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God's intent concerning them.

born two years afterwards; and his mother's name was Hagar. Who Hagar was. She was an Egyptian by birth, and a servant of Sarah, Abraham's wife.

God did not intend Ishmael to be Abraham's heir, but said that Sarah should have a son with whom He would confirm His covenant.

When God made this promise, he changed the name of Abram and Sarai into Abraham and Sarah. He also instituted the rite of circumcision.

Sarah's son, called Isaac, was born when Ishmael was 14 years old. At which time Abraham was 100 and Sarah 97. (B.C. 1896.)


Sarah's son, when born.

Section III.
B.C. 1906-1769.


Ishmael shews bis jealousy.

Ishmael shewed his jealousy of Isaac by mocking him; so that Sarah told Abraham to cast him out of doors, with Hagar, his mother.



gar went

What occurred after this.


Abraham was grieved, but nevercomplies. theless dismissed them both with a

« loaf of bread and a bottle of water." Whither. H- Hagar directed her steps to the wilderness of Beersheba, intending to go to Egypt; but lost her way, and Ishmael was overcome by thirst.

His suffering was so intense that his mother laid him under a shrub, thinking he would die; but God had pity on him.

He sent an angel to shew Hagar a fountain of water, and to assure her that Ishmael would become the father of a numerous offspring. dwelt afterwards. After this, they dwelt in the same wilderness of Beersheba, where Ishmael soon became an expert archer.

In the course of time he married an Egyptian, by whom he had 12 sons and one daughter.

These sons were the forefathers

How God pitied them.

Where Ishmael

Whom Ishmael married.


of Ishmael.

of 12 Arabian tribes, existing to the present hour.

They are all by religion Mahometans, or disciples of Mahomet, the false prophet. Whom Ishmael's

Ishmael's daughter mardaughter married. ried Esau, her cousin, the eldest son of Isaac. God's prediction GOD said of ISHMAEL and

his seed that they should be wild men, and every man's hand should

be against them. The prophecy

This prophecy is fulfilled in accomplished. the Arabs, who are to the present hour robbers and pirates. And though many attempts have been made to extirpate them, are still very numerous.

Ishmael lived to the age of 137, and died B.C. 1769. The Saracens, descendants of Ishmael, are so called from Sara, a desert, and Saken, to inhabit. They are raw-boned, tawny men, of mean stature and feminine voices, admirable horsemen, very patient of labour, and able to outstrip an ostrich in running.

St. Paul says, Abraham's two wives and two sons were allegorical characters: Hagar the slave symbolized the Jewish, and Sarah the free woman the Christian dispensation. As the children of a female slave are all slaves, so the children of the Jewish dispensation are under bondage; but whereas the children of a free woman are free, so the children of the Gospel are free also. (Gal. iv. 22-31.)

Section IV.


B.C. 1885–1817.


Who was the son of promise.

Why so called.

Abraham's son by promise was Isaac who lived in peace after the banishment of Ishmael till he was 25 years old. (B.C. 1860.)

He was called the son of promise, because 23 years before his birth God promised him to Abraham.

Abraham's faith was tried both in the birth of Isaac, which was so long delayed; and again when the child was grown to manhood.

When he was 25 years old, God

How Abraham was tried.

In what way.


What Abraham took with him.

What Isaac said.

told Abraham to take him to mount Morīah, there sacrifice him, and make his body a burnt offering. How Abraham The Patriarch promptly obeyed; and rising early in the morning, went with his son to the mountain.

He took with him every thing needful. Isaac himself carried the wood, and Abraham the fire and the knife.


young man knew not he was to be sacrificed; but said, as he went along: “Father, “Behold the fire and the wood, but where is the lamb for the burnt sacrifice ?"

Abraham replied with unwavering confidence: “God will provide himself a lamb, my son, for the burnt offering."

When they reached the top of the mountain, Abraham took the wood and made it into an altar; then having bound Isaac and placed him

What reply Abraham made.

How Abraham proceeded.

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