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(2.) On the second day the air; (3.) On the third day He separated the land from the sea, and created flowers, herbs, and trees;

(4.) On the fourth day He created the sun, moon, and stars;

(5.) On the fifth day the fishes and birds, both of which were made "out of the waters."

(6.) On the sixth day God created reptiles, the beasts of the earth, and man,—all of which were made "out of the dust of the earth."

What God did on the 7th day.

On the seventh day God "ceased from His work," and ordained it to be a Sabbath, or day of rest for


The Sabbath is observed by Christians on the first day of the week instead of the seventh, in commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ on that day.



B.C. 4004.


The first man. The name of the First Man was Adam.

Adam in Hebrew means red, earthy. St. Paul says; "The first man is of the earth, earthy." 1 Cor. xv. 47.

How made.

His body was formed from the dust of the ground, into which God breathed the breath of life.

Where placed.

The man was placed by God in Paradise, the beautiful garden of Eden, to "dress it and to keep it.'

Eden is generally supposed to have been in Armēnia, near the source of the rivers Tigris (Hiddekel), Euphratés, Phāsis (Pison), and Araxés (Gihon.) Gen. ii. 10—14.

The two chief Two remarkable trees grew

trees thereof.

in the middle of this garden,-one

called the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, and the other the Tree of life.

Man's food in Eden.

Man's food in Paradise was the fruit of the garden, any of which he might freely eat, except that which grew on the Tree of knowledge.


The tree of The TREE of KNOWLEDGE was for a test of Adam's obedience.

a test.

How it was So long as he abstained from it, he would know how good a thing it is to obey God, but the moment he tasted of it, he would know to his sorrow the evil of disobedience.

Tradition says the tree of knowledge was one of the apple species, but there is no authority in Scripture for this hypothesis.

The tree of life, The TREE of LIFE was so

why so called.

called, because if Adam eat thereof he would live for ever.

Adam alone.

Adam was alone in the garden, till God made a woman to be his companion.

The woman,

how made.

The Woman was made from

A.M. 1.]

a rib taken out of the side of Adam during a deep sleep.


(Gen. ii. 21.)

Name of the Being brought to Adam, he called her name Eve, which means the mother of all living.

"She was called woman, because she was taken out of man." (Gen. ii. 23.)

how interrupted.

The joys of Eden, The happiness of Adam and Eve was destroyed by the subtlety of Satan in the form of a serpent.

How it was done. He tempted Eve to eat of the forbidden fruit; and when she had tasted of it, she prevailed on her husband to do so too.

Their punishment.

In punishment of this dis


(1.) Adam and all his posterity were made liable to sorrow, want, and death; (2.) The woman was doomed to bring forth children in great pain;

(3.) The ground was cursed, and made to bring forth thorns and thistles; and (4.) Both Adam and Eve were driven

[B.C. 4004,

out of Eden, to earn their bread by the sweat of their brow.

The consciousness of sin made Adam and Eve ashamed and afraid. They were ashamed because they had no clothing, but God gave them "coats of skin." They were afraid, and therefore hid themselves amongst the trees when they heard God walking in the garden at the cool of the day. God made them a promise in their wretchedness: that a time should come when "the seed of the women should bruise the serpent's head." (Gen. iii. 15.)

The promise made them.

Who is meant.

The SEED of the WOMAN meant

Jesus Christ, who, 4000 years after

wards, was born of a woman.

How Jesus Christ bruised the ser

pent's head.

HE bruised the serpent's head by dying for sinners

on the cross, whereby he counteracted the evils of the fall. (Gal. iv. 4.)

Chief evils of the fall.

The chief evils of the fall are

*These coats were probably skins of beasts offered in sacrifice. If so, we may trace a real or fanciful emblem between them and "the wedding garment of the Lamb." As the beasts were first sacrificed, and their skins then given for clothing, so Christ, the Lamb of God, was first slain, and then became the "garment of righteousness" to all believers.

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