in Eden.

2. Repentance for sin ; and
3. Faith in the promise of a Redeemer

about to come.
This has been called the Ad'amic dispensation.

FAITH, before the coming of Christ,

was shewn by the sacrifice of certain animals, such as lambs, bulls, and goats. Why sacrifices To remind men of two things: were offered.

that without shedding of blood is no remission; and that the promised Redeemer would himself die a sacrifice for sin. Ordinances in- Two sacred ORDINANCES were

instituted in the time of man's innocency: That of the Sabbath and that of Marriage. The Sabbath, The SABBATH was instituted when

God sanctified and blessed the seventh day, on which he ceased from his work of creation. Marriage, when The ordinance of VAPPIAGE was instituted.

instituted wben God made woman from a rib taken out of Adam; “ Therefore (saith the Scripture), shall a man leave bis father and mother, and shall cleare unto his wife; and they shall be one flesh.” (Gen.ii. 24.)


(1.) He was in a peculiar sepse the Sm of God, seeing he came direct from the hands of his Maker; (2.) He was made “in the image of God," and Jesus


when institu. ted.

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