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ISE royal Sion, „rise LA

and sing

is truly drink: he that qui manducat meam careateth my flesh, and drink- nem, et bibit meum saneth my blood, remaineth guinem, in me manet, et in me, and I in him.

ego in eo. The PROSE.

AUDA, Sion, Salva

torem, Thy soul's kind Shepherd, Lauda Ducem et Pastorem

thy heart's King. Sound forth thy Cymbals, In hymnis et canticis.

strike thy Lyres Tun'd to the voice of hea- Quantum potes, tantum venly Choirs,

aude, The subject sure is far Quia major omni laude

above The first ambition of thy Nec laudare sufficis.

love. The sacred bread of life, Laudis thema specialis,

this day's Triumphant text, provokes Panis vivus et vitalis

our praise; The living, and life-giving Hodie proponitur.

bread To all the twelve distribute Quem in





When life itself, about to Turbæ fratrum duodenæ

die, Of love was its own lega

Datum non ambigitur. су. . Come, Love, and let us Sit laus plena, sit sonora,

weave a song Loud and pleasant, sweet Sit jucunda, sit decora

and long; Let lips and hearts lift high Mentis jubilatio;

the noise Of such just and solemn Dies enim solemnis agitur,

joys; And may our loving hearts In

qua mensæ prima recolithis day

tur Their joy and gratitude dis- Hujus institutio.

play. Whilst the new law of In hac mensa novi Regis

Christ the Lord With a new lamb doth bless Novum Pascha novæ legis

the board.

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are bid

The aged Pascha pleads not Phase vetus terminat.

years, But spies love's dawn, and Vetustatem novitas,

disappears; Types yield to truth, shades Umbram fugat veritas,

shrink away, And all their night is lost Noctem lux eliminat.

in day. But lest that die too, we Quod in cæna Christus

gessit Ever to do, what Christ Faciendum hoc expressit

once did; And by a mindful, mystic In sui memoriam.

breath, That we may live, revive Docti sacris institutis

his death, With consecrated bread and Panem, vinum, in salutis

wine Transform'd, and taught to Consecramus hostiam.

turn divine. The heav'n-instructed Dogma datur Christianis

light of faith Here a holy dictate hath, Quod in carnem transit

panis, That they but lend their Et vinum in sanguinem.

form and face, Themselves with rev’rence Quod non capis, quod non leave the place,

vides, Nature and name to be Animosa firmat sides

made good, By nobler bread, more no- Præter rerum ordinem,

ble blood. Where nature's laws no

leave will give, Bold faith takes heart, and

dares believe. In differet species, signs, Sub diversis speciebus,

not things, Himself to me my Saviour Signis tantum, et non rebus,

brings; As meat in that, so drink in Latent res eximiæ.

this, But still in both one Christ Caro cibus, sanguis potus,

he is.

Let one,

Manet tamen Christus totus

Sub utraque specie. The mouth receiving A sumente non concisus,

never makes Nor wound, nor breach in Non confractus, non divisus what it takes. or many

thousands Integer accipitur. be

Sumit unus, sumunt mille ; Dividers here, singly he Receives no less, all they Quantum isti, tantum ille;

no more ; Nor leave they both less Nec sumptus consumitur.

than before. Tho’in itself this sov’reign Sumunt boni, sumunt mali,

feast Be all the same to every Sorte tamen inæquali

guest; Yet from the same life-giv- Vitæ, vel interitus.

ing bread, The good find life, the bad Mors est malis, vita bonis :

sink dead. Nor is it love but direful Vide paris sumptionis,

sin, Which thus from life can Quam sit dispar exitus!

death draw in. When the blest signs thou Fracto demum sacramento,

broke shall see, Hold but thy faith entire as Ne vacilles, sed memento

he, Who, howsoever clad, Tantum esse sub fragmencan't come

to Less than whole Christ, in Quantum toto tegitur,

ev'ry crum. In broken forms he lives the Nulla rei fit scissura,

same, And all, in each, his virtues Signi tantum sit fractura, reign.

Qua nec status, nec statura

Signati minuitur.

See how the food of Angels Ecce panis Angelorum,

then VOL. II.



Bends to the lowly mouths Factus cibus viatorum!

of men ! The children's bread, the Vere panis filiorum

bridegroom's wine, Not to be cast to dogs or Non mittendus canibus.

swine. Behold the final sacrifice, In figuris præsignatur, On which all figures fix'd Cum Isaac immolatur,

their eye.

The ransom'd Isaac, and Agnus Paschæ deputatur,

his ram,

The Manna, and the Pas- Dátur Manna Patribus.

chal lamb. Jesus, master just and Bone pastor, panis vere,

true, Our food, and faithful shep- Jesu nostri miserere :

herd too! From dangers all vouchsafe Tu nos pasce, nos tuere,

to eep, And feed us, as thy darling Tu nos bona fac videre sheep.

In terra viventium. O let that love, which Tu qui cuncta scis, et vales,

maketh thee Mix with our low mortali. Qui nos pascis hic mortales,

ty, Lift our lean souls, and set Tuos ibi commensales,

us up

Convictors of thy heav'nly Cohæredes, et sodales

cup; Co-heirs of saints, that so Fac sanctorum civium. we may

Amen, Alleluia. Take the same food, and

the same way ; Nor change the pasture,

but the place,
To feed upon thee face to

Amen, Alleluia.

GOSPEL. John vi, 56. 59.
T that time : Jesus said to the multitude of the

Jews: My flesh is meat indeed; and my blood is drink indeed. He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, abideth in me, and I in him. As the Father,


who liveth, hath sent me, and I live by the Father : so he that eateth me, shall also live by me. This is the bread that came down from heaven. Not as your fathers did eat Manna, and died. He that eateth this bread, shall live for ever. CREDO.

OFFERT. Lev. xxi. Sacerdotes Domini in

The Priests of the Lord censum & panes offerunt offer to God incense and Deo : et ideo sancti erunt loaves : and therefore shall Deo suo, et non polluent they be holy to their God, nomen ejus. Alleluia. and shall not defile his name. Alleluia.

SECRET. Mercifully grant to thy Church, O Lord, we beseech thee, the gifts of Unity and Peace, which are mystically represented by these offerings. Thro'.

PREFACE. Ordinary, p. 48. which is said during the Octave.

COMM. 1 Gor. xi. As Quotiescunque manducaoften as you shall eat this bitis panem hunc, & cabread, and drink this cup, licem bibetis, mortem Doyou shall publish the death mini annuntiabitis donec of the Lord, till he come. veniat : itaque quicunque Whoever therefore shall eat manducaverrit panem, vel this bread, or drink the biberit calicem Domini incup of the Lord, unwor- digne, reus erit corporis, et thily, shall be guilty of the sanguinis Domini. Alleluia. body and blood of the Lord. Alleluia.

POSTCOMM. Fac nos. Grant us, O Lord, we be. seech thee, the everlasting possession of thyself, as a pledge of which we have received thy body and blood. Who livest.

The same Mass is said during the Octave; unless a Double occur : And the second COLLECT is : Concede nos, p. lxix. The third : Ecclesiæ tuæ, p. lxii. Or: Deus omnium, ib.

VESPERS. Anth. The Christ, the ant. Sacerdos in æterLord, being a Priest for num Christus, Dominus, ever according to the or- secundum ordinem Melder of Melchisedec, of- chisedec, panem et vinum fered bread and wine. obtulit.

Ps. Dixit Dominus, p. 69. Anth. The merciful Lord Ant. Miserator Dominus hath given those, who fear escam dedit timentibus se

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