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scene taken near the serapeum at Sakkara, the ancientMemphis.

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On the road from Karnak to Luxor. In the background are camels carrying stones for wo 27

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work as post man or clean man, and ask my God to give you big old. “Writing “ABDEL-GANI HASSIB.”


“The undersigned beg most respectfully to inform you that I have a knowledge of Arabic and English languages. I beg you to be kined enough as to appoint a timekeeper or in any district in your service. I hope that my pititaion may meet your kind approval. I ask the Allmighty to sapper your life.

“Your obedient servent,

“Dear Sir,

“Sorry to hear that you are unwell, but I hope it

will soon pass away, I sent you this as I am not able to

come, but this is from my father's tongue, he was going

to town, also I have heard that no one can get inside the

house, but anyhow I shall ask God to pass it very soon.

“Yours respectfully,

Another letter ends:

"Pray my dear lady to speak with your mariad (husband) to give him one paper to Master Aupest. I ask to my God to gave you a long life. “Hamfy your humble servant.” This letter began “My dear.”

And another letter written by a porter concluded with “Hoping you are sweetly sailing down life's road.”

Mr. Maghrabi signed another letter “your fithfrilly Maghrabi.”

It is a marvel how some letters reach. Mrs. Rhodes sent me two envelopes to look at, addressed simply “My dear Lady Rhodes in the Cairo (Egypt),” and “Mr. Road in Egyptian railway.”

Mohammed Maghrabi received the appointment for which he thirsted, and his letters thereafter take on a more cheerful tone.

“WASTA, Upper EGypt, “22nd Sept, 1904. “MRS. CR. ROADS, “My respective Madam, “I am exceedingly obliged for your kindness, and heartily asking the Almighty to keep you enjoying the hapiness; and the Providence to give both of you and Mr. Roads long live and happy life. “I embracing the opportunity before Mangoes finish to send you ten more. “Mr. Roads is here tonight, and he is in good health, thank God. “My wife and children are asking God from the bottom of their hearts to keep you at the first rate of health. “Yourr very obedient and humble servant, “MOHAMMED MAGHRABI.”

His letters of congratulation were sometimes varied by

telegrams. TELEGRAM.

“All of me family and children heartly wilh (wish) you altogether with respective madame and liece (niece) a merry Christmas, long live and happy life.

“your obedient,

Another letter from M. M. began, “Modestly I beg to inform you that I am granted four days leave to go to Cairo on the 4th previous.” And ended, “Accept Sir my hearty calls

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that God will give you and madame long live and happy life, I am for ever, sir, your very honesty and most obent servant."

A letter to Cromwell Rhodes began, “The Chief Mason Mohammed Ali does his duty with great splendor, notwithstanding his little knowledge of reading and writing.”

Another began, “A thousand thanks for your tender letter, which I am sure is the greatest kindness to me.”

The subjoined shows the cloven foot of the Levantine.

“LADY CR. RHODEs, Esq., City,

“Will you kindly to see the coal, what kind of coal I send to your honourable haus, and how is Criblet? Because I saw the report yesterday that the coal whiche I supply with slake, never me, lady, just kindly to see. But the cook came many times, he asked me for bakshish. I not give to him as I sell at very low prices.


"P.S.—A cheque from your goodselves for settlement of your bill will oblige me too much. “Yours truly, “C. CARAVASSILIS.”

I may fitly conclude this chapter by quoting a week's entries from a Coptic and Mohammedan Calendar:


Sunday 27. Disturbance of the bile. Lettuce and celery come up.

Monday 28. It is agreeable to look at the clouds.

Tuesday 29. The sap of trees recedes. Good season for making dresses.

Wednesday 30. Tharid should be eaten. Great abundance of small fishes.

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