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and Glasgow and Aberdeen Uni- 20. The Manchester Cup won by Printing Exhibition opened at The City Livery Companies' versities, the results being the return Isonomy.

the Agricultural Hall.

Commission appointed, with Lord of 352 Liberals, 236 Conservatives,

25. M. Léon Say elected President Colonel Dyott (C.) unseated on Derby as chairman.
and 62 Home Rulers.

of the French Senate.
petition for Lichfield.

27. Goodwood Stakes won by
Newmarket International Han- 26. The Derby won by Bend Or. 6. Deputation of Turkish bond- Reveller.
dicap von by Fashion.
28. The Epsom Oaks won by Jenny holders to the Foreign Office.

- Dr. Haller and two Swiss Guides 19. Baronetcies conferred on Mr. Howlett.

Newmarket July Stakes won by lost in the Bernese Alps.
H. Allsopp and Colonel Bourne. 31. Great Fire at Cox's Quay, Bal Gal.

28. In the House of Commons, - Attack by Pathans on British Lower Thames-street.

7. Commons rejected the Sea Lord Hartington announced that be troops near Quettah.

- The Marquis of Ripon arrived Fisheries (Ireland) Bill by 172 to 125. had received news to the effect that 21. The last Cabinet Council of the at Bombay and assumed the Vice- Metropolitan Railway declare a General Burrows' force beyond CanBeaconsfield Ministry held. Lord royalty.

dividend of 5 per cent per annum.

dahar had been annihilated, and that Beseensfield tendered the resignation


8. Baronetcy conferred upon the General Primrose had in consequence of Ministers, and conferred a Peerage

withdrawn his force at Candahar into 2. Midhat Pasha resigned the Knight of Kerry (Mr. Fitzgerald). upon Mr. Montagu Corry, C.B. Governorship of Syria.

The West Worcestershire elec- the citadel. Mr. Gladstone's financial -Great Metropolitan Stakes won

policy further discussed, Lord George by Chippendale.

Official papers relating to the tion petition dismissed.
Indian deficit issued.

12. In the House of Lords a bill Hamilton's amendment against the 22. Lord Hartington summoned to

increase of the income tax being 3. Io the House of Lords, the for taking the Census introduced. Windsor by the Queen.

Burials Bill read the second time by

- The Wimbledon Meeting com- rejected by 2:30 to 94. The city and Suburban won by 126 to 101.

menced. The Alfred Prize won by The Stewards' Cup at GoodMaster Kidare.

wood won by Elf King.
Death of the Empress of Russia. Private Whitelaw, 1st Lanark.
23. Lord Granville and Lord Har- The King of Greece arrived in

13. In the House of Lords, a bill of – Mr. Gartit (C.) unseated for tington had a joint audience of the London.

indemnity in favour of Lord Byron Boston. Queen.

The Select Committee of the 7. The Central Chamber of Agri

introduced. - L. Gladstone was afterwards culture approved of the Hares and

Explosion of a gas-main at House of Commons threw out the bill summoned by her Majesty, and Rabbits Bill.

Bilston, near Wolverhampton. for the reconstruction of the Tay kissed bands on his appointment as 9. The Royal Hunt Cup at Ascot

- At Wimbledon, the Inter-Uni- Bridge. Prendier and Chancellor of the won by Strathern.

versity Match won by Cambridge; 29. Further telegrams from CanExehequer.

10. Mr. Gladstone introduced a

the Daily Telegraph Cup by Colour- dabar show that General Burrows', Baronetcies announced to be Supplementary Budget proposing a

Sergeant Symons, 1st Guernsey Colonel St. John, and a number of conferred upon Sir Edward Watkin, reduction in the duties on French Militia.

other officers, had arrived at CandaMP, Mr. Bates, M.P., and Colonel wines, an additional penny on the

Fatal thunderstorm at Man- har, reporting the defeat of Burrows'

Campbell, of Blythswood.
income tax, the abolition of the malt

force by Ayoub Khan's army.
Attack by Afghan tribes upon tax, and the substitution of a tax on

14. The Queen reviewed the Alder- – The Goodwood Cup won by General Stewart's force near Ghuzni, beer.

shott Army in Windsor Great Park. Dresden China. 1000 of the enemy killed.

30. The Chesterfield Cup won by -- M. Challemel-Lacour appointed

– The Liverpool Cup won by 2. Marriage of Princess Frederica French Ambassador.


Victor Emanuel. of Hanover and Baron von Pawel - The Ascot Gold Cup won by New colours presented to the Army.

The National Fête in France. Orders received at Chatham, Rammingen.

Portsmouth, &c., for the dispatch of sonomy. 26. Severe engagement with Ge- Orders for the evacuation of Mr. Mark Stewart (C.) unseated reinforcements to India. neral Poss's force in Afghanistan, Cabul and the withdrawal of troops

at Wigtown. 1200 of the enemy killed.

from Afghanistan.

The Wingfield Sculls won by
Baronetcies conferred upon Mr.

2. (Bank Holiday.) Recall of Sir Gabriel Goldney, M.P. for Chippen- Stakes won by Warrior, the Alex

11. At Ascot, the Wokingham A. Payne.

15. The Collective Note presented Bartle Frere from the Cape.
ham, and Mr. H. W. Ripley.
andra Plate by Thurio, and the to the Porte.

The Republicans gained 240 28. The Two Thousand Guineas Hardwicke Stakes by Exeter.

Explosion in the Risca Colliery; seats in the French Departmental
Stakes yon by Petronel.

15. The London Water Supply
119 lives lost.

29. Meeting of the new Parliament. inquiry opened.

- A protest lodged against Bend - Serious illness of Mr. Gladstone. Mr. Brand elected Speaker of the

3. Lords rejected the Irish DisHouse of Commons for the third an address and Freedom of the City and badge in the Queen's Prize won

16. King George of Greece received Or, the Derby Winner.

- At Wimbledon, the silver medal turbance Bill by 282 to 51.
17. The Prince of

- General Sir F. Roberts ordered SD. The One Thousand Guineas augurated a new harbour at Holy- by Corporal Scott, of Stockport.

to march with a strong force from
Stakes won by Elizabeth,

Destructive floods in the Mid- Cabul to Candahar.

21. In the House of Lords, Lord lands and other parts of the country. Fatal explosion at Benham
Kimberley stated that the Basuto

16. In the Commons, Mr. Brigg's Colliery. 1. Baronetcies conferred on Colonel chief had ordered his people to give motion against the erection of a Collective Note presented to the Lennard, of Wickham Court, Kent; up their arms. Select Committee on

memorial to the Prince Imperial in Porte respecting Montenegro. the Right Hon. John R. Mowbray, the Highways Acts appointed.

Westminster Abbey carried by a

4. New scheme for Christ's Hospital M.P.; and Mr. Thomas Meyrick, of

issued by the Charity Commissioners.
23. Exciting scene in the House of majority of 54.
Bosh, Pembrokeshire.
Commons-Mr. Bradlaugh taken

The St. George's Vase at Wim- Mr. Hall (C.) unseated for
3. Mr. Bradlaugh's claim to affirm into custody by the Serjeant-at-Arms bledon won by Corporal King, 3rd Oxford.
instead of taking the oath referred for resisting the authority of the


The Brighton Cup won by Bay
to a Select Committee.

19. Celebration of Belgian Inde- Archer.
4. Search for the Atalanta by the
The Northumberland Plate won pendence.

The Queen's Cup at the Royal
Channel Squadron reported to have by Mycenæ.

Wreck of the steamer Hydaspes, Yacht Squadron Regatta won by the

24. Mr. Bradlaugh released from
off Dungeness.

Prince of Wales's Formosa.
. The Queen reviewed the troops the custody of the Serjeant-at-Arms.

20. In the Commons Mr. Hubbard's 5. The Government ordered 1000 at Aldershott.

25. In the House of Lords the motion on the Income Tax nega- Marines to be sent to Ireland
The Chester Cup won by second reading of the Marriage with tived by 217 to 23

6. Lord Lytton arrived from India.
a Deceased Wife's Sister Bill rejected

– The Queen's Prize at Wimbledon - Louisa Ingle, nurse at Guy's,
6. Mr. Goschen appointed Special by 101 to 90.

won by Private Ferguson, 1st Argyle; sentenced to three months'imprison-
Ambassador to Constantinople.
Great Cheshire Stakes won by worth, and Hammersmith Bridges by Eton.
26. Freeing_of Putney, Wands- the Public Schools Challenge Trophy ment for ill-treatment of a patient.

- Seleet Committee's report on the
from toll by the Prince and Princess

21. The proposal to place the Prince London Water Supply issued ; Mr.
Meeting in the City for the of Wales.

Imperial's memorial in Westminster Smith's agreements for the purchase
relief of sufferers from famine in 28. The first Home Hospital opened Abbey withdrawn : the monument to of the water companies' interests
in Fitzroy-square.

be erected in St. George's Chapel, rejected.
Mr. Fawcett, returning thanks Sunday-School Centenary cele-


– Dr. Tanner concludes his forty for re-election at Hackney, spoke on brations commenced with a con-Cup won by the mother

country, the

At Wimbledon the Kolapore days' fast at New York. the Indian deficit of £4,000,000, which, ference at Guildhall.

9. Agrarian outrage on Mr. Boyd although known before the elections, 29. Cambridge defeated Oxford in Chancellor's Challenge Plate by Cam- and his two sons near New Ross ; one had been concealed from the country, a cricket-match at Lords' by 115 bridge ; the United Service Challenge of the latter dying of his injuries. 11. The Queen held a Drawingroom runs.

Cup by the Volunteers.

General Roberts's force left at Buckingham Palace.

- Forcible expulsion of Jesuits

22. At Wimbledon, the Elcho Cabul on its march to Candahar,
Mr. Gladstone's explanatory from their establishments in France. Shield won by Ireland by one point, General Stewart subsequently leav-
letter to the Austrian Ambassador

For the ing with the remainder of the British
30. The revenue for the quarter England being second.
showed a net increase of £697,008.

Ashburton Shield, Eton and Chelten- force for Gundamuk.
- Sir G. P. Colley appointed

ham tie with 429,

10. News of the murder of Captain Governor-General of Natal.


- At Cabul, Abdurrahman pro- Carter and Mr. Cardenhead, of the The House of Commons resolve, 1. In the Commons, Mr.Gladstone's claimed Ameer.

Belgian Expedition to Central Africa.
by 171 to 74, to appoint a Committee resolutions to permit members to - The Porte, replying to the Meeting of the Emperors of

to consider Mr. Bradlaugh's claim to affirm instead of taking the oath Collective Note, required the Powers Germany and Austria at Ischl.
dispense with the Parliamentary carried by 303 to 249.

to modify their demands as to the

- Mr.

Crompton-Roberts (C.)
Gravesend election : Sir S. Greek frontier.

unseated on petition for Sandwich.
12. Select Committee of the House Waterlow (L), 1504; Sir R. Peel (C), Sentences of imprisonment 11. Accident on the Midland Rail-
of Commons decided that the Par- 1284.

passed on the directors of the way at Wennington; seven persons
liamentary oath could not be dis- 2. Mr. Bradlaugh made the affirm- Northern Counties of England killed and twenty injured.
pensed with as desired by Mr. Bradation and took his seat.

Insurance Company.

The Queen's Prize at Shoebury-

The Order of the White Ele- 23. Sir R. I. Mersey-Thompson. ness won by the 9th detachment and
13. The new Viceroy, Lord Ripon, phant, sent by the King of Siam, (L.) unseated at Knaresborough. Durham.
left for India.
presented to the Queen.

26. In the Commons, debate on the British Medical Association
- Prince Leopold embarked for 5. In the Commons, the Compen- third reading of the Irish Disturbance Congress at Cambridge.

sation for Disturbance (Ireland) Bill Bill, Colonel Tottenham's amendment Knighthood conferred on Mr.
17. Mr. Goschen left London for was read a second time by 295 to 217. rejected by 303 to 237.

E. J. Reed, M.P.

Explosion of a gas-main in Verdict of manslaughter against 12. Seizure of arms from the ship
19. Defeat of Afghans near Jella- Tottenham-court-road ; two persons Nurse Ingle, of Guy's Hospital, for Juno in Cork Harbour.
killed ; great destruction of property. the ill-treatment of a patient.

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Venus is a morning star, rising on the 9th at 1h. 1m. a.m., or 8h. 37m. The moon is very near Saturn during the evening hours of the 15th. She is before sunrise ; on the 19th at 1h. 10m. a.m., or 3h. 42m. before the Sun ; very near Jupiter during the evening hours of the 16th, and she is very near and on the 29th at 1h. 26m. a.m., or 3h. 42m. before sunrise. She is near Mars during the evening hours of the 17th. She is near Venus during the the Moon on the 21st. morning hours of the 21st and Mercury during the morning of the 24th.

MARS rises on the 1st at 11h. 18m. p.m., on the 8th at 11h. 2m. p.m., on Her phases or times of change are :

the 18th at 10h. 41m. p.m., and on the 28th at 10h. 21m. p.m., or 3h. 28m. First Quarter on the 3rd at 42 minutes after 4h. In the morning.

after sunset. He is due south on the 1st at 7h. 5m. a.m., on the 15th at Full Moon 9th


6h. 47m. a.m., and on the last day at th. 20m. a.m. He is near the Moon Last Quarter 16th


on the 17th. New Moon 21th ,, 45


JUPITER rises on the 8th at 10h. 38m. p m., on the 18th at 10h. Im. p.m., She is nearest the Earth on the 9th, and most distant from it on the 22nd.

and on the 28th at 9h. 24m. p.m., of 2h. 29m. after sunset. He is due south MERCURY is a morning star, rising on the 4th at 2h. 67m. a.m, or

on the 1st at 6h. 44m. a.m., on the 15th at oh. 56m. a.m., and on the last 1h. 82m. before sunrise ; on the 14th at 3h. 12m. a.m., or 1h. 33m. before the day of the month at 4h. 67m. a.m. He is near the Moon on the 16th, and Sun; on the 19th at 8h. 40m. a.m., or 1h. 12m. before e unrise ; on the 21th in quadrature with the Sun on the 17th. at th. 18m. a.m., or 45 minutes before sunrise; and at the end of the month BATURN rises on the 8th at 10h. 19m. p.m.; on the 18th at 9h. 4om. p.m., the planet and Sun rise nearly together, and he rises in daylight till Nov. 6. or 2h. 26m. after sunset; and on the 28th at 9h. im. p.m., or 2h. 6m. after He is at his greatest westera elongation (19 deg. 3 min.) on the 6th, in his sunset. He is due south on the 1st at 6h. 1m. a.m., on the 15th at 5h. 8m. ascending node on the 12th, at his least distance from the Sun on the 16th, a.m., and on the last day at 4h. 8m. a.m. He is in quadrature with the Sun near the Moon on the 24th, and in superior conjunction with the Sun on on the 4th, near the Moon on the 15th, and stationary among the stars on the last day.

the 25th.

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Knighthood conferred on Col.! Knighthood conferred on Mr.


Rupert Kettle, Mr. L. S. Jackson, 16. Gunpowder discovered in a Dr. E. B. Sinclair; and Mr. II. B.

AFFIDAVIT, or Statutory declaration made under the provisions tunnel under Cork Barracks. Loch made a K.C.B. of 5 and 6 Will. 4, c. 62 ...

£0 2 6 Serious riots at Dungannon,

APPRAISEMENT or valuation of any property, or of any interest Downpatrick, Portadown, and other


therein, or of the annual value thereof, or of any dilapidations, or parts of Ireland.

1. IIouse of Lords rejected the of any repairs wanted, or of the materials and labour used or to be used - A flood burst into a church at Registration of Voters (Ireland) Bill in any building, or of any artificers' work whatsoever:Gweedore, Donegal, and drowned by 12 to 30.

Not exceeding £5

£0 0 3 Exc. £40 and not exc. £50 ... £O 2 6 several persons. House of Commons adopted an Exc. £5 and not exc. £10


100) 0 5 0 The Prince of Wales presented address to the Crown for Roral




200 0 10 0 new colours to the 1st battalion 23rd Commissioners to inquire into the 20

30 0 1


500 0 15 Regiment on its departure for Af- existence of corrupt practices at 30

2 0

1 0 0 ghanistan. Gloucester, Canterbury, Chester,

Bankers' Cheques

1d. 17. Lord Hartington explained the Macclestield, knaresborough, Bos- BANK NOTE for money :Supplementary Indian Budget. ton, Oxford, and Sandwich.

Not exceeding £1

0 0 6 | Exc. £10 and not exc. £20 - Disturbance at Belfast. 2. In the Lords, Lord Strathnairn Exc. £1 and not exc. £2 0 0 10



3 A Patriotic Fund for the relief called Lord Chelmsford's generalship

5 0 1 3


10 0 0 of sufferers by the Afghan War in Zululani in question,

10 0 1 9


100 0 6 established in Bombay.

Serious accident to the Liver- In the Commons, the Employers' pool express on the Midland Railway

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS--Certified copy or exLiability Bill read the third time. at Manchester.

tract of or from any register of 19. Collision with a Pullman express The Champion Breeders' Foal

(To be paid by the person requiring such copy or extract.) in Blea Moor Tunnel on the Midland Stakes ut Derby won by Amber in pursuance of the 52nd George III., c. 146 ; certified copies sent by Supera

Exemptions.--Copies of entries transmitted to the registrar of the diocese Railway.

Witch, -- The Bérenger Centenary held in 3. General Roberts defeated and intending Registrars to the General Registrar in pursuance of the 6th and his native town. dispersed Ayoub Khan's army and

7th William IV., c. 86; copies or extracts in pursuance of the 7th Vict. c. 15; ! 20. In the Commons, the Ground captured 27 guns.

and copies under the 16th and 17th Vict. c. 45, to enable persons to purchase Game Bill passed through Com- – In the Lords, the Commons'

Government Annuities through the medium of savinga banks. mittee.

amendments to the Burials Bill and MORTGAGE, BOND, DEBENTURE, COVENANT, WARRANT OF - Report of the Royal Commission the Employers' Liability Bill agreed to ATTORNEY to confess and enter up judgment, and FOREIGN SECURITY on Wellington College issued.

4. Mr. Gladstone returned of any kind. Being the only, or principal, or primary security for the pay23. Destructive storms in France, London from his cruise, and re- ment or repayment of money, -- Successful iaying of new At-ceived with an ovation on entering Not exceeding £25

£0 0 8 Ex. £150 and not ex, £200 £0 5 0 lantic cable for the Anglo-American the House.

Exc. £25 and not exc. £50


3 Company. 6. Board of Trade correspondence

100 0 2 6


300 07 6 21. The House of Commons with the railway companies on con


0 39 occupied the whole night in dis- tinuous brakes issued.

For every £100, or fractional part of £100, of such amount 0 2 6 cussing Irish affairs.

Telegram from General Roberts Cavalry skirmish near Candahar giving details of his victory at

Being a collateral, or auxiliary, or additional, or substituted

security, or by way of further assurance for the abovereported.

Argandab. 25. In the House of Commons, the

mentioned purpose where the principal or primary security
7. Parliament prorogued by Com-
Savings Banks Bill passed through mission till Nov. 24.

is duly stamped, for every £100, and also for every fractional
part of £100 of the amount secured ...

006 committee, and the Grain Cargoes General Roberts telegraphed Transfer, Assignment, Dispositions of Assignation of any mortBill read a third time.

that General Phayre had arrived at gage, bond, debenture, covenant or foreign security, or of any - The second Collective Note of Abdul Rahman. the Powers on the Greek question

money or stock secured by any such instrument, or by any 8. Terrible railway collision at handed to the Porte. Paisley.

warrant of attorney to enter up judgment, or by any judgment.

For every £100, and also for any fractional part of £100, of the British Association meet at The great cricket-match, Aus

0 0 6 Swansea under Professor Ramsay.

amount transferred, assigned, or disposed tralia

v. England, won by the home and also where any further money is added to the money already - In a sortie from Candahar on the team by five wickets. 16th Brigadier-General Brooke and

secured, the same duty as a principal security for such further

Annexation of the island of eleven other officers killed

money. and Tahiti by France. wounded.

Terrible colliery explosion at

Reconveyance, Release, Discharge, Surrender, Resurrender, The Welsh Eisteddfod held at the Seaham Pit, near Sunderland;

Warrant to Vacate, or Renunciation of, any such security as

aforesaid, or of the benefit thereof, or of the money thereby Carnarvon.

upwards ot 140 lives lost. The Great Ebor Handicap won

secured :-For every £100, or fractional part of £100, of the 9. The Election Commissioners for

total amount or value of the money at any time secured 0 0 6 by Novice. Macclesfield, Chester, Gloucester, CHEQUES, DRAFTS, OR ORDERS ON DEMAND

0 0 1 26. The House of Commons held a Canterbury, Boston, Oxford, Sand

which must be cancelled by the person drawing the cheque, draft, or 21 hours' sitting, the Irish Con- wich, and Knaresborough gazetted.

order, by writing his name on the stamp. stabulary Vote being opposed by the 13. Attempt to blow up an express- RECEIPTS.

For £2 and upwards Home Rulers. train on the North-Western Railway

0 0 1

N.B. Persons receiving the money are to pay the duty. Mr. Gladstone embarked on by dynamite.

Receipts may be stamped within fourteen days of date on payment of £5, board the Grantully Castle for a sea Birth of a daughter to the King or within one month on payment of £10, penalty: after that time they trip.

and Queen of Spain. Destruction of Whitechapel 14. The Home Secretary expressed Penalty for not effectually cancelling or obliterating adhesive stamps when

cannot be stamped. Penalty for giving a receipt without a stamp, £10. Church by tire.

an opinion adverse to the imprison- used, £10. Penalty for frauds in the use of adhesive stamps, £20. - Great Yorkshire Stakes won by ment of juvenile offenders.


0 0 6 Napsbury.

- Lord Thurlow appointed a Lord LEGACIES AND SUCCESSION TO REAL PROPERTY_" 27. The Ground Game Bill read in Waiting to the Queen.

To children or their descendants, or lineal ancestors of the deceased £10 a third time and passed.

Great Yorkshire Handicap won 28. Special sitting of the House of by Reveller, and the Champagne | Uncle or aunt, or their descendants

Brother or sister, or their descendants

5 0 Commons to forward Burials Bill. Stakes by Bal Gal.

Grend uncle or aunt, or their descendants 15. The Bacchante, with Princes All other relations or strangers

6 0 0 30. In the Lords, Earl Granville

10 00 stated that the Powers had ordered Albert Victor and George on board, The husband or wife of the deceased not chargeable with duty. vessels of war to Ragusa in con- sailed from Spithead for Vigo. sequence of the attitude of the Porte The St. Leger won by Robert

DUTIES PAYABLE ON INHABITED HOUSES OF THE ANNUAL on the decrees of the Berlin Con- the Devil, Bend Or, the favourite, ference. being sixth.

VALUE OF £20 OR UPWARDS. Viscount Enfield appointed Unsuccessful attack by Basutos

The duty is 6d. in the pound in respect of dwelling-houses occupied by any Under-Secretary of State for India, on the Cape Ritles.

person in trade who shall expose to sale and sell any goods in any shop or 31. In the Commons, Debate on 16. Destructive storms and floods warehouse, being part of the same dwelling-house and in front and on the the South African vote and Sir B. throughout the country.

ground or basement story thereof; or by a person licensed to sell therein, Frere's salary; ultimately agreed to The Portland Plate at Doncaster by retail, beer; hotel or coffee-house keeper; or as a farmhouse by a tenant by 113 to 32. won by Discount.

or farm servant, and bonâ tide used for the purpose of husbandry only. --- General Roberts's force reached 17. Letter from the Queen respect

The duty is 9d. in the pound for dwelling-houses and offices not occuCandahar, having marched 315 miles ing the Seaham Colliery Explosion.

pied and used for any of the purposes described in the preceding. in 21 days.

The Doncaster Cup won by

Exemptions.--Market-gardens and Nursery-grounds. The Right Hon. W. P. Adam Dresden China.

PROPERTY AND INCOME TAX. appointed Governor of Madras. i 18. Conflict between Turks and The March Decrees against the Greeks, resulting in the defeat of the

From July, 1880, to April 1831, the Property and Income Tax is fixed at Jesuits in France carried out. i latter.

6d. in the pound; incomes of £150 per annum and not exceeding £400 are taxed at the rate of 50. in the pound after allowing an abatement of £120.

Exemptions of Premiums from Income Tax.- Premiums paid by a person for The Religious BodIES OUTSIDE THE CHURCh or ENGLAND.-A Report an Assurance on his own life or on the life of his wife, or for a deferred issued shows the relative strength of the religious bodies outside the Annuity to his widow, are declared free from income tax, provided such Church as to buildings certified for worship and registered for marriages, Premiums do not exceed one-sixth of his returnable income. gives the total number of buildings certitied ar 18,723, while those regis. tered are only 8125, exclusive of 122 estimated to belong to the Jewish and

DOG LICENSES.-EXCISE. Quaker denominations. In the counties of England and Wales the more For dog of any kind

0 7 6 important Nonconformist bodies--viz., the Independents, Baptists, Weso

With a special exemption for dogs under six months." leyans, Roman Catholics, and Unitarians, have the following numbers of Penalty for keeping a dog without a license

500 registered buildings : - Independents, 2101; Baptists, 1601; Wesleyans, 1478; Roman Catholics, 819; Unitarians, 127. The number of new

GAME LICENSES. churches which have been built, endowed, and have had new parishes or If license or certificate be taken out after April 5 and before districts assigned to them within about the last sixty years, not including Nov. 1 to expire on April 5 in the following year ...

£3 0 0 churches in which marriages are not soleinnised, is 3701.

License to carry a gun

0 10 0 | License to deal in guine 200

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B. d.



Permanent Charge of Debt:-

£ 8. d. £ 8. d. Customs

19,326,000 : : Interest (except as below) and Manage- } 21,504,880 10 3 Ercise

0 0 Stamps 11,300,000 0 o Terminable Annuities

5,717,471 9 0 Land Tax and House Duty 2,670,000 O o Interest of Exchequer Bills

110.987 0 0 Property and Income Tax 9,230,000 0 0 Interest of Bank Advances for Deficiency 12,503 8 8

28,000,000 0 0 Post Office

6.850,000 0 0 Interest on Bank Advances for Ways Telegraph Service ...

1,420,000 0 0
and Means

3,643 16 7 Crown Lands (Net)

390,000 0 0 New Sinking Fund Interest on Advances for Local Works, &c., and on

661,C63 15 11 } 1,234,596 2 2 Interest on Temporary Loans for Local Purposes

341,8n4 16 3 Purchase Money of Suez Canal Shares

Interest on Supply Exchequer Bonds

19,375 00 Interest, &c., on Exchequer Bonds (Buez)

199,955 60 Miscellaneous :

£ 8. d.
Interest, on Stock created for Loan to In ia

30,738 17 9 Military and Naval extra Receipts. and Proceeds of Old Stores sold 781,467 136)

Other Charges on Consolidated Fund :(including Army Purchase)

Civil List

407,467 10 5 Amount received from the Revenues

Annuities and Pensions

814,559 15 7 of India on account of the Effec

Salaries and Allowances

93,889 90 1,598,543 12 11 tive and Non-effective Charges of 1,144,224 1 10

Courts of Justice

624,179 16 10 British Troops serving in that

Miscellaneous Charges

168,417 2 1 country, and on account of Capi

Supply Services :talisation of Pensions Allowance out of the Profits of Issue

4,024,459 100

Army (including Army Purchase) 15,645,866 15 15 received from the Bank of Eng- 138,578 0 0

Army Charges on Account of Troops 1,115,050 3 8 land, per Act 24 Vict. c. 3

in India Net Profit on Post Office Savings

Abyssinian Expedition

633 19 2 Banks

77,787 12 1

.. 10,416,131 17 7

Votes of Credit: War in South Africa,
Imperial Ottoman Guaranteed Loan
of 1856; repayments in respect of 73,402 00

Sikukuni Expedition, and Griqua- 3,244,920 1 8
lund West

63,744,335 16 4 Advances for Dividends Olber Miscellaneous Receipts

Miscellaneone Civil Services
1,8:9,000 2 7

15,821,596 35
Customs and Inland Revenue Depart.

2,784,316 16 2
Total Income

£81,265,085 12 2
Post Office

8,389.000 0 0 Excess of Total Expenditure over Income in

Telegraph Service 2,840,697 16 1

1,107.000 0 0 the Year ended March 31, 1880

Packet Service

772,820 0 0 £84,105,753 8 3

Total Expenditure

LE4,105,703 8 8







against 12,211,000 gallops in 1878, or an increase of 1,835,000 gallons, equal

to 10 per cent. The total value of spirits in 1879 was £3,000,000. GREAT BRITAIN.

TOBACCO.-The importation of tobacco of all sorts was comparatively It appears that while the Revenue of Customs diminished in 1879 in com- small, being

only 42,462.000 lb., against 99,059,000 lb. in 1878, a falling off parison with that of the preceding year to the extent of £460,676, that of of 50,607,000 lb., or 64 per cent. The large importations in the three Ireland, notwithstanding the

severe distress,

during the latter part of the previous years had the effect of keeping up ihe stook in the bonded wareyear actually increased by £39,700.

houses to a very high figure, there being a diminution in the stock of only The total value of the imports in the year 1879 was £362,991,000, against 18,156,000 lb., or 134 per cent as regards the year 1878, but still an increase £348,770,000 in the year 1878, being a decrease of £5,779,000 or 1.6 per cent. of 7 per eent upon the stock of 1877. After a great increase in the total value in the year 1877, when the amount rearbed £394,419,000, the highest on record, it fell to £368,770,000 in 1878, so that the figures given for the year 1879 represent a very considerable THE CITY OF LONDON PUBLIC WORKS AND decrease upon the diminished value of the previous year, and comparing the results of the two years 1878 and 1879, there is a diminution of

REVENUE ACCOUNT. 31 millions, or 8 per cent.' The following are some of the principal articles The Chamberlain of the City of London, pursuant to Act of Parliament, imported into this country in the year 1879, with the quantities and values presented his

account with the City

in respect of various public and trust as compared with the like particulars in 1878:

funds in the Chamber of London. The following is a statement showing

the loans raised by the City within the last quarter of a century for the 1878.


purpose of public improvements :-For the formation of the Metropolitan Quantities.

Cattle Market and extension of its slaughterhouses, 1852-6 and 1873-6, Value. Quantities. Value.

£478,600; for the Holborn-valley and Farringdon Market improvements,

1864-72, £2,376,000; for the Metropolitan Meat, Poultry, Fruit, and £

£ Vegetable Market,' site, approaches, &c., 1863-78, £1,057,000; for the Cotton, Raw cwt. 11.967,000 33,519,000 13,119,000 36,180,000 London Central Pruit, Flower, and Vegetable Market, approaches, &c., Flax

1,553,000 3,481.000 1,695,000 3,584,000 £581,000; for the Foreign Cattle Market at Deptford (1870-9), £280,000 ; Hemp

1,229,000 1,915,000 1,208,000 1,691,000 for the enlargement of Billingsgate Market (1872-8), £272,000 ; for the

4,242,000 3,236,000 4,759,000 3,257.000 building of the Royal Exchange, £98,500; for the rebuilding of Blackfriars. Silk, Raw 15. 4,170,000 3,680,000 3,886,000 3,384,000 bridge (1864), £300,000 ; for ditto and the purchase of Southwark-bridge Wool, Sheep

395,474,000 22,786,000 412,784,000 23,282,000 (1867-9), £315,000; for the preservation of open spaces (1876-9), £100,000. Gosts

7,060,000 752,000 10,072,000 743,000 Out of the above accounts the only amounts paid off apparently are £604,100 Other kinds 5,288,000 382,000 5,720,000 343,000 on the Holborn-valley improvements; £110,000 on the Metropolitan Meat

and Poultry Market, &c.; £22,000 on the Deptford Cattle Market, £8200 on The total quantity of the above-named articles was 24,642,000 cwt., and due for the above-mentioned purposes stood,

according to the above account,

the Royal Exchange, and £60,000 on Southwark Bridge. The total amounts the value £72,464,000, and, on a comparison with the figures for 1878, shows on Dec. 81 last, at £5,129,800. an increase in the quantity, and also in the value of the importations.

Various duties and rates yielded the respective sums given below :The total weight of the principal ores, metals, and metal manufactures of all kinds imported in 1879 was 1,736,000 tons, and the value £13,218,000.

REVENUE ACCOUNT. Articles partially manufactured decreased in value from £19,356,000 to

The revenue of the Corporation of the City of London may be gathered £16,694,000. The following are the principal articles-viz. :

from the following comparative Table of a portion of the receipts and

expenditure :-
In 1861 the receipts were ...


247,991 Quantity. .Value.

The expenditure amounted to ...
Quantity. Value.
1879 the receipts were ...

653,337 Expenditure

532,353 £

1851 the coal dues of 4d. per ton were

72,944 Copper,


184,497 39,000 wrought 2,572,000 46,000

1879 the duties realised were
1851 dues received from markets were

20,351 Ib. 7,376,000 644,000 6,840,000 423,000


147,235 Hides, tanned

and dregsed
2,871,000 35,185,000

1851 the expenses of the magistracy and the Corpora-
tion, and a portion of the police were

18,767 Iron bars tons 102,000 1,018,000 95,000 878,000

1879 Ditto, expenses

34,280 Laden yarn 5,969.000 397,000 6,384,000 370,000 1861 receipts from rents

78,754 Akids, dressed.. No. 12,630,000 1,233,000 13,555,000 1,416,000


116,425 Wood, saun or

32,681 dressed lb. 3,635,000 9,039,000

1851 expenditure on the Bridge House Estate
3,256,000 7,064,000

499,389 Woollen yarn... 12,474,000 1,682,000 11,044,000 1,418,000 1861 exper'ses of civil government were

30,644 1879

50,791 1851 charitable donations were

5,885 The quantity of spirits of all kinds imported in 1879 was 13,546,000 gallons, 1879



Cotton yarn

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