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so she can assure them that vanity bore no share in her undertaking so arduous a task, which was perhaps superior to her abilities; yet, as it seemed particularly suited to the nature of her employ, she was tempted to combat the difficulties which attended it, and will think her labours amply rewarded, if the system she has formed should prove instrumental in advancing the progress of virtue.

Dialogue and Fable are generally esteemed the best vehicles to convey instruction, as they lure the mind into knowledge, and imperceptibly conduct it to the goal of wisdom. This mode of practice often succeeds where formal precept fails, and might produce a happy effect if it were more frequently adopted.

The younger part of her readers are earnestly entreated to improve their intellectual faculties with unwearied assiduity; and as the Author rejoices in the


opportunity now offered her, of casting in her mite towards the accumulating stock which is to enrich their understandings, she begs they will pay attention not only to particular, but general instructions. In the latter class, the following pages are included; which, she hopes, like a nosegay composed of different flowers, will dispense their fragrance, and prove an agreeable compound.


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into the classes of Sacred, Profane, Natural,

and Biographical; the advantages of each

manifested, and the whole concluded with

the Life of Romulus and Remus

... 120


On the Church-Service, and Nature of Para-

bles; containing an explanation of the In-

stitution of the Sabbath; the indispensable

duty of Divine Worship; in what it pro-

perly consists; and the means pointed out

to perform it agreeable to the rules of riglat


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