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The house of Aaron haih Domus Aaron speravit in hoped in the Lord :*he is Domino : * adjutor corum, their help, and their pro- et protector eorum est. tector.

They, who fear the Qui timent Dominum, Lord, have hoped in the speraverunt in Domino : Lord : *he is their help, and adjutor eorum, et protector their protector.

eorum est. The Lord hath been Dominus memor fuit nos. mindful of us : * and hath tri : *et benedixit nobis. blessed us.

He hath blessed the house Benedixit domui Israel ; of Israel : * he hath blessed * benedixit domui Aaron. the house of Aaron.

He bath blessed all, who Benedixit omnibus, qui fear the Lord : * the little timent Dominum :*pusillis with the great.

cum majoribus. May the Lord still heap Adjiciat Dominus super his blessings on you : VOS : super vos, et super you, and on your children. filios vestros. Be ye

the blessed of the Benedicti vos a Domino : Lord :*who made both hea- * qui fecit cælum et terram. ven and earth.

The heaven of heavens is Cælum cæli Domino :* the Lord's abode : *but the terram autem dedit filiis earth he hath given to the hominum. sops of men.

The dead shall not praise Non mortui laudabunt thee, O Lord :*nor any of te, Domine :*neque omnes those who are gone down qui descendunt in inferto hellit

num. But we, who are alive, Sed nos, qui vivimus, bebless the Lord :*now, and nedicimus Domino :*ex hoc for evermore.

nunc, et usque in sæculum. Anth. We, who are

Ant. Nos, qui vivimus, alive, bless the Lord. benedicimus Domino.

LESSED be the God, and the Father of our Lord

Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort, who comforieth us in all our troubles.

R. Thanks be to God. R. Deo gratias.


+ Or, The place of departed souls.



YREATOR of the radi. UCIS Creator optime,

, Dividing day from sable Lucem dierum proferens;

night; Who with the light's bright Primordiis lucis novæ

origin, The world's creation didst Mundi parans originem.

begin. Who of the morn and Qui mane junctum Vesev'ning ray

peri Didst measure light, and Diem vocari præcipis :

call it day : Black night begins to cloud Illabitur tetrum chaos,

the spheres, Vouchsafe to hear our vo- Audi preces cum fletibus.

cal tears. Whilst with our crimes Ne mens gravata crimine,

we burden'd are A fallen prey to Satan's Vitæ sit exul munere :

spare ; Whilst fading pleasures us Dum nil perenne cogitat,

deceive, Let not our souls our bodies Seseque culpis illigat.

leave. Let us at heaven for Cæleste pulset ostium,

mercy knock, Let us the gates of life un- Vitale tollat præmium,

lock; Whatever's evil, let us fly, Vitemus omne noxium, And punish past iniquity. Purgemus omne pessimum Most clement Father, Præsta, Pater piissime,

lend an ear, Coequal Son, receive our Patrique compar unice :

prayer : O holy Spirit, hear our cry, Cum Spiritu paraclito, Who reign all three eter. Regnans per omne sæcunally. Amen.

lum. Amen. V. Let my prayer as

V. Dirigatur, Domine, cend, O Lord. R. Like oratio mea. R. Sicut inincense in thy sight. censum in conspectu tuo.

Then follows the Anthem at the Magnificat, which seek

in its proper place.





soul* doth magnify AGNIFICAT* ani. the Lord,

ma mea Dominum. And my spirit hath re- Et exultavit spiritus mejoiced* in God my Saviour. us* in Deo salutari meo,

Because he hath regarded Quia respexit humilitathe humility of his hand- tem ancillæ suæ :

::* maid : * for behold from enim ex hoc beatam me henceforth all generations dicent omnes generationes. shall call me blessed. For he that is mighty

Quia fecit mihi magna, hath done great things to qui potens est : * et sancme.* And holy is his name. tum nomen ejus.

And his mercy is from Et misericordia ejus, à generation to generation, * progenie in progenies, * tito them that fear him. mentibus eum.

He hath shewed might Fecit potentiam in bra. in his arm ;* he hath scal- chio suo :*

dispersit supertered the proud in the con- bos mente cordis sui. ceit of their heart.

He hath put down the Deposuit potentes de semighty from their seat,* * et exaltavit humiles, and hath exalted the humble.

He hath filled the hungry Esurientes implevit bowith good things,* and the nis ; * et divites dimisit in: rich he hath sent empty anes. away. He hath received Israel Suscepit Israel puerum * being mind.

suum ;

* recordatus miseri

cordiæ suæ. As he spoke to our fa- Sicut locutus est ad pa.' thers ;* to Abraham and to tres nostros; * Abraham, his seed for ever.

et semini ejus in sæcula.

de :

his servant ;
ful of his mercy

After the Anthem is repeated, is said the proper Prayer,

which is always the Collect of the Muss.

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From the second Sunday after Easter to the Ascension (except on Doubles, and within Octaves) is said the

SUFFRAGE OF THE CROSS. Anth. E that conquer. TRUCEM sanctam

ed hell suffered on the holy cross: he arm- num confregit : accinctus ed himself with power,

and est potentia, surrexit die rose again the third day, tertia, Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Publish among the

V. Dicite in nationibus, nations, Alleluia.

Alleluia. R. That the Lord began

R. Quia Dominus reghis reign from the tree, navit a ligno, Alleluia. Alleluia.

Let us pray. Deus qui pro nobis.


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OLY Mary, Ant. Sanccurfe miseris


punishment of the cross, to drive away from us the power of the enemy; grant that we thy servants may obtain the grace of a resurrection. Thro' the same. From the third Sunday after Pentecost to Advent (ercept 'on Doubles, und within Octaves) are said


Of the B. V. Mary. Auth. ,

, succour the

, miserable, assist the deject- juva pusillanimes, refove ed, comfort those that flebiles; ora pro populo, mourn; pray for the people, interveni pro clero, interintercede for the clergy, cede pro devoto fæmineo plead for the devoút female sexu: sentiant omnes tuum sex : let all be sensible of juvamen, quicunque celethy aid, who celebrate thy brant tuam sanctam comholy memory

memorationem. V. Pray for us, O holy V. Ora pro nobis, sancMother of God. R. That ta Dei genitrix. R. Ut we may be made worthy digni efficiamur promissiothe promises of Christ. nibus Christi.

Prayer. Concede nos.
YRANT, we beseech thee, O Lord God, that we,

body and mind, and, by the glorious intercession of blessed Mary ever a Virgin, be delivered from all temporal affliction, and come to those joys that are eternal.

of the Apostles. Anth. ETER the Apos- Ant. DETRUS Apostotle, and Paul,

lus, et Paulus, the Doctor of the Gentiles, Doctor Gentium, ipsi nos. taught us thy law, O Lord. docuerunt legem tuam,

Domine. V. Thou wilt make them V. Constitues eos principrinces over all the earth. pes super omnem terram. R. They shall be mindful R. Memores erunt nomiof thy name, O Lord. nis tui, Domine.

Prayer. Deus, cujus. O ,

sed Peter walking on the sea, and delivered his fellow-Apostle Paul, when the third time shipwrecked, from the bottom of the sea; mercifully hear us, and grant that, by both their merits, we may obtain a glorious eternity.

of St. George. Anth. E that would Ant. UI vult venire come after me,

post me, abnelet bim deny himself, take get semetipsum, tollat cruup his cross, and follow

cem suam, et sequatur me. me.

V. The righteous man V. Justus ut palma floreshall flourish like the palm- bit. R. Sicut cedrus Litree. R. He shall thrive bani multiblicabitur. like the cedar of Libanus.

Prayer. Deus, qui nos.
God, who, by the merits and prayers of blessed

Q post me, abne

O , of

ple with joy; mercifully grant, that the blessings we ask in his name, we may happily obtain by thy grace.

For Peace.


A , O Lord, in our days for there is no one nostris, quia non est alius, to fight for us, but thou, qui pugnet pro nobis, nisi our God.

tu, Deus noster. V. May peace be on thy V. Fiat pax in virtute ramparts. R. And plenty tuà. R. Et abundantia in within thy walls.

turribus tuis

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