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Adams, Francis, Esq., of Cotswold
Grange, Gloucestershire.-19.
Adye, Major-General Goodson, late
Madras Staff Corps.-2.
Aylmer, Sir Justin Geraid, eleventh
Baronet, of Donadea Castle,
Bazley, Sir Thomas, Baronet, of
Hatherop, Gloucester, J.P. and
D.L., formerly M.P. for Man-

Burchell, the Right Rev. Dr. Richard
Placid, the only mitred Abbot of the
Benedictine Order in England.-14.
Butler, the Hon. Charles Lennox,
J.P. and D.L., Middlesex ard
Butter, Archibald, Esq., of Faskally,
Perthshire, J.P. and D.L.-6.
Cartwright, the Hon. Mary, of
Edgcote, Northamptonshire.-20.
Cocks, Lieut.-Colonel Charles Lygon,
of Treverbyn, Vean, Cornwall, J.P.
and D.L.-24.
Cole, Colonel Arthur Lowry, C.B.,
late 17th Regiment.-30.
Copland, Charles, Esq., founder and
director Royal Bank of Ireland.-7.
Craigie, Major-General Henry
Cadogan, late 19th Hussars.-11.
Curzon, Colonel the Hon. Ernest
George, Colonel on the Staff at
Daniell, Mrs. Alicia Katherine.-3.
Darby-Griffith, Major Christopher, of
Padworth House, Berks, J.P. and
D.L., formerly M.P. for Devizes.
Davison, J. W., Esq., many years
musical critic of the Tones.-24.
De Bunsen, the Rev. Prebendary
Henry George, M A., Rectorot Don-
nington, near Albrighton, Salop.—


De Courcy, Colonel Nevinson Willoughby, C.B., late Royal Marine Light Infantry.- 31. Duthie, Miss Elizabeth Crombie, presented a public park to the city of Aberdeen, which bears her name.


Eo wards, Lieutenant Alexander T.
F, Royal Irish Regiment.-23.
Freeling, Sir Arthur Henry, fifth
Baronet, Major-General Royal
Engineers (retired).-24.
Fry, Herbert, Esq., who planned and
annually re-compiled The Royal
Guide to London Charities," and a
"Guide to London."-17.
Haghe, Louis, Esq, Honorary Pre-
sident of the Royal Institute of
Painters in Water Colours.-9.
Halley, the Rev. Robert, M.A., for-
merly Prosessor of General Lite-
Jature, Mathematics, and Logic at
Lancashire College.
Hannyngton, Major-General John
Cauteild, late Bengal Army.- 4.
Hargrave, the Hon. Jobu Fletcher,
M.A., lately Judge of the Supreme
Court, New South Wales.
Hopkins, Major - General William
Friend, C.B., Royal Marine Light,

Jenkins, Joseph J., Esq., Member of

the Royal Society of Painters in
Water Colours.-.

Ker, Alan, Esq., many years a Puisne
Judge of Jamaica.-20.
Kinnoull, Louna, Dowager Countess

Knighton, Sir William Wellesley,
Bait., M.A., of Hampshire.--13.
Lampson, Sir Curtis Miranda, Bait.,
of Rowiant, Sussex.-12.
Levinge, Sir Vere Hemy, eighth
Baronet, of Knockdrin Castle,
County Westmeath -22.
Lovell, Lady Rose, daughter of the
seventh Duke of Beauroit.-12.
MacNeill, Lady Isabella, widow of
Sir John MacNeill, F.R S.-7.
Napier, the Hon. Mrs. Charles (Ara-
bella Jane), of Woodlands, Taunton.

O'Brien, Lieut.-Gen. Bartholomew, C.B.-8.

O'Callaghan, the Hon. George Cornelius Gerald, only son of Lord Lismore.

Parker, General Richard, late 1st Life Guards, and Colonel 5th Dragoun Guards.-15.

Parkes, Sir Harry Smith, GC M.G.,

K.C.B., Ambassador to China.-21.

Pearce. Dr. George, late Madras
Medical Service, Hon. Physician to
the Queen.-28.
Peel, Jonathan, Esq., of Accrington
House, Lancashue, and Knowl-
mere Manor, Yorkshire-6.
Read, Thomas Fellowes, Esq., late
Consul- General for Tunis-24.
Robinson, Major Richard Colling.
wood, late of 60th Rifles -15.
Sargent, Major-General Edmond
William, late 18th Royal Insh

Saurin, Mark Anthony, Esq., of
Orielton, Pembrokeshire, J.P.-25.
Stronge. Sir James Matthew, third
Baronet, of Tynan Abbey, Armagh,
J.P. and D.L., formerly M P. 1or
the county.-11.

Trench (Margaret), the Hon. Mrs. Le Poer.-4.

Watson, Morison, M.D., F.R.S., Professor of Anatomy, Owens College, Manchester.-25.

White, the Rev. James, Rector of Stoley, Norfolk.

Whiteside. Rosetta, Mrs., widow of the late Lord Chief Justice of Ireland.-17.

Wordsworth, the Right Rev Christopher, D.D., Lord Bishop of Lincoln.


Adams, Borlase, Esq., of Bedfordsquare, J.P. for Middlesex.-29. Alexander, General Sir James

Edward, C.B., F.R.S. Edin., Westerton, Bridge of Allan.-2. Anderson, Robert, Esq., A.R.S.A., an engraver and water-colour


Ansdell, Richard, Esq., R.A., the well-known animal painter.-20 Ashbrook, Emily Theophila, Viscountess.-9.

Aylmer, Michael, Esq., of Courtown,
County Kildare, J.P.-4.
Ayiton, William Scrope. Esq., of
Saltburn-by-Sea, Yorkshire, J.P.
Bagot, Alan, Esq., the inventor of
apparatus for saving life and pre-
venting accidents in mines.
Blackley, the Rev. William, M.A.,
late Vicar of Stanton-upon-Hini-

Boteler, Captain John Harvey, R N.;
entered the Navy in 1808.
Cairns, the Right Hon. Sir Hugh
MacCalmont Cairns (Earl), Loid
Chancellor in Lord Beaconsfield's
Government -2.

Cotton, General Corbet, Col. 1st Bat

talion Royal Munster Fusiliers.-30. Coffin, Dr. Robert Aston, the Roman Catholic Bishop of Southwark.-6. Cremorne, Anne Elizabeth Emily, Dowager Lady.-11. Currey, the Rev. George, Master of the Charter house and Prebendary of St. Paul's.-30. De Freville, Mrs., of Hinxton Hall, Cambridge,

Dent, Lady Selina, daughter of the eleventh Earl of Huntingdon. - 22. Duncan, the Hon. Lady, widow of Captain the

Hon. Sir Henry

Duncan, R N.-7. Eden, John, Esq, of Beamish Park, county Durham, J.P. and D.L.-4. Giles - Puller, Arthur, Esq, M.A., of Youngsbury, Heits, J.P.-31. Hales, Miss Mary Barbara, of Halesplace, Canterbury.-18. Hamilton, the Hon. Margaret Frances

Florence, daughter of thirteenth Viscount Dillon.-19. Harvey, Colonel C. E., Royal Engineers.-G. Hawes, William, Esq., chairman of Council of the Society of Arts. Innes, Surgeon - General Francis

William, M.D., C. B.-23. Kingston, Alfred, Esq., Ass. Keeper of Public Records, distinguished in antiquarian circles.-23. Knatchbull, Lieut -General Reginald E., R A., Bengal Artillery.- 12. Knox, Mrs. Arthur, daughter of late Right Hon. Denis Daly, M. P., of Dunandi -24. Lance, the Rev. John E., Rector of

Buckland St. Mary, near Chard. Landers, General John Edmonstoune, late of the Bengal Infantry.-6. Leeson, Sir William E., Genealogist of the Order of St. Patrick.-21.

Lincoln, the Very Rev. J. W. Blakes-
lay, Dean of.
Lindsay, Lady Mary Catherine, of
Glasnevin House, Dublin.-24.
Lowndes, Eaward William telby,
Esq., J.P., of Whaddon Hall.-13.
Lynch-Blosse, the Hon Lady
(Elizabeth), daughter of Lord
Plunket, Lord Chancellor of
Macan, General Henry, C B.
Marling, Margaret Williams, Dow-
ager Lady -13.
McCulloch, Lieut.-Colonel William,
formerly Political Agent at MUL-

Murray, General Freeman, formerly
Governor of Bermuda.-14.
Nottage, Alderman George Swan,
Lord Mayor of London.-11.
Parker, Edith, Viscountess, of Down
Place, Windsor.
Pateshall, Evan, Esq., of Allensmore
Court, Hereford. J.P. and D.L.,
formerly M.P. for Hereford.-9.
Perceval, the Rev. Henry, Rector of
Elmnley Lovett.-1.
Pinhoru, William, Esq., Paymaster-
in-Chief, R N.

Primrose, Colonel the Hon. Everard

Pring, Mr. Justice Ratcliffe, Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of Queensland.

Quin, Lady Edith Wyndham, daughter of the late Earl of Dunraven.-10.

Rees, the Rev. Dr.. President of the Congregational Union of Englaud and Wales; author of the "History of Nonconformity in Wales," &c.-29.

Richards, Brinley, Esq, musician and composer.

Rigby, Major-General Christopher
Palmer, Consul at Zanzibar.-14.
Ruthven, Dowager Lady Mary, widow
of James, fifth Lord Ruthven.-D.
Samuda, J. D'Aguilar, Esq., ship-
builder, formerly M P. for Tavistock
and Tower Hamlets.
Sartorius, Sir George Rose, G.C B.,
Admiral of the Fleet: Count De
Penhaprine, in Portugal -7.
Slace, the Dowager Lady, widow of
Sir Frederick Slade, Bart.-10.
Selborne, Laura, Countess of.-10.
Selkirk, the Right Hon. Dunbar
James Douglas, sixth Earl of,!
Keeper of the Great Seal of Se
land. The earldom now extinct.-11.
Sullivan, the Right Hon. ir Edward,
Bart, 1L D., Lord Chancellor of

Thursby, Lieut. Colonel Richard Lesher, Thomas Neville, Esq., for

Hasel, late Coldstream Guards.-5.

merly II.M. Chargé-a'Affaires at Hayti.-18. Vaughan, Henry Halford, Esq., formerly Professor of Modern History at Oxford.-19.

Weguen, Thomas Mathias, Esq., J.P, late M.P. for Wolverhampton.-5.

Wells, Lady Mary Elizabeth, wife of
Sir Mordaunt Wells.-30.
Wells, General Samuel, C.B.-S.
Wilbraham, George Fortescue, Esq.,
Delamere House, Cheshire.-27.
Worsley, Dowager Lady



Ayliner, Sir Arthur Fercy, twelfth
Baronet, of Donadea, J.P.
Boyle, Major Mordaunt Charles,
King's Royal Rifle Corps.-5.
Carafla, of Naples, Princess (Sister
Mary), of the Sisters of Charity St.
Vincent de Paul, Clerkenwell-road.


Chaine, James, Esq., of Ballycraigy, County Antrim, M.P. fur that county.-4.

Chambers, Harriet, the widow of Dr.
William Chan bers--16.
Clutterbuck, the Rev. J. C., known as
the "father of hydro-geology."
Dixon, the Ven. Robert Vickers, D D.,
Archdeacon of Armagh -14.
Dudley, the Right Hon. William
Ward, Earl of -7.
Eden, the Rev. John Patrick, Hon.
Canon of Durham and Rector of

Gainsborough, Countess of, daughter of Robert, third Earl of Roden. Galloway, Countess Dow., daughter of sixth Duke of Beaufort.-25. Gray, the Rev. Robert, Hon. Canon of Chester.-19. Harding, Lady Grizilda Arne, widow of Lieutenant-General Sir George J. Harding, K.C.B.-20. Harris, Captain William, formerly of the 16th Lancers -5 Hay, Sir Robert, eighth Baronet, of Smithfield and Hagstoun.-0. Hepburn, Lieut -Colonel Archibald Buchan, Bengal Staff Corps.—10. Hodge, Lady Lucy Anne, wife of General Sir Edward Hodge.-2. Homrigh, Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Plunket Van, Queen's Royals and 36th Regiments -11. Huntingdon, the Right Hon. Francis Power Plantagenet Hastings, thirteenth Earl of.-20. Innes, General James Charles, late of the Bengal Army.-5. Jerrold, Evelyn, son of the late Blanchard Jerrold.-23. Jones, John, the chairman of the City Bank (Limited). Lofthouse, Mrs. Mary, a member of the Royal Water-Colour Soc.-2. Ozzard, Colonel Albert Henry, Royal Marines; commanded the Marines at ouakim.-16.

Peel, Xavier De Castanos Royds, Esq., of Donant, Pembroke.-29. Polwhele, General Thomas, of the Bengal Army.-23.

Reid, Sir John Rae, third Baronet, formerly Captain 16th Foot.-7. Skinner, Allan Maclean, Q.C., formerly Recorder of the Royal borough.-23.

Tatton, Thomas William, Esq., of
Wythenshowe, Chester, J.P-10.
Vereker, the Hon. Charles Smyth,
Colonel R.A.-12.

Vesey, Colonel Charles Vesey Colt-
hurst, of Lucan House, Dublin,
J.P. and D.L.-11.
Worsley, the Rev. Penryman Warton,
Canon of Ripon, Rector of Little
Williams-Wynn, Sir Watkins, sixth
Baronet, of Wynnstay, Denbigh,
M.P. for that county.-9.
Yorke, the Hon. Eliot Thomas, M.A.,
J.P. and DL, formerly M.P. for


Armstrong, Colonel Frederic Macnaghten, C.B.—22. Arnott, James Moncrieff, Esq., a past President of the Royal College Benedict, Sir Julius, musical comof Surgeons.

poser and conductor.-5. Biore, the Rev. Edward William, M.A., Vice Master of Trinity Coll., Cambridge.-24.

Byron, Colonel William Gerard, 2nd Batt. King's Royal Rifle Corps. Conolly, General James, C.B.-22. Conway, General Thomas Sydenham, C.B.-7.

Coventry, Captain Henry Amelius

Beauclerk, KLOwn as a gentleman rider.-29.

Douglas, Sir George Henry Scott, fourth Bobet.

Fane, Major-General Walter, C.B.,
Madras stail Corps.-16.
Fearon, the Ven. Henry, formerly
Archdeacon of Leicester.-12.
Fitzgerald, the Right Hon. Sir
William Robert Seymour Vesey,
D.C.L., &c.-28.

Gethin, Sir Richard, seventh Baronet, late of Percy Mount, Sligo.-11. Gosling, General William Clarke

Francis, late of Madras, K.A.


Gunning, the Rev. Sir John, 'ourth
Baronet, of Horton.-30.
Heneage, Charits Fieschie, Gentle-
man Usher of her Majesty's Frivy
Higginson, Sir James Macaulay,
K.C.B., of Tulfaris, Wicklow.-28.
Hood, the Rev. Edwin Paxton,
author of a biography of Words-
worth, a site of Binney, &c.
Howard, Edward, Deputy Inspector-
General of Hospitals, late 30th

Macfarlane, James, Esq., a Scottish

daughter of third Earl of Dart-
Murray, W. Powell, Esq., one of
the Registrars of the Court of Bank-

Baronet, J.P. and D L., 1ormerly M.P. for East Norfol8.-7. Stransham, Eliza, wife of General Sir Anthony Blaxland, K.C.B.-19. Tempest, Lord Ernest M'Donnell Vane.-13.

Jenkin, Professor Fleeming, Professor Lee-Warner, the Rev. Henry James' Legge, Lady Georgiana Caroline, fifth Stracey, Sir Henry Josius, sixth of Engineering in the University of M.A., Hon. Canon of Norwich.Edinburgh.-12. 10. Kitson, James, Esq.. of Leeds, founder of the Monkbridge and other ironworks.-30. Liddell, the Hon. ir Adolphus Frederic Octavius, Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department.-29. Mackie, Robert Bownas, Esq., of St. John's House, Wakefield, M.P. for that town.-18 Madden, Lieutenant-Colonel Travers Dodgson, Bengal Staff Corps.-12. Malet, the Rev. William Wyndham, Vicar of Ardeley, Stevenage,


Milman, Sir William, third Baronet,
of Levaton, Devon.-17.
Muir, Surgeon-General Sir William
Muir, K.C.B., Honorary Physician
to the Queen.-2.
Palles, Ellen, wife of the Lord Chief
baron Exchequer in Ireland.-22.
Percy, Lady Margaret Josceline
widow of Lord Josceline Percy.-19.
Phillips, Major Henry Burch Pye,
J.P., late 27th Inniskillings.
Ramsbottom, John Richard Sneyd,
Esq., J.P. and D.L., late 16th

Rouch, the Rev. Frederick, Minor
Canon of Canterbury, and Vicar

of Littlebourne.

[blocks in formation]

Alexander, Major William, late 10th
Bengal Light Cavalry.-11.
Allen, Sir George Wigram, K.C.M G.
Barnett, Deputy Surgeon-General
Oliver, CI E.-24.

Bartlett, Major-General Henley T.,
retired Lieut.-Colonel Bengal Staff

Brady, Captain Maziere Kyle, of the
Royal Engineers - 18.
Blunt, Lieut.-Colonel Alfred, of
Heathfield Park, Sussex -5.
Cadell, Lieut-General Alexander

Tod, late Madras R. A.-14.
Cavendish, Hon. Mrs Caroline.-13.
Chesterfield, Anne Elizabeth,
Dowager Countess of, daughter of
Cecil, Lord Forester -26.
Conybeare, the Rev. Charles, M.A.,
Vicar of Itchin St ke, Hants.-20.
Crofton, General John ffolliott, 6th
Royal Warwickshire Regiment.-17.
Cunynghame, the Rev. James Joseph
Myrton, M.A. Rector of Horse-
heath. Cambridgeshire.-20
Dalrymple - Elphinstone, Francis
Anstruther, Esq., Bengal Civil
Service -5.

De Hamel, Felix John, late Solicitor
of H.M. Customs.-31.
Delap, the Rev. Robert, of Monellan,
in the county of Donegal.-28.
Digby, Colonel John Almerus, late of

the Grenadier Guards.-13.
Douglas, General Charles, Royal
Ellacombe, the Rev. Henry T, M.A.,
Rector of Clyst, Topsham, Devon.-


Miles, Major-General Charles W.,
late Bengal Staff Corps.-26.
Montefiore, Sir Moses, first Baronet,
in his 101st year.-28.
O'Halloran, Captain W. L., Auditor-
General of South Australia.-15.
Pim, Jonathan, Esq., formerly M.P.
for the city of Dublin.-6.
Poole, the Right Rev. Arthur W.,
DD, Missionary Bishop of Japan.


Robinson. Serjeant James, Q.C.,

First Serj.-at-Law, Ireland.-1.
Rosse, Mary, Dowager Countess of.

[blocks in formation]

Allan, Colonel Grant, late of 12th
Regiment M.N.I.-5.
Albemarle, Susan, Countess of.-3.
Beevor, Sir Thomas, Bart.,

Higham, Norfolk.-18.
Brown, Major-General John Tatton
Butler, R.A, present at the siege of

Berkeley, the Rev. William Comyns,
of Cotheridge Court, Worcester -7.
Boyle, Charles J., Esq., of Hall
House, Hawkhurst.-20.
Boyle, Edward Montagu, Esq., anti-
quary and genealogist.-11.
Bristow, Robert Robertson, Esq.,
late of Privy Seal Office.-15.
Chapman, Colonel John Feyer, 7th
Dragoon Guards.-11.
Colan, Dr. Thomas, R. N., Insp.-Gen.
of Hospitals and Fleets.-18.
Connella, Peter, Esq., of Coolmore,
county Kilkenny.-7.
Coulson, the Hon. Mrs. Blenkinsopp,
daughter of George Anson, seventh
Lord Byron.-1
Cutbush, James, Esq., a well-known



Cuyler, Sir Charles Henry Johnes,
Erle-Drax, Miss Maria Caroline, of
Olantigh Tower, Kent -18.
Fowke, Henry, Mayor of Derby.-18.
Goodacre, the Rev. Francis Burges,

Rector of Wilby, Norfolk.-14.
Griffiths, the Rev. John, D.D., War-
den of Wadham College.-14.
Halifax, the Right Hon. Charles
Wood, Viscount.- 8.
H+1on-Maxwell, Sir John, sixth
Baronet, of Springkell, county

Muspratt, James Randall, B.C.S.,
late Judge Purneah.-17
Muspratt, Richard, Esq., of Trelawny
House, Flint, J.P.-18.
Nash, John Pearson, M.D., Surgeon-
Major Madras Army.-17.
Oakley, the Rev. W. Henry, Rector
of Wyfordby.-18.
Phillips, the Rev. Canon Gilbert
Henderson, York.

Potts, Robert, Esq., M.A., Trinity

Puckle, Major-General James, late of

Purton, Thomas Pardoe, Esq., J.P.,
of Faintree Hall, Salop.-12.
Ray, Captain Edward Hood Lingard,
R.N., Southsea.-12.
Richardson, the Rev. Richard, of
Capenhurst Hall, Cheshire.-12.

Thompson, Major-General Richard
Lloyd, late 45th N.I.-18.
Thoms, William John, Esq., F.8.A.,
projector and editor of Notes and
Queries, &c.-15.
Trelawny, Sir John Salusbury, ninth
Baronet, of Trelawny, D.L.-4.
Walker, William, Esq., F.R.C.S.,
surgeon-oculist to the Queen in

Walsh, Frederick William, one of the
Judges of the Court of Bankruptcy.

Wigan, Horace, Esq., an actor and

Wigram, William Knox, Esq., of
The Chestnuts, Twickenham,
author of The Justice's Note-



The report of the Asylums Board, 1885, shows an increased expenditure, and deals with the subject as a whole. From it we learn that, although an enormous amount of money was spent, infectious disease had increased, and proceeded on very much the same lines as heretofore. Indeed, the entire policy of the Metropolitan Asylums Board seems to have been based on the idea of providing everything for an emergency, with which the Board was unable to cope when it arose, instead of providing for average requirements, accompanied by elastic arrangements that could grasp all the necessities of an epidemic when it occurred. In support of this statement the report refers to a number of striking facts. Taking the years from 1880 to 1884, the capacity of the hospitals and average number of beds occupied was as follows:

[blocks in formation]

Again, in the year ending Michaelmas, 1884, when there was an epidemic of smallpox, the hospitals were barely one-half full, and yet accommodation for another 512 was added at Winchmore-hill. According to the official statement of the Metropolitan Asylums Board, the cost per head per day of the hospitals, for the year ending Michaelmas, 1884, was:-Eastern, 138. 9d.; South-Western, Es. 1d.; Western, 15s. 1d.; South-Eastern, 13s. 2d.; North-Western, 118. 10d.; Plaistow, 118 5d.; ships, Ss. 4d.; Darenth Camp, 5s. A comparison of the relative cost of the maintenance of officers and patients per day also brings out some curious results :

[blocks in formation]

In 1884, with an average number of 1331 patients, there appears to have been an excessive number of officers employed. The discrepancies in the various hospitals of the cost of maintaining patients and officers is, the report observes, not only very remarkable but very suggestive. It is extremely questionable, it proceeds, whether the Local Government Board would have allowed such a state of things to exist in any workhouse or district school. It appears that the increase of expenditure in the year ended Lady Day, 1884, as compared with the corresponding period of 1880, was £187,000. The amount of the calls made upon the several unions and parishes for the year ending Michaelmas, 1884, was £454,302, while for the half-year to Lady Day of the present year the amount was £325,661. Against this alarmingly increasing expenditure, the committee contend that the number of patients under treatment bears no proportion whatever, the average number for the years 1883 and 1884 being 503 and 904 respectively. The report deals with other apparent irregularities on the part of the managers, and, reviewing the operations of the Board from its commencement, the committee concludes that the results are eminently unsatisfactory. There has, they allege, been an enormous expenditure on large establishments which were far in excess of the requirements for pauper cases, and, though they are used to a great extent for non-pauper cases, for which they were never intended, are far from full. The management has evidently been unsound in principle and most lavish in cost-as an example, the introduction of electric lighting into these establishments. Again, the expenditure of the Eastern Hospital for 1884 was £59,910, and the daily average of patients was 239. Thus the annual cost of a patient, on an average, at this hospital was about £250. As a large number of the patients were children, and as the expenditure referred to does not include rent or rates, it may be seen at a glance that the management of the Eastern Hospital was extravagant and wasteful, if not sinful. Spirits, wines, and beers were consumed in extraordinary quantities. In the last quarter of 1884 "there was said to have been consumed 1455 bottles of champagne, 970 bottles of beaune, 2571 bottles of port, 2447 of 'pint' bottles of port, besides sherry, brandy, whisky, gin, claret, and hock. There was also consumed during the same Jack-quarter of a year £85 worth of mineral waters, £116 worth of beer, and £443 worth of milk." Yet infectious diseases have increased, although the stamping out of infectious diseases in the metropolis was supposed to be one of the objects for which the Metropolitan Asylums Board was created.

Erskine, the Hon James Augustine,
late Ass. Commissary-General.-24.
Ewart, Colonel Richard Sheridan,
late 30th Reg. Bengal Army -19.
Fairlie, Robert F., Esq., an eminent
Flude, General Thomas Peters, Col.
Commandant Royal Artillery.-13
Graham, William, Esq.,J.P. and D.L.
for Lanarkshire.-16.
Hunter, Colonel Richard, late 7th
Madras Cavalry. -8.
Jones, the Rev. John Harries, Ph.D.,
of Trefecca College, Brecon.-21.
Kavanagh, Lady Harriet Margaret,
daughter of the second Earl of
Clancarty, G.C.B.-14.
Langton, the Rev. Augustus Wen-Jones, Hugh Heywood, Esq., of
man, M.A., Rector of Little Frans- Larkhill. Liverpool.-3.
ham, Norfolk.-27.
Kennedy, Vice-Admiral I. I., C.B.-
Law, the Hon. Henry Spencer, J.P.
and D L. for Kent.-15
Lynch, Mrs. Henry Theodora Eliza-
beth, a successful writer of fiction
and poetry.

Hincks, Sir Francis, K.C.M.G., C.B.,
was long in the Colonial service.
Homfray, Henry. Esq., of Broad-
waters House, Worcestershire, J.P.
and D.L.-9.
Houghton, the Right Hon. Richard
Monckton Milnes, Lord, D.C.L..
LL.D.. &c.-11.


Killala, the Very Rev. William
son, Dean of, at Killanley, Sligo.-4.
Kingsford, Douglas, Esq., Recorder
of Margate.

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