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For the Lord is on high, Quoniam excelsus Doand seeth the things below; minus, et humilia, respicit; *and the high things he * et alta a longe cognoscit. knoweth at a distance from him. I

If I walk in the midst of Si ambulavero in medio distress, thou wilt preserve tribulationis,vivificabis me; my life ; * and thou wilt

* et super iram inimicostretch forth thy hand meorum extendisti against the wrath of my manum tuam, et salyum enemies, and thy right me fecit dextera tua. hand will save me. The Lord will avenge

Dominus retribuet pro my cause; * O Lord, thy me; * Domine, misericormercy is for ever : slight dia iua in sæculum; opera not the work of thy own manuum tuarum ne despihands.





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When the blessed Sacrament is taken out of the taler.

nacle, is sung what follows: Saving Host! that

Salutaris hostia, heaven's gate Did'st open at so dear a Quæ cæli pandis ostium ;

rate : Intestine wars invade our Bella premunt hostilia,

breast; Be thou our strength, sup- Da robur, fer auxilium.

port and rest. To God the Father, and Uni Trinoque Domino,

the son,

And holy Spirit, three in Sit sempiterna gloria,

one, Be endless praise : may he Qui vitam sine terminio

above With life immortal crown Nobis donet in patria.

our love. Amen,


Or, he is on kigh, and knoweth whatever passeth at the

greatest distance.

Then is sung either the Te Deum, as p. 66, in public thanksgivings, or the Psalm Exaudiat, for the king, p. 103, or in the time of any public calamity the Psalm Qui hibitat, p. 83, or the Psalm Miserere, as below, p. 104. After which follows the Hymn : Pange lingua; or at least the latter part of it: Tantum ergo.



PANGE lingua gloriosi

VING, O my tongue, a

ANGE dore and praise The depth of God's mysteri- Corporis mysterium ;

ous ways; HowChrist the world's great

. Sanguinisque pretiosi, King bestow'd His flesh conceal'd in hu- Quem in mundi pretium

man food, And left mankind the blood Fructus ventris generosi,

that paid The ransom for the souls he Rex effudit Gentium.

made. Giv'n from above, and Nobis datus, nobis natus,

born for man, From Virgin's womb his life Ex intacta virgine,

began : He liv'd on earth, and Et in mundo conversatus,

preach'd to sow The seeds of heavenly truth Sparso verbi semine,

; Then seal'd his mission from Sui moras incolatus

above With strange effects of Miro clausit ordine.

power and love. Twas on that evening, In supremæ nocte cænæ

when the last And most mysterious sup- Recumbens cum fratribus,

per past; When Christ with his dis- Observata lege plene

ciples sat, To close the law with legal Cibis in legalibus;

meat ; Then to the twelve himself Cibum turbæ duodena

bestow'd VOL. II.




With his own hands to be Se dat suis manibus,

their food. The word made flesh for Verbum caro panem ve

love of man By his word turns bread to Verbo carnem efficit;

flesh again; And wine to blood, unseen Fique sanguis Christi meby sense,

rum, By virtue of omnipotence; Etsi sensus deficit : And here the faithful rest Ad firmandum cor sin.

secure, Whilst God can vouch, and Sola fides sufficit.

faith insure.




mentum Our knees, our hearts, and Veneremur cernui ;

sense we bow ; Let antient rites resign their Et antiquum documentum

place To nobler elements of Novo cedat ritui ;

grace : And faith for all defects Præstet fides supplemensupply,

tum Whilst sense is lost in mys- Sensuum defectui.

tery. To God the Father born Genitori, Genitoque

of none, To Christ his co-eternal Laus et jubilatio ;

Son, And Holy Ghost, whose Salus, honor, virtus quoque

equal rays

From both proceed one Sit et benedictio :

equal praise : One honor, jubilee, and Procedenti ab utroque

fame. For ever bless his glorious Compar sit laudatio Amen.

V. Thou hast given them V. Panem de cælo

præsen bread from heaven. Alle- titisti eis, Alleluia. R. luia. R. Replenished with Omne delectamentum in all sweetness and delight. se habentem, Alleluia. Alleluia.


Prayer. Deus, qui nobis.


a perpetual memorial of thy passion : grant us, we beseech thee, so to reverence the sacred mysteries of thy body and blood, that in our souls we may always be sensible of the fruit of the redemption thou hast purchased for us. Who livest.


Psalm xix.
TAY the Lord hear "XAUDIAT te Do.

thee in the day of minus in die tribulatribulation :*may the name tionis : *protegat te nomen of the God of Jacob protect Dei Jacob. thee.

May he send thee help Mittat tibi auxilium de from his sanctuary ; * and sancto :*et de Sion tueatur defend thee out of Sion. te.

May he be mindful of all Memor sit omnis sacrifi. thy sacrifices ; * and may cii tui :*et holocaustum tuthy whole burnt-offering be um pingue fiat. made fat.

May he give thee accord- Tribuat tibi secundum ing to thy own beart :*and car tuum :*et omnc consiconfirm all thy counsels. lium tuum confirmet.

We will rejoice in thy Lætabimur in salutari salvation ;*and in the name tuo :*et in nomine Dei nosof our God we shall be ex- tri magnificabimur. alted.

The Lord fulfil all thy Impleat Dominus omnes petitions : have s petitiones tuas :*nunc cogknown that the Lord hath novi quoniam salvum fecit saved his apointed.

Dominus Christum suum. He will hear him from Exaudiet illum de cælo his holy heaven :*the sal- sancto suo :*in potentatibus vation of his right hand is salus dexteræ ejus. in powers.

Some trust in chariots, Hi in curribus et hi in and some in horses ; * but equis : *nos autem in nowe will call upon

the name

mine Domini Dei nostri of the Lord our God. invocabimus.



They are bound and are Ipsi obligati sunt, et fallen : *but we are risen, ceciderunt:*nos autem surand are set upright. reximus, et erecti sumus.

O Lord save the King :* Domine salvum fac reand hear us in the day that gem : *et axaudi nos in die, we shall call upon thee,


invocaverimus te.



V. Lord save the king. V. Domine, salyum fac

Regem. R. And hear us in the R. Et exaudi nos in die day that we shall call upon qua invocaverimus te. thee.

Prayer. Quæsumus, p. 63.

Psalm. 1.
CAVE mercy on me,

ISERERE mei Deus,
O God, * according

* secundum magto thy great mercy.

nam misericordiam tuam. And according to the Et secundum multitudimultitude of thy tender nem miserationum tuarum, mercies,* blot out my ini- *dele iniquitatem meam. quity.

Wash me yet more from Amplius lava me ab inis my iniquity; * and cleanse quitate mea : *et a peccato me from my sin.

meo munda me. Because I know my ini- Quoniam iniquitatem qnity;*and my sin is always meam ego cognosca.:*et before me.

peccatum meum contra ine

est semper. To thee only have I sin- Tibi soli peccavi, et maned, and have done evil be- lum coram te feci : *ut jusfore thee, *that thou mayest tificeris in sermonibus tuis, be justified in thy words, et vincas cum judicaris. and mayest overcome when thou art judged.

For behold I was con- Ecce enim in iniquitatie ceived in iniquities,* and bus conceptus sum : *et in in sins did my mother con- peccatis concepit me mater ceive me,

Forbehold thou hast Ecce enim veritatem di, loved truth ;*the uncertain lexişti : * incerta et occulta and hidden things of thy sapientiæ tuæ manitestasti wisdom thou hast made mihi. manifest to me.


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