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How he swore to the Sicut juravit Domino; Lord ; * and made a vow to votum vovit Deo Jacob. the God of Jacob.

I will not enter the inner Si introiero in tabernacupart of my house ;*I will lum domus meæ ; * si asnot go into the bed where- cendero in lectum strati on I lie.

mei. I will not grant sleep to Si dedero somnum oculis my eyes ;* nor slumber to meis ; * et palpebris meis my eye-lids.

dormitationem. Or rest to my temples ; Et requiem temporibus till I find a place for the meis ; donec inveniam loLord ;*an abode for the cum Domino ; * tabernaGod of Jacob.

culuni Đeo Jacob. Behold we heard of it Ecce audivimus eam in in Ephrata ;*we have found Ephrata ; * invenimus eam it in the fields of the forest. in campis sylvæ.

We will go into his ta- Introibimus in taberna bernacle ;*we will adore in culum ejus ; * adorabimus the place where his feet in loco, ubi steterunt pedes have stood. $

ejus. Arise, O Lord, go to Surge, Domine, in rethe place of thy abode ; quiem tuam ; * et arca thou and thy holy ark. sanctificationis tuæ.

Let thy priests be cloth- Sacerdotes tui induantur ed with righteousness ; * justitiam ;*et sancti tui exand let thy saints rejoice. ultent.

For the sake of David thy Propter David servum servant,*turn not away the tuum,*non avertas faciem face of thy anointed one. Christi tui.

The Lord hath sworn to Juravit Dominus David fulfil his promise to David, veritatem, et non frustrabiand he will not make it tur eam ; *de fructu venvoid ; * of the fruit of thy tris tui ponam super sedem womb will I place one on tuam. thy throne.

If thy children observe Si custodierint filii tui my covenant; *and these testamentum meum; my precepts, which I will testimonia mea bæc, quæ teach them ;,

docebo eos ;


* et

§ Expl. Where he hath settled, and taken up his abode.

Expl. Refuse not to look upon him.

And their children also Et filii eorum usque in for ever, *shall sit upon thy sæculum,*sedebunt super throne.

sedem tuam. For the Lord hath cho- Quoniam elegit Domisen Sion ;*he hath chosen nus Sion ;*elegit eam in hait for the place of his abode. bitationem sibi. This is


abode for e- Hæc requies mea in sæver;*here will I abide, be- culum sæculi ;*hic habitacause I have chosen it.

bo, quoniam elegi eam. I will plentifully bless Viduam ejus benedicens her widow ;* I will fill her benedicam ;*pauperes ejus poor ones with bread. saturabo panibus.

I will clothe her priests with salvation ;*and her Sacerdotes ejus induam holy ones shall rejoice ex- salutari ;*et sancti ejus exceedingly.

ultatione exultabunt. There will I shew the Illuc producam cornu power of David ; *I have David ; *paravi lucernam prepared a lamp for my a

Christo meo. nointed one.

I will cover his enemies Inimicos ejus induam with confusion ; * but on confusione;

super ipsum him shall my sanctification autem efflorebit sanctificaIl flourish.

tio mea.

Psalm cxxi. AM rejoiced at what ÆTATUS sum in his, hath been told me ;

quæ dicta sunt mihi : we are to go up to the in domum Domini ibihouse, of the Lord.

mus. Our feet have stood * in Stantes erant pedes nosthy courts, O Jerusalem.

in atriis tuis, Jeru

salem. Jerusalem, which is now Jerusalem, quæ ædificabuilding like a city ; * all tur ut civitas ; * cujus partiwhose parts are joined to- cipatio ejus in id ipsum. gether.

For thither it was the Illuc enim ascenderunt tribes went up, the tribes tribus, tribus Domini ; * of the Lord; * according testimonium Israel, ad con

|| Expl. I will shew I have chosen him for my holy one, and my anointing or consecrating him, viz. Christ, king of the whole world, shall have its effect.





tri ;


relations ;


de te.


to the ş ordinance given to fitendum nomini Domini. Israel, to give praise to the name of the Lord.

For there were placed Quia illuc sederunt sedes the judgment-seats; * the in judicio; * sedes super judgment-seats over the domum David. house of David.

Ask for what makes for Rogate quæ ad pacem the peace of Jerusalem ; sunt Jerusalem ; *

et aand may plenty be to all bundantia diligentibus te. that love thee.

May peace be on thy Fiat pax in virtute tua ;* ramparts; and plenty et abundantia in turribus within thy walls.

tuis For the sake of


bre- Propter fratres meos, et thren, and my proximos meos ;

* loquehave I spoken peace on


расст thee.

For the sake of the Propter domum Domini house of the Lord, our Dei nostri ; * quæsivi bona God ; * have I sought thy tibi. prosperity.

Psalm cxxvi.
TNLESS the Lord him- TISI Dominus ædifi-

self shall build up the caverit domum; house ; * in vain have in vanum laboraverunt, qui laboured the builders there. ædificant eam. of.

Unless the Lord shall Nisi Dominus custodierit guard the city ; * in vain civitatem; * frustra vigilat, watcheth the sentinel there. qui custodit cam. of.

It is in vain for you to Vanum est vobis ante lurise before the light; * rise, cem surgere * surgite, postafter you have taken your quam sederitis, qui mandurest, you who eat the bread catis panem doloris. of sorrow; I

$ Expl. Or to the testimony, that is, the ark of the testimony of Israel Lit. In thy strength, or fortifications. Mayest thou be secure from the attacks of foreign enemies, and may plenty be within thy walls.

Expl. It is in vain for those in griet and under misfortunes to waste themselves with watchings and cares; let them quietly use their lawful endeavours, and submit to the will of God; since he will certainly afford rest and ease to his beloved ones.




Since he will give sleep Cum dederit dilectis suis to his beloved ones ; * be- somnum ; * ecce hæreditas hold children are an inheri- Domini, filii; merces, fructance from the Lord; the tus ventris. fruit of the womb, a reward.

Like arrows in the hand Sicut sagittæ in manu poof a man of might; * so tentis ; * ita filii excussoshall be the children of rum. those who have been shaken.

Blessed is the man, whose Beatus vir, qui implevit desire is filled with them ;* desiderium suum ex ipsis; * he shall not be confound- non confundetur, cum loed, when he shall speak to quetur inimicis suis in porhis enemies at the gate. ta.

Psalm cxlvii. RAISE the Lord, O AUDA, Jerusalem,

Jerusalem ; * praise thy God, O Sion.

Deum tuum, Sion. For strong hath he made Quoniam confortavit sethe bolts of thy gates ;* he ras portarum tuarum ; hath blessed thy children benedixit filiis tuis in te. within thy walls.

It is he that hath settled Qui posnit fines tuos papeace within thy borders ; cem ; * et adipe frumenti * with the || fat of wheat satiat te. feedeth he thee.

'Tis he, who sendeth Qui emittit eloqnium suforth his orders to the um terræ ; * velociter curearth; * his orders go with rit sermo ejus. speed.

'Tis he, who sendeth Qui dat nivem sicut lasnow like flocks of wool; nam; * nebulam, sicut * be sprinkleth his hoar- cinerem, spargit. frost like ashes.

He sendeth down his hail Mittit chrystallum suam like mouthfuls $; * who sicut buccellas ; * ante facan stand the cold thereof? ciem frigoris ejus quis sustiHe will send forth his Emittet verbum suum, word, and it shall melt it et liquefaciet ea ; * flabit away ; * his spirit will spiritus ejus, et fluent breathe, and the waters aquæ. shall flow again.


|| Expl. The finest wheat flour. $ Expl. Large hail-stones, as big as a mouthful of bread. We have frequent instances of the prodigious size of these stones, which destroy the blossoms of trees, cut the faces of travellers, &c.

Tis he who maketh Qui annuntiat verbum known his commandments suum Jacob; * justitias, et to Jacob; * his laws and judicia sua Israel. ordinances to Israel.

He hath not done thus Non fecit taliter omni to every nation;

nationi ; * et judicia sua he made known his law to non manifestavit eis. them.

Psalm cxxxvii.

nor hath


C Domine, in toto corde


Will praise thee, O

Lord, with my whole heart; * for that thou hast meo;* quoniam audisti verheard the words of niy ba oris mei. mouth.

In the presence of the an- In conspectu angelorum gels will I sing to thee : * psallam tibi ; * adorabo ad I will adore thee in thy templum sanctum tuum, holy temple, and praise et confitebor nomini tuo. thy name. Because of thy mercy,

Super misericordia tua et and because of thy truths: veritate tua ; * quoniam * for thou hast shewn the magnificasti super greatness of thy holy name nomen sanctum tuum. above all others.

In whatever day I call In quacunque die invoon thee, hear thou me: cavero te, exaudi me; thou wilt greatly add multiplicabis in anima mea strength to my soul. virtutem.

Let all the kings of the Confiteantur tibi, Doearth praise thee, O Lord : mine, omnes reges terræ ; * for they have heard all *quoniam audierunt omnia the words of thy mouth. verba oris tui.

And let them sing in the Et cantent in viis Domiways of the Lord : * for ni; *quoniam magna est great is the glory of the gloria Domini. Lord.

$ Expł. Because thou hast fulfilled thy promise.

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