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Mils, John Remington, Esq., for- Dundas, Captain James, V.C., Royal Blake, Sir Henry Charles, Bart., of Waterlow, Lady (Anna Maria), wife Berly M. P. for Wycombe.-22. (late Bengal) Engineers,

Langham, Suffolk.- -22.

1 of Sir Sydney Headley Waterlow, Montijo, Dona Naria Manuela, Ellis, Edward Shipley, Esr: J.P., Byng, the Hon. Mrs. Henry.--11.

Bart. Countess de.-12.

chairman of the Midland Railway Budd, Dr. William, FRS.-9. | Vaughan, Lieut.-Colonel Henry, 17th Norton, John. Esq.,J.P., at Moseley Company.-3.

Brady, Kate, Lady, widow of Sir Regiment NI.-24.
Court, Bushbury.-19.
Elsey, Lieut.-Colonel William, J.P. Francis Brady -16.

Woods, Lieut.- General William Napier, Mark, Esq., Sheriff of Dum- and D.L --28.

Carter, Captain Henry, formerly com- George, C.S.I., late 21th. - 24. friesshire and Galloway.-22. Finlay, the Rev John W., of Corkagh mander of the obelisk-ship Cleo- Wrottesley, Dowager Lady Sophia 1 Nerd, Major-General Chard.-22. House, Clondalkin.-S.


Elizabeth.-13. Tarses. Li Fanny Hannah, wife of Forbes, Henry Hodges, of 41th Native Cazenove, Mr. Philip.-20.

Watkinson, the Right Hon. Thomus Sir Harry Smith Parkes, K.C.B., Infantry.-1.

Casborne, the Rev. Walter John Samuel, Lord Mayor of York.-- 10. 1 HBJ Minister at Japan.--12. Dunn-Gardner, William, Esq., of Spring, M A.-26. Philipps, Lady Elizabeth, relict of Sir Fordham Abbey, Cambridge. 25. Cadogan, General


the Hon. Sir Thomas Philipps, Bart., of Middle Grierson, Sir Alexander William, George, K.C. B.--27. 1

Bagge, Sir William, Bart., of Strad. H, Worcestershire.-5.

seventh Baronet, of Lag, in the Cholineley, Lady Georgina Went- sett Hall, Norfolk, M.P.-12. Paulet, Admiral Lord George, C.B.- county of Dumfries.--27


Baker, Robert, C.B, late Iospector Gregson, John, Esq., of Murton and Crespigny, Charles Champion, Esq.-

of Factories.-6. Paynter, William, Esq., M.A., J.P. Burdon, Durham, MA,J.P.--27. 2.

Bland, the Ven. George, Archdeacon an DL

Guildford, the Right Rev. John Corrigan, Sir Dominic John Corrigan, of Northumberland -17. | Robbins, Captain Spencer Perceval, Sutton Utterton, D.D., Bishop Bart., iormerly M.P. for Dublin. Bliss, the Rev. John, MA.-29, Queen's Foreign Service Messenger. Sutfragan of.-21.

Cooke, Edward William, R.A., F.R.S. Boden, George Esq., Q.C., Recorder Palett, LadyLucy Louisa Maria.- 29. Hussey, James, Esq., of The Close, -4.

of Derby.-16. Roebuck, the Right Hon. John Salisbury, J.P.-16.

Cunningham, Major Anthony.-3. Boddum, Major-General Edmund Arthur. M.P. for Sheffield, and a Mitchell-Innes, William, Esq.-1. Davies, John Speed, Esq., J.P.-17.

Tudor.-12. Irity Councillor, Q.C.-30. Jackson, Albert Francis, Esq., M.A., Duncombe, the Hon. and Very Rev. Brinckman, Sir Theodore Henry Pacheriord-Drummond, John Car- barrister-at-law.-26.

Dr., Dean of York.-26.

Lavington, Bart.-9. gill, Esq.-4.

James, William Edward, Esq., J.P., During, Baron Louis Alexander von. Brodie, J. C. J., Lord Lieutenant of Steeley, Bliss Mary, sister of the High Sheriff of (umberland.-27. --7.

Dean of Westminster.-26.
Kensit, the Rev. George Robert, Vicar Elliot, Lady Charlotte.

Jarvis, Catherine Jane, Countess of Starke, Janes, Esq., J.P., F.S.A., of of Betchworth, Surrey,

Erle, the Right Hon.Sir William.-28. Chestertield.-3. tte Scotch Bar.

Kingdon, Thomas Kingdon, Esq., Evans, the Rev. Thomas Simpson, Cresswell, William Henry, Esq., of Saunders, William Allen Francis, Q.C., Recorder of Bristol.-2.

M.A, Vicar of Shoreditch.-30. Piokney Park, Wilts, and Sidbury EX,J.P., D.L.-12. King, Colonel Edward Richard. Esmonde, Louisa, Lady.-31.

Hall, Salop, J.P. and D.L.-19. Shau, Louisa Hannah, Lady .--28. Leeson, Lady Julia.-22.

Forbes, Mr. Alexander, secretary of Crewe, Dame Jane.-1. Sabine, Elizabeth Juliana, Lady.-28. Long. Jas., F.R.C.S., Liverpool. ---20. the Great Northern Railway.-- Crozier, Admiral Richard, K.T.8.-3. Travis, Mary, at Cottingham, York- Marriott, Lieut.-General William 24.

Dorington, J. T., Esq., of Lyppeatt shire, aged one hundred years and F., C.S.I.-17.

Fitz-Gibbon, the Hon. Gerald Nor- Park, Stroud. Six Feeks. -12.

Matheson, Eleanor Irving, wife of manby, of Mount Shannon, Pressly, Sir Charles, K.C.B.-1. Trre, the Rer. Jobn Rawlin, Rector Alexander Matheson, Esq., M.P., Limerick. J.P. and D.L.

Swingerton Dyer, Lady Mary Anne. of Great Witcombe, Gloucester- of Ardross and Lochalsh. -6. Gladstone, Miss Helen Jane, sister to -9. shire.-4. Menzies, John, Esq.-7.

the Prime Minister.-16.

Elliot, Sir Thomas, K.C.M.G.-12. Turt-t, the Rev. Arthur, formerly Millett, Colonel Arthur Hill, late Hancock, Henry, Esq., F.R.C.S., late Fleming, William, Esq., M.D.-19. | Rector of Ladbroke, Warwick- Bengal Statf Corps.- 8.

President of the College of Sur-Foster, Jonas, Esq., of Moor Park, shire.-5. Midleton, the Right Hor Emma, geons.--16.

Ludlow, and Chilfe Hill, Halifax, Salnsbury-Trelawny Harriet Jane), Viscountess.--29,

Hewitt, the Hon. and Rev. John J.P.-26. Lały, wife of Sir John Salusbury- Morley, Sir Isaac, of Doncaster. Pratt, Rector of Desertlyne.-5. Gibson, James, Esq., Q.C.-5. Titis way, Bart.--5.

Moore, General Richard Cornwallis, Henniker, Aldborough, Esq., Q.C.- Hamilton, the Very Rev. Henry Parr, Ward, Mrs., wife of Dr. Michael C.B.-16.


Dean of Salisbury - 7. Francis Ward, M.P. for Galway.-2. O'Reilly, Robert Henry, Esq., of Himsworth, William Alfred, clerk of Harrison, Joseph, Esq., of GalliThunder, Michael, Esq., of Lagore, Beltrasna, Westmeath.-18.

Privy Council, Canada.-7.

greaves Hall and Samlesbury, J.P. J.P. and D.L.--20. Orr, Captain John.-7. Hoare, Lady Harriet.-25.

and D.L.-18. Wilkes, the Rev. Robert, M.A., for- Party, Nicholas Segar, Esq.-7. Jackson, the Rev. Edward Dudley, Henniker, the Rev. Robert, M.A.-1. merly Rector of Wenden Lofts, and Petre, Mrs. Mary, wife of Henry D.C.L.-25.

Helyar, William Hawker, Esq., of Vicar of Elidon, Essex.-18. Petre, Esq., of Dunkenalgh, J.P. Jeffreys, Edward, Esq., J.P.-6. Coker Court, Somersetshire -- 14. Wilson, George Edward, Esq., of and D.L.

Landseer, Thomas, Esq., A.R.A. Hippisley, John Henry, Esq. of Dallam Tower, Westmorland, J.P. Peel, William Yates, late Captain eminent engraver. 20.

Shobrooke Park, Crediton, M.A., & D.L.

Scots Fusilier Guards. 20.
Le Blanc, Colonel Francis.-7.

F.R.S, J P.. and D.L.--20.
Wilson, William, M.P. for the county Parry, Thomas, Es4., of Sleaford, Locke, John, Esq., Q.C., M.P. for Hicks, Major-General H. Erskine.
of Donegal.-8.

-25. Whittingham, Charles, Esq., late Portland, the Most Noble William Manning, Frederick, Esq., of Byron Halkett, Dame Amelia IIood.-13. Vadris Civil Service.-10. John Cavendish Scott-Bentinek, Lodge, Leamington. -15.

Hope, Rear-Admiral C. W., SuperWood, Major Herbert, R.E.

fifth Duke of...

Chichester-Nagle, Lady Henrietta intendent of Devonport DockTailant, Reginald Philip, Lieutenant Ricardo, William Percy, 9th Lancers. Caroline.- 2.

yard.-13. loth Prince of Wales's) Royal

- 11.

Oakeley, the Rev. Canon Frederick, Hone, Nathaniel, Esq., J.P., of St. Canadians.-19.

Rice-Rice, the Hon. Harriett Lucy. formerly Fellow of Balliol College, Dolough's Park, Dublin.-13. Tarner, Major Ashton C., Chief -26.


Huyshe, General Alfred, C.B.-25. Constable of Bedfordshire.-29. Thom, Alexander, J.P.-22.

Oliphant, Major, of Over Kinneddar, Jebih, Brigadier-General Frederick l'ppleby, Leadbetter, Esq., of Woot- Fifeshire.-31.

William, Madras Army.--20. DECEMBER.

ton, Lincolnshire, J.P., D.L.--5. Oxenden, the Rev. Montagu, M.A., Keith, the Rev. Dr. Alexander, of Bishop. Lieut.-Colonel Forster Fre- Inthank, John, Esq., late Master Rector of East well, Kent. 28. the Scottish Church. derick Robert.-20.

Supreme Court, Queen's Bench Parry, John Humitreys, Serjeant-at- Kirk, Colonel James Buchanan.-27. Boxall, Sir William, R.A., D.C.L. Division.-3.


Longford, the Dowager Countess of -6. Boughey, Lady Louisa Paulina, wife

Vernon, Granville Harcourt, Esq., Porter, Joshua Henry, Deputy Sur- (Georgiana Emma Charlotte). - 12. of Sir Thomas Fletcher Fenton

for fifty years Chancellor of the geon-General Cabul Field Force. Loftus, Lord H. Yorke Astley:-98

Diocese of York --8. !

M.Combie, William, of Tillytour, Boaghey, Bart.-10.

Watson, Lieut.-Colonel G. E.-28. Pusey, Philip Edward, Esq , M.A.Borough, Sir Edward Richard, Bart., Waters, Thomas, Esq., Major Royal

Aberdeen.-1. 15.

Moore, the Rev. Edward, M.A.-11. 1 J.P. and D.L.-4.

Marine Light Infantry --6. Rendlesham, Lady Egidia.-13. Munro, General William, C.B., Brosne, Andrew Nicholas Thomas, Wood, Emma ('aroline Lady:- 15.

Roupell, the Rev. Francis Pooley, Colonel 93rd Highlanders. Est., of Mount Hazee, Galway.- Riddell, John Carre, at Melbourne.

MA., Rector of Walton-on-the-Nightingale, Mrs., the mother of -22, Hill, Surrey.-16.

Miss Florence Nightingale.--2. Burroughs, General Frederick Wil


Roden, the Right Hon. Sir Robert Northcote, Major Hugh Statford. liam.

Jocelyn, Earl of.--10.

--19. Burney, Colonel William, K.H., a


Roberts, the Rev. John, M.A., late O'Leary, William Hagerty, Esq., Peninsular and Waterloo officer. - Anglesey, the Most Hon. Henry Rector of Llansdwrn. 20.

M.P. for Drogheda.--15. 1.

William George, Marquis of.--30). Scudamore, Major-General Arthur, O'Reilly, Major Myles William Chapman, Lady (Ann Weston). -30. Alston, the Rev. George, Rector of C.B.-11.

Patrick, J.P. and D L.--6. Cookworthy, William Spicer, Go- Studlard, Dorset.-18.

Seaton, Dr. Edward, medical officer Ormerod, the Rev. Oliver, M.A.-14 vernor of H.M. Convict Prison, Barry, Edward Middleton, R A., Local Government Board..-11. Paley, the Rev. George Barber, of Portsmouth.-13.

Treasurer of the Royal Academy. Sherrard, Colonel G. P., Judge Langcliffe, Yorkshire, J.P., M.A. Cook, Major John, V.C., Bengal Staff --27.

Advocate-General of the Madras Pennefather, Lady Margaret.-7. Corps.-12. Bessborough, the Right Hon. John


Brook Phipps, Lord William, R.N., Chetwynd, the Right Hon. Richard George abazon Ponsonby, Earl Smethurst, James Mellor, Esq., M.A., second son of the Marquis of NorWalter Chetwynd, sixth Viscount. of.--28.


manby.-13. Cotton, the Ven. Henry, D.C.L.,

Betham, Molyneux Cecil John, Esq., Thomson, David, M.A., Professor of Phillips, Rachel Lady.---2.
J.P., barrister-at-law --31.

Natural Philosophy, University of Plummer, Charles Scott, Esq., M.A.,
Archdeacon of Cashel.-3.
Bellew, Richard Montesquieu, Com- Aberdeen.-31.

J.P. and D.L.-8. Davis, John Nicholas Crofte Atkins, missioner of the Local Government Tottie, John William, Esq., of Co- Pratt. Lieut.-Colonel Francis E., Ex, Deputy Inspector-General of Board.-9.

niston Hall, Craven, Yorkshire, R.E.-7. Army Hospitals. Beauclerk, Lord G. Augustus.--3. J.P.-14.

Greenbow - Relph, George Relph, MacDonald, Major-General James Bellamy, the Rev. George, D C L., Townserd, Edward Hume, Esq.,J.P. of Monmouthshire, J.P.-7.

Dixon, W. Hepworth, Esq., some

J.P., Rector of Wark, Northum- Torr, John, Esq., J.P., M.P. for Russell, Monsignore Charles Wil-

liam, D.D, President of

St. timo Editor of the Athenarum.-27. Bonham, Lieut.-Col. John Braith- Travers, Colonel R. H., Commandant Patrick's College, Maynooth.--26. | Duncombe, Colonel the Hon. Oc- waite.-7.

Hythe School of Musketry.

Seymour, the Right Hon. Sir George tarius, of Waresley, Huntingdon. Bowen, Charles Hartpole, Esq., J.P. Lee-Warner, the

Rev. George Hamilton, G.C.B., G.C.II., P.C. - 2 shire, J.P. and D.L.-3. and D.L.- 6. Brygges, M.A.-7.

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D. OF M.

D. OF W.

Before Sunrise.

Alter Sunset.

Day Year.

O'Clock. 0 1 2


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8 9 10 11 12

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before Sets.

Morn. Aftern.

M. 8. H. .. 1W Nicomede

3 51 2 24 8 4 7 54 11 4 2 T Gordon Riots, 1780

3 50 2 15 8 5 9 1 11 25 3 FOxford Easter Term ends. Easter

3 50 2 5 8 6 10 7 11 44 Law Sittings end 4 SOxford Trinity Term begins 3 49 1 55 8 7 11 13 Morn. 63 Whit Sun. PENTECOST 3 49 1 45 8 8 Aftern. 0 2 6 M Count Cavour died, 1861

3 48 1 34 8 9 1 30 0 19 7 TU Reform Bill passed, 1832 3 47 1 23 8 10 2 43 0 37 8 W Alexandra Palace burnt, 1873. 3 47 1 12 8 11 3 59 0 59 9 TH Charles Dickens died, 1870 3 46 1 08 12 6 16 1 26 10 F Roger Bacon died, 1294

3 46 0 49 8 12 6 31 1 69 11 S St. Barnalas

3 45 0 37 8 13 7 41 2 42 12 Trinity SUNDAY

3 45 0 25 8 14 8 42 3 40 13 MEarl Rivers executed, 1483 3 45 0 12 8 15 9 30 4 62 14 TU Law Trinity Sittings begin 3 45 Aftern. 8 16 10 6 6 12 16 W Magna Charta signed, 1215 3 44 0 13 8 16 10 34 7 36 16 TH Corpus Christi

3 44 0 268 17 10 58 9 1 17 F Battle of Bunker's Hill, 1775 3 44 038 8 17 11 19 10 22 18 S Battle of Waterloo, 1815

3 44 0 51 8 18 11 4011 41 19 S 1st SUNDAY AFT. TRINITY 3 44 1 4 8 18 Midn. Aftern 20 M Accession of Queen Victoria 3 44 1 17 8 19

Morn. 2 13 21 1 Proclamation

3 41

1 30 8 19 0 24 3 27 22 W Matthew Henry diel, 1714 3 45 1 43 8 19 0 50 4 36 23 TH Length of Day, 16h. 34m. 3 45 1 56 8 19 1 22 5 41 24 F St. John Baptist. Midsummer 3 45 2 9 8 19 20 6 40

Day 25 S R. Ferguson (physician) died, 1865 3 46 2 22 8 18 2 46

7 29 26 & 2ND SUNDAY AFT. TRINITY 3 46 2 35 8 18 3 41 8 8 27 11 Bessemer Trial Trips, 1875 3 47! 2 47 8 18 4 40 8 41 28 Tt Queen Victoria crowned, 1838 3 47 0 8 18 5 41 99 29 W St. Peter

3 48 3 12 8 18! 6 50 9 31 30TH William Roscoe died, 1891 3 49 3 248 18 7 56 9 51

HIGH WATER AT London Bridge. Liverpool Dock. Morn. Aftern. Morn' Aftern. H. M. 1. M. U. M. H. M. 4 25 4 42 1 32 1 50 152 5 0 5 17 2 7 2 25 153 6 37 5 57 2 42 3 2 154 6 18 6 40 3 22 3 43 165 7 5 7 32 4 5 4 30 156 8 0 8 28 4 575 25 167 9 0 9 35 5 53 6 25 158 10 7 10 38 7 0 7 32 159 11 7 11 37 8 3 8 32 160

0 5 9 2 9 30 161 0 30 0 55

9 55 10 20 162 | 22 1 45 10 47 11 10 163 2 10 2 35 11 35 Midn. 164 2 58 3 22

0 23 165 3 48 4 13 0 471 1 13 166 4 38 5 3 1 38 2 3 167 6 28 5 55 2 28 2 63 168 6 20 6 45 3 20 3 45 169 7 13 7 40 4 10 4 38 170 8 8 8 40 5 5 5 33 171 9 12 9 47 6 6 6 37 172 10 20 10 53 7 12 7 45 173 11 27 11 58 8 18 8 52 974

0 27 9 23 9 52 175 0 53 1 17 10 18 10 42 176 1 40 2 011 6 11 25 177 2 20 2 40 11 45

178 2 55 3 15 0 6 0 20 179 3 30 3 60 0 40

0 55 180 4 7 4 23 1 15 1 32 181

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before sunrise on the 10th at 2h. 8m. a.m., or lh. 88m. before the Sun; on The Moon is near Mars during the morning hours of the 21st. She is near

the 20th at lh. 48m. a.m., or 1h. 56m. before sunrise ; and on the last day at the planets Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn on the morning of the 22nd. She 1h. 29m. a.m., or 2h. 20m. before sunrise. She is very near Saturn on the rises on this morning at 10 minutes to 1, and from this time to 4h. a.m she is 6th, at her groatest brilliancy on the 8th, near Jupiter on the 19th, near the to the right of Saturn, and after this time she moves to the left of this Moon on the 22nd, and at her greatest distance from the Sun ou the 27th. planet and towards Jupiter; the three planets form a triangle, Jupiter

Marg is a morning star, rising on the 1st at 1h. 51m. a.m., or 2 hours before being the highest in the heavens, and nearer to Venus than to Saturn, and sunrise ; on the 10th at 1h. 27m. a.m., or 2h. 19m. before the Sun; on the she is near Mercury during the evening hours of the 28th, being a little to

20th at ih. Om. a.m., or 2h. 44m. before sunrise; and on the last day at the right of the planet. The Moon sets on this day at 9h. 9m. and Mercury Oh. 35m. a.m., or 3h. 14m. before sunrise. He is due south on the 1st at at 9h. 27m. Her phases or times of change are :

8h. 17m. a.m., on the 15th at 8h. 1m. a.m., and on the last day at 7h. 43m. First Quarter on the 5th at 19 minutes after 3h. in the morning.

a m. He is near the Moon on the 21st. Full Moon 12th

morning. Last Quarter 18th

JUPITER is a morning star, rising on the 1st at 2h. 38m. a.m., on the 10th New Moon



at 2h. 8m. a.m, on the 20th at ih. 33m. a m., and on the last day at 1h. Om. She is nearest the Earth on the 13th, and most distant from it on the a.m., being respectively 1h. 13m., 1h. 38m., 2h. 11m., and 2h. 49m. before 1st, and again on the 29th.

sunrise on these days. He is due south on the 1st at 9h. 59m. a.m , on the Mercury is an evening star, setting on the 5th at 9h. 38m. p.m., or 15th at 9h. 16m. a.m., and on the 30th at 8h. 20m. a.m. He is near the 1h. 48m. after sunset, on the 10th at 10h. 5m. p.m., or 1h. 53m. after the Moon on the 22nd. Sun; the interval now gradually decreases to lh. 47m. by the 15th, to 1h. 36m. by the 20th, to lh. 22m. by the 25th, and to 1h. by the last day, the

Satury is a morning star, rising on the 1st at 2h. 37m. a.m., on the 10th planet setting on this day at 9h. 18m. p.m. He is at his greatest eastern at 2h. 4m. a.m., on the 20th at 1h. 27m. a.m., or 2h. 17m. before sunrise ; elongation (25 deg. 8 min.) on the 20th, in his descending node on the 23rd, and on the last day at Oh. 49m. 2.m., or 3h, before sunrise. He is due south and near the Moon on the 28th.

on the 1st at 9h. 42m. a.m, on the 15th at 8h. 52m. a.m., and on the last

day at 7h. 59m. a.m. He is near Venus on the 6th, and near the Moon on Vexus is a morning star, rising on the 1st at 2h. 29m. a.m., or 1h. 22m, the 22nd.

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26th ,

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Bicklemore, the Rev. George Wilson, Scourfield, Dowager Lady.---6. Atkinson, the Rev. John Breeks, Cave, the Right Hon. Sir Stephen,
Sheeban, Thomas, Esq.-25.

M.A., Rector of Kingston, Isle of G.C.B., formerly M.P. for New

Shoreham -7.
Spencer-Stanhope, General Philip, Seymour,'Lady Augusta.--17.
Colonel, 13th Light Infantry.-21. Simeon, Cornwall, Esq.-18.

Bacon, Captain Henry, R.N.-8. Charlton, W. Henry, Esq., Hesley

side, Northumberland, J.P.-15. Stapleton, Augustus Granville, Esq., Sulivan, the Rev. Henry William, Bahr, George William, Esq.-16. of Warbrook, Hants.-26. Rector of Yoxal.--22. Booth, William, Esq., C.B. --4. Chapman, Samuel Belcher, Esq.,

Stephen, the Hon. John C., H.M. Tottenham, James Henry Loftus, Brown, the Hon. George.-9.
Second Judge or Deemster for the Esq., of Blanchville. +299.

Brooks, Mrs. Shirley, widow of the Clive, George, Esq., J P. and D.L.,
Isle of Man. --24
Westphal, Admiral Philip.-6.

late editor of Thench, -14.

formerly M.P. for Hereford.-8. Tytler, Major-Geaeral John Adam, Winchester, Mr. Charles.-27. Cartwright, William Sheward, Esq., Dalglish, Robert, Esq., of KilmarV.C., C.B. Wingtield, the Hon. and Rev. J.P.-3.

diony. Co. Dumbarton, J.P., D.L., Valmer, Marguerite de, secnnd William, Vicar of

M.P. for Glasgow.

Abbeyleix, Campbell, George James, Esq., of daughter of the Vicomte Pinon Du Queen's County.--13.

Treesbank, J.P, and D.L.-22. Dixon, William Smith, J.P. and Clos De Valmer.-19. Wilberforce, Jary Francos. Curwen, John, Esq., cf Plaistow and

Lanarkshire.-10. Wake, Baldwin Arden, Captain R.N.


Dewar, Lieut.-Colonel Alexander C. APRIL

-12. Williams, Walter, Esq ---2.

Fynes-Clinton, the Rev. Dormer, Williams, John Michael, Esq., of Armstrong, Lieut.-General James

M.A., of Wadham College.-8. Ellicott, Rev. Charles Spencer.--5. Caerhays Castle. Cornwall.--16.

Wells, C.B., Deputy Adjutant Dalton, the Rev. William, B.D.-13. Ferguson, Joseph, Esq., J.P. and Wingfield, John Harry Lee, Esq., of


Devereux, the Hon. Humphrey de DL., Cumberland. --13.

Gardner, Major - General William Tickencote Hall, Rutland, J.P.- Andrews, Mr. Biggs, Q.C.-28. 22.

Bourke, Lieut.-General Oliver Paget, Dent, William Seton, Esq., of Short- Bethell.-15.

flatt Tower, Northumberland, J.P. Gurney, Daniel, Esq., F.S.A., of DARCI


North Runcton.--14.
Angelo, Frederick Canning Cort- Brown, Mnst Rev. Thomas Joseph,
landt, Lieut 31st P.XI.- 26.
Bishop of Newport.-12.

Dering, George Charles Robert, Esq., Gwyn, Commander William, R.N.,

Campbell, Commander Charles James
Bacon, Lady Charlotte Mary.-9.

Barham Court, Canterbury, J.P.-20.

Bellas, the Rev. Thomas, J.A., J.P.

Herbert, Lady Harriet Jane. danghter and D.L.-15.

Clarke, Colonel William Henry Cottrell-Dormer, Miss Elizabeth. of Edward, Earl of Powis -21. Bell, Thomas, F.R.S., formerly secre

James, 72nd Highlanders.

Gun-Cuninghame, Robert George Heneage. Edward, Esq., of Hemptary of the Royal Society and Codrington, Catharine Lady.-4. Archibald Hamilton, J.P.-12. stead, D.L. president of the Linnean - 13.

Delves-Broughton, William Edward, Goss, Sir John, Mus. I), Coruposer Irwin, Edward, Esq., of the county of Birch, Sir Thomas Bernard, second General Royal Engineers.-5. to II. M. Chapels Royal.-10.

Ferinanagh, J.P., &c.-15. Baronet.--3.

Edmands, Charles Henry, Esq., Harvey, John, Esq , of Bargy Castle, Johnstone, Commander Henry Hope. Bodington, Thomas, Esq. J.P., late

Sutton, Surrey.-30.
Wexford, J.P. and D.L.-3. Jones, Major William Prime, of

Lower Walmer.-30,
of Harborne Park, Staffordshire. Enfield, Mr. Edward, the treasurer Haigh, Samuel Wood, Esq., of Colne

of University College Hospital. Bridge House, Hudderstield.--14. Kilmorey, the Right Hon. Francis. Bolden, Samuel Edward, Esq., of Fortune: Jir, Robert, an eminent Hill, Lieutenant-General Perey, C.B. Jack, second Earl and thirteenth Springfield Hall, Lancashire, J.P.

botanist and Chinese traveller. Ingram, Rev. Rowland, A.-14. Viscount of. -22.

Gould, the Rev. Robert John, Vicar Jarrett. Rev. Wilfred Lawson.--18. Kirkpatrick, Sir Thomas, seventh Burrell, Henrietta Katherine Lady.

of Mortimer, Berks.--28.

Kane, John, Esq., J.P. and D.L., of Baronet.-23. Hawes, the Rev. Robert, D.D., Vicar Mobill Castle, Leitrim.-21. Loughnan, James Meade, Esq., J.P. Calcraft, John Hales, Esq., of Remp- Harcourt, Colonel Francis Vernon, Lovell, Colonel Jolin Williamson, Mackenzie, George, Esq., of Avoch.

of . .

Kay, Anne, Lady.-10. stone Hall, Dorset. -13. Carttar, Charles J., Esq., Coroner for

of Buxted Park, Sussex.

C.B., of the Royal Engineers. Marten, Peter, Esq., J.P.-29. the County of Kent. - 19.

Hampton, the Right Hon. James Meade, the Rev. Richard John, Norcliffe, Hugh, Esq, of Langton Camoys, Lady.-25. Somerset, Baron. Canon of Wells Cathedral.

Hall, Malton, Yorkshire.- 2. Clifton, Thomas Henry, Esq., of Ash- Haines, Charlotte Jane Sophia, Lady. Menteuth, Charles Granville Stuart, Osborne-Berpul, Mrs., of Newton Rev. Lord Charles

Anner.-21. ton Park, Preston, M.P. for North Hervey, the

Esq., M.A.-10.
Amelius, D.D., M.A., Vicar of Merryweather, Miss Mary'.-5. Paget, General

Lord George Couper, Lady. -4.

Great and Little Chesterford.-11. Moore, Lieut,-Colonel Henry.--15. Augustus F., K.C.B.-30. Charlesworth, John Charlesworth Horsford, Colonel Edward O'Bryen, Miller, William IIallows, M.D., Peare, Edward, Esq., of Green ('roft,

Bengal Staff Corps. -- 10.
Dodson, Esq.-21.

Daubeny.' Eimund Joseph, Esq., Hicks, Major-General John William, More, the Rev. Robert Henry Gayer, Phipps, Charles Paul, Esq., of Chal.

late HEI.C.S.-4.

of Larden Hill, Salop. J.P., Barrister-at-Law. - 14.

cot, Wilts, formerly M.P. for WestDavies, the Rev. Edward Acton, Innes, the Ven Gustavus Archibald Paterson, the Rev. Charles E., B.D., bury.-8. Clunes, Archdeacon of Hamilton, Church of Scotland.

Phillips, the Rev. Alfred, Principal Rector of Areley Kings, WorcesterVictoria.--9

Perceval, the Rev. Henry, of Yvery, shire. --2.

of Cheltenham College.
Digby, Kenelm, Esq.-29.
Jacobson, the Rev. William Bowstead Killiney.-16.

Ryder, George Dudley, Esq.---19.
Richards. - 29.
Dundas, George, Esq., C.M.G.--18.

Planché, J. R., Esq., Somerset Scott, Rev. Thomas, M.A.-7.

Scott, Sir Claude Edward, fourth Dungannon, Viscountess, at Folke. Kenyon, John Robert, Q.C.-18. stone.-21.

Kenealy, Edward Vaughan Hyde, Pounall, the Rev. Charles Colyear Baronet.-20.

Francis, Clement, Esq., D.L, M.A., Law, Mr. David, late of the editorial Phillips, Major-General Sir Benjamin

Beaty, MA

Skinner, General Philip Kearney solicitor to Cambridge University.

Macgregor, C.B.-- 3. staff of the Times--9.


Tatham, Admiral Edward, C.B.-5. --7. Hanmer, Lady Georgiana.-21.

Lamb, the Rev. John, M.A., Rector Quinlan, W. St. L., Captain R.N.- Turner, William Henry, of the Bou-
of Blofield, Norfolk.

leian Library, Oxford.
Hawkins, James, Esq., LL.D., of St.
Fenton's, Sutton, Howth.-25.

Macleod, General William Couperus, Ramsay, the Dowager Lady, of Bal- Thomson, John Robert, Esq., of Hare, Major W. H.-4.

Madras Army.-4.
main, Kincardineshire.

Blackstones. Surrey.-27.
Rogers-Hurrison, Cieorge Harrison,

Morris, the Rev. John Brande, M.A., Rowan, Lieut-General Henry Sebas- Thornton William Thomas, C.B.,

late of Exeter College, Oxford. --9. Esq., Windsor Herald and Regis- Michell, Nicholas, Exq.. author of Read, Colonel Constantine.

tian, C. B., A.-26.

Public Works, India.--17.

Unett, William, Esq., J.P. and D.I.. trar of the College of Arms. -- 2. Heaton, John

" Ruins of Many Lands." - 6.

Robinson, Captain James.--20. Wynne, William Watkin Edward, of Deakin, M.D., Milner, Sir William Mordaunt, sixth Sitwell, Dowager Lady Susan Murray. Penarth, Morioneth, J.P., DI., FR.C.P.J.P.-29. Baronet. -14. --13.

formerly M.P. for Merioneth.-9. Hewett, Major-General Frederick Stafford -6.

Oldinixon, Captain George, RN. Stirling, Captain Francis, of the Jamieson, Major Quintin Shaw

Hussey, Malachi Strong, Esq., J.P. Pogson,
John, Bombay Atalanta.

and D.L.- 14.

Spooner, William, Esq., County Thurlow, Captain Hovell Godfrey, Jocelyn, Frances

Pownall, Henry, Esq., J.P. and D.L.

Court, North Staffordshire.-19.

Tatham, Admiral Edward, C.B. Ellis, Major William Burrows Ed. Leader, Nicholas Philpot, Esq., J.P. Raleigh, the Rev. Alexander, D.D.- Taylor, Alired Swaine, M.D., F.R.S. ward, R.A --22.


- 27.

Auriol de Visme, Captain Gerard, 8th 31.

Leslie, William, Esq., of Warthill. Rogers, John Jope, Esq., of Treas. Todd, Lieut.-Colonel John Augustus.

sowe, Cornwall, formerly M.P. for

Lovett, Richard Donoughmore, Esq. Saunders. Henry Owen, Esq., of


Tredennick, the Rev. George Nesbitt,
of Woodhill, Ardara.- 21.

Badgor, Harriet Margaret Vis-16.

countess. - 4. Martin, John, Esq., J.P -7.

county Tipperary.-30.

Turnor, Ceril Algernon Broke, Esq.,
Mulchinock, Edward, Esq., J.P., of
Seagram, Colonel Charles.-&

Lieutenant Scots Grey 8. 5.

Barnard, Vice-Admiral Frederick.-

28. Dublin.-1.

Elurpey, William, M.D., LL.D.. Twells, Philip. Chase Side, Enfield,

F.RS, a distinguished physioloMacNeill, Sir John Benjamin, LL D.,

Beadon, Sir Cecil, K.C.S.I.-18.

formerly M P., London 8. FR8.-2. gibt. -11.

Banister, the Rev. Edward, Vicar of Villiers, Lady Victoria.-9.

Besthorpe, Norfolk.- 24. Nae myth, the Hon. Lady Eleanor.

Shirley-Ball, Arthur William, Esq., Walker, George James Alexander,

of Gerrardstown Castle, Navan.-3. 13.

Barron, John Marcus, Esq., Georges

Esq., J.P. and D.L.--3.
Staunton, General (ieorge, C.B.-4.

town, Co. Waterford, J.P. -19. Nash; Joseph: _ML.D., of Brockley Stevenson, Major Roderick, of the Delper, the Right Hon. Edward Bingham, Captain Henry Maynard,

Bergne, Rev. Samuel Brodrib.--13. , .-- 24

1 Payne. Colonel John Selwyn, Badg- Stockenström, Mr. Justice, of the

Strutt, first Lord-30, worth Court, Gloucestersbire.--23. Partridge, John, J.P. and D.L.-18.

Supreme Court, Griqualand West.

Battersby, George, Esq., Q.C., LL.D., Bockett, the Rev: Joseph, M.A., Pickard,

Tewart, Lieutenant-Colonel

Rector of Stoodleigh, Devon ---16.
Lieut.-Colonel Arthur,

V.C.,C.B, R.A.-1.

Edward, of Glanton Hall, North- Baxter, Richard, Esq., chairman of Bunbury, Lieut.. Colonel Stonehouse
the Reform Club.-20.

Mowden, William Henry Chichele, Wright, John Skirrow, Esq., M.P. Barnes, Major Edward, R B.-11. Coffey, J. C., Esq., Q.C.

Esq., J.P. and D.L.-23.
Pounden, Lady Jane.--14.
for Nottingham.-15.

Collins, Major W. Henry, R.E.-28. Bryan, George Leopold, Esq.-29,

Birkett, the Rev. John Parker, Rector Cowper, Anne Florence Cow per, Rivers, the Right Hon. Horace Pitt

of Graveley.-15.

Dowager Countess -23.
Rivers, Lord. -- 31.

Ansted, David Thomas, Esq., M.A., Butter, Lieut.-Colonel Archibald, of Crawley, Major-General Thomas Roquefeuil, the Vicomte de, FRS., of Melton, Suffolk.-13. Fask ally.-19.

Robert.--2. Salis; Lieut.-General Rodolph de, Ashworth, Henry. Esq., of The Oaks, 'Burdett, Sir Robert, of Foremark, Dalhousie, the Right Hon, George CB. near Burton, J.P. -18. Derbyshire.-7.

Ramusay, C.B., twelfth Earl of. - 20.

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Darrah, Colonel Henry Zouch.--6. Trevelyan, the Rev. Edward Otto.-Cox, Edward Wiliam, sergeant-at-law, late of Moat Mount,
Downing, the Rev. George A. W.-18. 9.

Hendon, and 36, Russell-square, Dec. 11 ...

200,000 Egun, Pierce, dovelist, essayist.-6. Trevor, Charles, Esq.-5.

Cross, Mr. Thomas. late of Ruddington Hall, Notts, Dec. 4

350,000 Elmsali, Jajor Williain de Cardonnel. Twigg, the Rev. Robert, Vicar of Durham, the Right Hon. George Frederick d'Ary, Earl of, Dec. 29 540.000


Gilroy, Mr. Alexander, Dunalstair, Broughty Ferry, Dec. 30 157,000 Fordham, John Edward, Esq., J.P. Thomas, Edward Stevenson, Esq., Hodgson, Mr. Kirkman Daniel, late of No. 8, Bishopsgate-street and D.L, Cambridgeshire.--20 M.R.C.S.-10.

Within, Nov. 1

400,000 Fister, the Rev. Williun, of Mag. Vincent, Sir Francis, tenth Baronet, Long, Miss Emma Tylney, late of Madehurst Lodge, Sussex, dalen College, Cambridge.--4. of Debden Hall, Essex.-6. Aug. 21, under

180,000 Fraser, Major-General John.-21. Waldegrave, the Hon. Harriet Lucas, Mr. Sampson, 39, Gloucester-square, Hyde Park, Aug. 30 200,000 Geest, John, Esq., F.S.A.--15.


Mills. Mr. John Remington, late of Kingswood Lodge, Tunbridge Grignon, James, H.B.M. Consul at Walker, Major-General Chamberlain Wells, Dec. 11

1.200.000 Willium.-29.

Peale, Mr. William, late of Loose, near Maidstone, Sept. 28 140,000 Hammond, James L., Esq., Fellow Walpole, Reginald Robert, Esq., of Perkins, Mr. George, late of Park-street, Southwark, Sept. 13 140,000

of Trinity College, Cambridge.-23. Hanslope Lodge, Bucks, J.P. -23, Rougier, Mr. H. No. 1, Inverness-gardens, Kensington, Sept. 16 120,00)
Hazlering, Lieut -Colonel Arthur Whimper, Lint-General' Frederick Ryder, the Hon. Granville Dudley, lute of Westbrook Hay,
Grey, 21st Fusiliers.--16.
Aurelius, C.B. --18.
Hemel Hempstead, Horts, Dec. 29...

160,000 Henniker, Aldborough John Brydges, Williams, Sir Edward Eyre.

Bavory, Mr. Joseph, Buckhurst Park, Sunninghill, Berks, Dec. 13 1611,000 F., of Jayfurlong, Stafford. Wilson, William, Esq., of Kirkby Smith, Mr. George, late of Paddock Hurst, Sussex, Sept. 15 200,000 Herrey, John, late Grand Secretary Lonsdale, J.P. - 28.

Sparke", the Rev. Edward Bowyer, Canon of Ely Cathedral and of English Freemasons.--3. Wolseley, Elizabeth, Lady.-15

Rector of Feltwell, Norfolk, Aug. 22

160,000 Hosard,

Hon. Greville

Stone. Mr. John Jefferies, J.P., late of Scyborwen, Monmouth-

shire, Sept. 4

140,000 Howell

. Henry Williams, Esq., J.P., ' Arden, Lieut.-Col. W.,J.P. and D.L., Sutton, Mr. James, late of Pembroke House, Streatham, Dec. 19. 140,000) of Glaspant, Carmarthenshire.--21. late of the 14th Hussars.-14. Whaley, Mr. Thomas, late of Taplow Lodge, Vaidenhead, Bucks 120,000 Hun'er, Henry John, Esq.-1. Astley, F. Dukintield, Esq., lord of

1540. England, Theodosia, Lady.

the manor of Dukinfield.-1. Dunnington-Jetferson, the Rev. Auriol, Rev. E.. Rector of st. Dun- Arkcoll, Mr. Charles, late of Maidstone, Kent, Feb. 2

150,000 Joxph. Canon of York.-31. stan-in-the-West, and Prebendary Barber, Mr. John, late of Parkhill, Derbyshire, Jude 21

120,000 Kelly. Latthew, Esq., J.P. for Clare. of St. Paul's.--10.

Baring, the Right Rev. Charles, late of Cecil House, Wimbledon
Baillie, the Hon. Mrs. Anne.-10.
Park, Jan. 3


400,000 Kingston, William Henry, Giles, Bloomfield, General Sir John, G.C.B., Beer, Mr. Julius, late of No. 37, Portland-place, Varch 10 writer of books for boys.-5.

Royal Horse Artillery.-1.
Belper, Edward, Lord, of No. 75, Eaton-square

20,000) Kintore, the Right Hon. Francis Burke, Sir John Charles, fourth Birch, Sir Thornas Bernard, Bart., late of The Hazles, Lancashire, Alexander Keith-Falconer, eighth

March 16

180,000 Baronet, Lieut, 20th Hussars.-17. Earl of.-18. Willoughby de Broke, Margaret,

Bessborough, the Right Hon. John George Brabazon, Earl of, Las lles, the Hon. Arthur, J P. and

120,000 Dowager Lady.-3.

P.C., late of 40, Charles-street, Berkeley-square, May 12
Cleland, Lieut.-Col.-7.
Blackwell, Jr. Thomas, late of Soho-square, March 6

160,000 Lambert, Vice-Admiral Rowley, C.B. Campbell, Colin, John, Esq.- 6.

Bowers, Mr. William, late of Harewood Park, Staffordshire 100,00) Cathcart, Alexander, Esq.,J.P.-9.

Burrell, Mr. Josepb, late of the Middle Temple, barrister-at-law,
Lesis, the

June 10
Rev. Edward Freke, Chudleigh, the Right Hon. Charles

120,000 IMA, Rector of Portskewett.-2. Hugh Clifford, eighth

Baron Burrell, Dame Henrietta Katherine, late of Castle Goring, Sussex,
Lloyd, the Rev. Charles Williams,

June 28

120,000 Rector of Aldham.-29.

Churchill, H. Blencowe, Esq., bar-Cave, the Right Hon. Sir Stephen, G.C.B., late of No. 35, WiltonLyster, Lieut.-Colonel Septimus.- rister-at-law.-12.


place, July 19 3).

250,000 Cookesley, the Rev. William Gifford, Cazenove, Mr. Philip, late of Clapham, Jan. 20 Jozilvay, the Rev. Walter, D.D. Rector of Tempsford, Beds. --16.

Clanwilliam, Sir Richard C.arles Francis, Earl of, G.C.H., Megenzie, Major Walter Scott.-18. Drake, Lady, wite of Sir William

Jan. 15

250,000 Monckton, the Hon. Mrs.--25. Richard Drake, of Oaklands Lodge. Cook, Mr. Robert, late of No.3, Upper Wimpole-street, PortlandMoney, David Inglis.--16.

130,000 Enice. Edwardl , Esq., of Invergarry, Crawshay, Mr. Henry, Oaklands Park, Gloucestershire, Jan. 26

place, June 22 Montmorency, Major

300.000 Reymond Inverness, M.A., J.P., D.L.-4. Herrey de -15. Fitzgerald, Sir Peter, Bart., of Dives, Mr. Thomas, late of Lavender-sweep, Battersea, Feb. 21...

250,000 Nexhouse, Lieut.-Colonel William Valentia, Knight of kerry.-6.

Duncombe, Hon. Octavius, late of Waresley Park, Huntingdon-
Gaussen, Robert William, Esq.,
shire, Feb. 13

160,000 Vortbey, Lieut.-Colonel William Brookinans Park, Herts, J.P.

Duncombe, the Hon, and Very Rev. Augustus Duncombe, D.I)., Brook, of Sevenoaks, Kent, J.P.Gyll, Sir Robert, Knt., of the German

Dean of York, March 3

500,000 a D.L.-10. Legion.-17.


Durham, Mr. William, late of Wilton Lodge, Kensington, Jan. 26 Philpotts, . Honry, Esq., J.P., of Hill, J. D. Hay, Esq., of Gressenhall, Foster, Mr. Johnston Jonas, late of Moore Park, Ludlow, Salop, Longcroft, Devonshire.-9.

March 17 ...

700,000 Hall, Norfolk, J.P.-), Radelytie, the Rev. Wm. Frederick, Howes, the Rev. Charles, MA.-3.

Freeland, John Albert Scott, Lieut. Royal Artillery, June 5 300.000 Rector of Tartant Pushton.--8,

350.000) Jackson, Ralph Ward, Esq., Creat. Gilber: Mr. Alfred, late of the l'antheon. Oxford-street, Feb. 23 Raidez, Major-General Thomas, ('.B.

300,000 ham Hall, Durham. forinerly M.P. Goldstein, Mr. Martin, late of 126, Piccadilly, Jan. 30 -- 10.

for Hartlepool.-6.

Harcourt, Colonel Francis Vernon, J.P. and D.L., late of Buxted Pobins, Commander William Stocker, Kean, Mrs. Charles (Miss Ellen Tree),

Park, Sussex, June 7 ...

140,000 1 PN.-18.

Harris, Mr. Alfred, late of Oxton Hall, Yorkshire, May 21 300,000)

an accomplished actress.-21. Samuells, Captain Alexander Pringle, Kempthorne, the Rev. J., M.A., late Hartley, Mr. Bartholomew Hepenstal, late of 69, Gloucester-place, 3rd Punjaub Pioneers.-7.

120,000 Hyde Park of Trinity College, Cambridge.-5.

200,000 Banders, John, Esq., of Hookwood Lucas, Mrs. A., widow of the Right Head, Mr. Alfred, late of Mile-end, Maroh 23 House, Charlwood, Surrey.-8. Hon. Edward Lucas.-15.

Hornsby, Mr. Richard, late of Somerby and Spittlegate, LincolnSharpe, Joseph, Esq., LL D.--2.

shire, Feb. 5

160,000 Magenis, R. Major, of Abington Jocelyn, Frances Elizabeth, Viscountess, late of 8, Hertford-street, boepp, the ker. Charles B., Vicar of Hall, Cambridge,-4. Perry Barr, Birmingham.

120.000 Milsom, Charles, Esq., J.P.-3.

Mayfair, May 24 Somerset, Margaret,

60,000 Dowager Robertson, Lieut-Col. Arebibald.-8. Joicey, Edward, Esq., Whinney House, Gateshead, March 24 Duchess of.-18. Rice, the Hon. W. C. Spring.-11.

Leitrim, the Right Hon. William Sydney, Earl of, late of Lough Beytour, the Rev. Richard, Canon Redcliffe, the Right Hon.

200.000 Sir

Rynn, Leitrim, April 12 of Worcester Cathedral.-6.

Stratford Canning, Viscount

Mackay. Mr. James Macgregor, late of No. 32, Brunswick-square, Skeifington, the Hon. Chichester Stratford de, K.6., G.C.B., P.C.


140.000 Thomas.--18,

Martin, Mr. John, J.P., late of Xo. 68, Lombard-street, March 27 -1.

100),000) Stafford, Henry de Stafford O'Brien Singleton, Major-len. J., formerly Mellish, Miss Catherine Martha, late of Hammels Park, Herts, de, of Blatherwycke Park, North- of the Royal Artillery.

March 8

120,000 amptonshire, J.P. and D.L.-2. Surman, John Surman, Esq, of Midleton, the Right Hon. Emma Dowager Viscountess, late of Stewart, Major-General John H., Swindon Hall, Cheltenham.-8.

No. 65. Eaton-place, Belgrave-square. March 9.

100,000 Royal Marine Light Infantry. Poynder, William Henry, Esq; of Paley; the Rev. George Barber, late of Freckenham, Buffolk, Stark, General Sir Maurice, K.C.B.-

March 19
Hillmarton, Wilts, J.P.-3.

300,000 White, A. Holt, Esq., Clement's

Palmer, Miss Susanna Caroline, late of Holme Park, Sonning, brainson, the Rev. James H., M.A.,

Berks, Feb. 16

3.50,000 Hall, Rochford, Essex, J.P. 18. Rector of Alresford, Essex.-4. Wyatt, Thomas Henry, Esq., archi- Paynter, Mr. William, late of 21, Belgrave-square, March 9

350,000 Taylor, Tom, elitor of Punch.-12.

Portland, the Most Noble William John Cavendish Bentinck

tect.--5. 1

Scott, Duke of, late of Harcourt House, Cavendish-square,
March 12 ...


Rennie, Mr. John, No. 22, Norfolk-street, Park-lane, Jan. 15 350,000

Seymour, the Right Hon. Sir George Hamilton Seymour, l'.C.,
OF £100,000 AND UPWARDS.

G.C.B., and G.C.H., late of No.10, Grosvenor-crescent, Feb. 2 400,000 (Prop the " Illustrated London News" Weekly Report of Wills and Bequests.)

Scott, Mr. Robert Herries Dudley, late of 45, Brunswick-place,
Hove, Brighton, May 23

140,000 1879.

Stohwasser, Mr. Joseph, late of 39, Conduit-street, March 20 120,000 Allan, Jr. Robert Henry, J.P., D.L., Blackwell Hall, Durham ...

Thomson, Mr. John Robert, late of No. 26, Sussex-square, Hyde

120,000 Backhouse, Mr. Edward, of Ashburne, Bishopwearmouth,

Park, July 19


Twells, Mr. Philip, late of Chase Side House, Enfield, June 7 300,000
Durham, Nov. 8
Bebzirn, Madame Emile Louise Antoinette de, late of No. 166,

180,000 Vernon, Mr. Granville Harcourt, J.P., D.L., late of Grove Hall,

140,000 Rue de Rivoli, Paris

120,000 Bonhote, Mr. Thomas, late of No. 12, Hyde Park-place, Cumber

160,000 Ward, Mr. Edward, No. 14, Claremont-square, Islington, Feb. 16
Watson, Mr. William Farnell, Isleworth, Middlesex, Jan, 20

100,000 land-gate, Jan. 27 Carington, the Right Hon. Charlotte Augusta Annabella Lady,

120,000 Wedgwood, Mr. Josiah, Leith Hall Place, W'otton, Surrey, May 13 120,000 late of No. 39, Berkeley-square, Sept. 8

Williams, Mr. John Michael, late of Caerhayes Castle, Cornwall, 120,000

March 25 ... Cleashy, Sir Anthony, late of Pennoyre, Brecknockshire, Sept. 30

1,600,000 140,000 | Wrigley, Mr. Thomas, late of Timberhurst, Lancashire


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