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After that the nurse gives him little food till he reaches the 4th year of his age, then they sent him to the kuttab, there he learns the alphabets and to write and read little; he stays in the kuttabe one or two years and then he goes to the primary school; there he learns more ; and stays 4 years and takes the Primary Certificate. He then goes to the secondary school and stays 4 years also and take its certificate, then he goes to a higher school. If he wants to be a doctor he goes to a ‘Doctorischool, and if he wants to be an engineer he goes to the engineering school and so on. After he takes the Doblomo he is now a good man and wants to be married so he can take a wife and makes a house for his own and wife, he now has servants and nurses to nurse his sons in order to grow men like him. The boy must prays his God when he is 15 years old. “MOHAMMED ABD EL HALIM SIRRY.”

“If I were asked I would say that I should live in England because I know only English and Arabic, no more, so I am able to speak with English individual and government. For e.g. if I were to go at school and take some certificates and then I may be appointed there. On the whole men must depart to other nations so as to gain knowledge and science, and to increase them lest it shall be lost.


“I should like to be one of the inhabitans of the deserts. My life will be in a great pleasure far out from my home and relatives. I shall sleep under the sky in the open air, and I can bear the heat and cold especially for my wish. I prefers to eat the dates, found on the trees where better than I eat the white bread and meat for specially my wish. I can walk throught the desert with my pistol in my hand and not to fear any fierce animal even in day, and night specially for my wish. My wish will be the best I see for I want to be one of the inhabitants of the desert. At night I watch the purple sky, the bright moon, and the diamond stars which lead me while walking—they are my great friends. Everyday I prey my God in the calm dawn, in the silence of the desert at noon, in the fresh wind in the afternoon, in the evening, and in the dark while the moon appears, thereupon I shall be one

of the hermit men in the world. “MUSTAPHA ALY.”

There is poetry in this:

“If I am a learned man, I should live in the country, where there is no noise and no people to interrupt me from my work, I think of many sciences, which are not known to us, and I write my best and useful thoughts on paper to stay and to be used after my death; but if I dwell the cities, the good views and my ambition in a high rank of life might prevent me from authoring.

“Now, in this age, I like to live, without regarding Egypt, in France which is the most civilised country in the world, as I heard. My inclination to France is caused from its good laws and also I like to learn of its universities.


“After two or three years I am going to leave for Switzerland to be a student of one its colleges. I am going to be a doctor, as I saw that doctors receive much money and all the people love them when they are clever and do all their doing only for God not for thanks. I heard about Switzerland from many years ago that it is very good country, as its colleges are fit for puting out good doctors. After I receive the Deplome I will return to Egypt again, as I am coming I am going to see my home, where my old family is, and live among them some months and then come back to Egypt, as I grow a good doctor and a chief rich one, I shall leave for America, because she is a beautiful country, and see London, and go to France and Turkey and Russia and Japan then to India and to Mecca and Medina for the Prophet. This

journey takes me two or three or four years, then when I
return back to Egypt I am going to be more chief as I see
my curious thing to mention. Then go to America and live
there, and when I see that I am ill and going to die I will
come back or I shall ask them to return back my body after
“The reason for leaving and coming and leaving back
again is to enlarge my thoughts, as One is not created to be

as well as a donkey.

“Everyone wishes to live in the open air. The deserts are the places where the open air founds. The deserts contain many animals, for him to shoot and to eat. There he can be taught how to rid and how to use the gun. This a very good lesson to him. That is the only reason for him to be courage and brave. There he could walk at night and meet some animals and therefore he could be able to meet the fierce animals and shoot them.

“If any one asks me, where do you wish to live, My answer will be “In the deserts. Where there is no bad smelling and there is no houses near me to smell what they are cooking if it is bad or good. Here good sceneries it will be, when the sun shines on the sand and some rays rise with beautiful colours. Of course it is an exercise to me to live far away of the men and to need no help from others. Moreover it teaches me how to travel and how to ride camels in the desert and how to run by the

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“There are many places in the world which are good for health and easy for man to gain money. Syria is one of those healthy places, its weather is neither hot nor cold but fresh and dry air. There you can live quite satisfied with a small lot of money, by which cannot live in other civilised countries. Plenty of fruits grow there, from which

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wine; currants, etc., are taken and exported different countries. Travellers go there in the summer season, and so on traffic is carried on well in the country in those days. It is the nearest place to Egypt that if you wish to return again to your native land; you would not spend much money. “MOHAMMED HOSSEIN.”

“The country that I live in outside Egypt is ‘Switzerland.’ This country has healthy climate, a shine and blue sky, a good and fertile land, in spite of that it is a country of law and order, it is famous and interesting country, its inhabitants are brave, hardy, industrious, thrifty and well-educated people. In all respects it is celebrated country than any other country in Europe.


“I want to live in Syria because there are many fruitful gardens, splendid buildings, grand houses, pure air, high mountains and hills, and it is well-drained country. All good things that anyone wish are found there. The people there are good-bred and well-educated. All things there are cheap and good. Syria is the land of the prophets. There is Juraslem and many temples to see them. The women and girls are very beautiful, and they are active in their works. There are many Mohammedans and few Christians. I am fond of living there, and how glad I am if I see these good things.


“The Japanese are active, quick and intelligent people, and it is the ‘British Isles of the East' that I would like to live in. Though very small, Japan took the topmost rank in civilisation and arts, its victory over China and Russia being a good example. Japan is made up of a number of volcanic islands, of which the chief are Yezzo, Nippon, Likuku and Kiusko. Among its chief ports and towns are

Tokio, the Capital, Osaka, Nagasaki, Kobe, Kioto, Yoko-
hama, etc., which are chiefly noted for tea, silk, etc. The
main reason that made me prefer to live in Japan is because
of the cleverness and worship of its inhabitants.

To these I must add a couple of letters, which are worthy of preservation:

“As I am people in Khediviah school, and heard about
you magazine I became very glad and hope to read it alwys.
So I beg here and there to let me know its price.
“Your obedient child,
“M. E.L. HAMFY.”


“As I am polite, and have not done anything in all the days that passed from the beginning of the year, I am very sorry to be punished in these day, ‘The day which is called by all the days of the pupils' plot. I think that you are quite well knows my conducts. As this I beg you only to punish me with writing the Inchcape Rock thrice, and please beg the “Headmaster' to throw out the punishment sheet in which my name is written, because this is very bad for future, and if my father know this matter will be angry from me, then please do what is kind for me.

“With my best compelement,
“Your Pupil,
“M. E.L. MAHDY.”

The Egyptian schoolboy has a dangerous rival in the Egyptian of riper years in his incursions into the English language.

“SIR DIRECTOR, “I am very poor, and i do not found the food and i know arbic and english very good. I beg to be give me one

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