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understand. Also to the dwellers on the hot, dry plains of Egypt the descriptions of snow-covered mountains and large fresh-water lakes are irresistibly attractive. The boy who wanted to go to the United States had perfectly vague ideas. The boy who wanted to go to Japan was the best educated and the best informed of all. His essay read almost like an English boy's, and was correctly spelt, and the half-dozen boys who chose England and France were also among the most advanced in spelling and grammar, and had tolerably accurate ideas of what they wished to see and do. They knew what institutions they wished to study. One feature was common to all, and significant: they were all glib. The Egyptian is always glib, and plausible, and anxious to create a good impression. The trouble with him is that he has no backbone. Here are the essays: I give them all, good, bad, and indifferent, that the reader may see the workings of the Egyptian mind. He must remember that some of the writers of these guileless effusions were quite grown up— one, as I have said, was fifty-three—and judge how far the writers have in them the making of useful legislators.

“When the woman lays a child, she puts him in a small cloths made for that purpose and she nurses him for about two years. Then the child will begin to creep on his hands and kneels and cach the walls. At the same time his mother teach him some trifles of language. Then the child will play at the door of his house and sometimes in the lanes with the boys who agree with him in age. At the age of seven, his father will send him to a kuttab, in which he will stay about a year. Then if the father is poor he will send his son to a workshop to learn some arts; but if the father is rich he will send his son to the schools to learn the lessons. After taking the certificates, the boy will be a man and will be employed in a service in the government. After that his father will marry him a beautiful girl and the boy will live with her “When the boy is born his father brings him a nurse, which give him her milk till he knows how to walk and to eat and to drink. When the boy grows old his father sends him to the Kuttab, where he knows how to write and read well. After the Kuttab his father sends him to school and obtains the last certificate he might be an avocate or something else, or he gows to El Azhar where he knows one religion, or


might be a farmer. “HAMID WASFY.”

“When we are borne we are coached until we are able to speak, then his parents educate him, and when he becomes suitable for work, he may go to some art if he were poor and to go to school if they were rich or middle. Those go to school are said to take three, or eighter to take two or one at the least, and when they appointed, they are married after a

few years after. “OSMAN BADRAN.”

“The father and the mother of a boy must take care of his politeness and his learning from the time in which he was young till that in which he was a man.

“I know a boy who was sent to school when he was six years old, this' boy was very polite, very clever, also by this qualities his teachers loved him very much and so his parents. This boy was always the top of his class by this, he took all his certificates in a short time. When he was able to know the good and bad things that is useful or not to his country, he did many good works and writes many useful books so in a very high rank between his natives and was married with a

Pasha's daughter. “MOHAMMED FERID."

“When a boy is born his mother take care and breed him until the 7th of his age. After this his father take care of him by sending him schools if he was rich in order to be welleducate. After the boy take the Primary Education Certificate, enter the secondary school if he wants, to take the Secondary Certificate. After this he enter the High School to take the Doblomatical Certificate. Then became a great man, and is appointed in a high rank, or something which is fit for his high birth. But if his father is poor he sends him to one of the arts to be well experience in one of the arts. After this, the boy assists his father and his relative with money, if they were poor. After he enjoys in wealth and health, he married and became a father of a family. “NAIM YOUSEF HASSAN.”

“When a boy is born he is well looked after by his nurses and parents. He is suckled till the 2nd of his age. After this his is taught to eat, and when he reaches the 5th of his age he will be sent to a kuttab, where he spends a year or two, and after this he will be sent a school till he finishes all the lessons and takes his diploma. That is in the case when his parents are rich. In this case he will be as he wishes, if he is willing to be employed he will be or if he prefers to go to one of the countries of Europe to learn more he will go where he prefers when he comes and be employed, he will marry whenever he likes. Some rich people think that they are not living till they see their boy married so they compell him to marry while in a shool, and that sometimes will be when he has not yet taken the primary certificate; of course this is a bad habit and even looses the boy's fortune from future. If they parents of the born boy are poor they sent him as a helper to an artist, such as a carpenter or a tailor to be taught, in the 5th of his age. Then he will marry when he is old enough and fit for it.


“When a child is born his father and his mother keeps him from anything hurt him and from cold and hot, and if his mother is not able to feed him from her nuture mile, they bring to him a nurse to serve and feed him. The child stays on that matter till he is able to take food and water. After

that his father sends him to schools, and if his father is a
poor one, he sends him to any work to be an artificial. Both
the learned one and the artificial will follow their work till
they are able to serve in the states or they do anything from
which they bring money to live on, at that time they can
marriage and will be a man like his father.

“When the child is born, his mother begin to be engaged of his employment. She suck him from her milk, wash his body, clean his clothes, tiol his dressings, etc. When the child is two years old she begin to prevent him from sucking her milk, and to give him a light food according to his stomach. She still engaging in his breeding till he is seven years old. His father then send him to the Kottab to learn the simple writing and reading. He sent him then to a primary School to learn the first lessons. As he obtained the primary Education Certificate he is sent to the Secondary School, and then to a high school such as Low or Medicine or engineering schools to complete his lessons there. When he obtained the Deplom he begin to seek for a vacant post in the Government offices, or he begin to make a doctor or

Layer or an engineer.

“As the boy is born his mother takes care in feeding him with her fresh milk, till he reach the 3rd from his age. At this time his parents take care in educating him—firstly home education, secondly Kottab education till he reach the 5th from his age. At this time his father sent him to school to be educated more and more by reading and learning the useful books and by hearing the good advices from his teachers. He continue so till obtaining the Primary Education Certificate. . . . If he is poor and cannot complete his study in the High Schools, he will be employed in an office. During his employment his marriage will be

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happened, but if he is rich and able to complete his study he remains without marriaging till he obtain the secondary and the Deploma Certificates. After obtaining these high certificates, he will be employed in a high rank and his marriage will be happened and live a happy life. “Written by your pupil MoHAMMED ATIAH.”

"A boy is borned mindless, his mother looks for him till he leaves her milk so, they begin to rear him till he comes to the 7th of his age, he enter the primary school for four years, then he takes the primary certificate, then enters the secondary school and after four years takes the secondary certificate, he then enters the high schools, any work he wished to go the school of law, polytechnic, agriculture, medicine, etc., in this time he can marriage and then stay in the serve of his country till he neither die or the govern

ment turns him out. “GHALI SOLIMAN.”

“So sooner the boy was born, the nurse began to give him her milk till he was fourty days of old, the doctor vaccinated him. When he was one years of age, the nurse put some sour liquid, not poisonous, on her breasts, so that when the boy take it, he dislike the breasts. Then his mother and father began to teach him the good habits as faithfulness, obedience, truth and to be kind for everyone. When he was 6 years of age his father enter him in a primary school and after finishing the primary lessons, he enter him a Secondary school, and when he won the Secondary certificate he enter him a High School. Then when he employed in a position his father began to engage for him an honest wife. After short time he marriage with her.


“The boy as soon as he is borne, he taken by the nurse to give him milk and in order to grow to the 1st year of age.

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