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his couch; my perfume sent nardus mea dedit odorem forth a sweet odour.

suavitatis. Psalm cix. Dixit Dominus. p. 69. Anth. We run after the Ant. In odorem unguenodour of thy perfumes; the torum tuorum currimus; young virgins have loved adolescentulæ dilexerunt te thee exceedingly.

nimis. Psalm cxii. Laudate pueri, p. 72. Anth. Now the winter Ant. Jam hiems transiit; is past; the rain is over and imber abiit et recessit : surgone ; arise, my love, and ge, amica mea, et veni.


Psalm cxxi. Lætatus sum, p. 96. Anth. Come, my chosen Ant. Veni, electa mea, ope, .and I will place my et ponam in te thronum throne in thee, Alleluia.

meum, Alleluia. Psalm cxxvi. Nisi Dominus, p. 97. Anth. She is beautiful Ant. Ista est speciosa inamong the daughters of Je- ter filias Jerusalem rusalem.

Psalm cxlvii. Lauda Jerusalem, p. 98. LITTLE CHAPTER, Beginning of the Lesson to this

mark*, p. lxii. ET's praise this wo- TORTEM virili pectore

man, who endu'd With more than woman's Laudemus omnesfæminam,

fortitude, Exalts her sanctity and name Quæ sanctitatis gloria In ev'ry place with glori. Ubique fulget inclyta.

ous fame. Such holy love inflam'd Hæc sancto amore sau. her heart,

cia, That she abhorr'd the Dum mundi amorem noxpois'ning dart




the bridegroom and the bride, and the companions of the bridegroom and bride; that is, between Christ and his Church, and the holy souls it contains. In the first Anthem the Church speaks in the name of those holy souls. In the second the bride speaks to the bridegroom. In the third the bridegroom speaks to the bride. In the fourth he invites her to a perpetual union with himself, after having been delighted with the odour of her virtues in this time of rain and tempests. In the last, the beauty and happiness of any holy soul is celebrated, after it hath entered the heavenly Jerusalem.

Of worldly love, and brave- Horrescit, ad cælestia

ly trod

The narrow way that leads Iter peregit arduum.

to God. A body grown with fast- Carnem domans jejuniis,

ing dead, And mind with prayer mosť Dulcique mentem pabulo

sweetly fed, Conveys her soul above the Orationis nutriens,

sky To joys that last eternally. Cæli potitur gaudiis. Fountain of courage, Rex Christe, virtus forChrist our King,

tium, From whom alone all great Qui magna solus efficis,

things spring; To thee for help we sinners Hujus precatu, quæsumus,

fly, Hear, thro' her prayers, Audi benignus supplices.

our humble cry.
To God the Father, and Deo Patri sit gloria,

the Son
And Holy Spirit, three in Ejusque soli Filio,

one, Be endless glory as before Cum Spiritu Paraclito, The world began, so ever- Nunc et per omne sæculum Amen.

Amen. V. In thy comeliness and V. Specie tua, et pulchribeauty. R. Go on, pro- tudine tua. R. Intende, ceed prosperously, and prospere procede, et regna. reign.

Anth. The kingdom of

Ant. Simile et regnum heaven is like a merchant cælorum homini negotiatori seeking good pearls: who, quærenti bonas margaritas ; having found one of a great inventa una pretiosa, dedit price, gave all he had, and omnia sua, et comparavit purchased it.

MASS. INTROIT. Psalm cxviii,
Have found, O Lord, NOGNOVI, Domine

that thy judgments are quia æquitas judicia just; thou hast humbled tua ; et in veritate tua hume by thy truths. Pierce miliasti me. Corrige timy flesh with thy fear; thy more tuo carnes meas; a commandments have made mandatis tuis timui. Ps.









me tremble. Ps. Blessed Beati immaculati in via ; qui
are the undefiled in the ambulant in lege Domini.
way ; who walk in the law V. Gloria.
of the Lord. V. Glory.

Collect. Exaudi.
NIVE ear to us, O God our Saviour, that as we ce-

lebrate with joy the solemnity of blessed N. so we may improve in the affection of true piety. Thro'.

Lesson. Prov. xxxi. x.
HO shall find a valiant woman? The value of

her is as of things brought from afar oft, and from the uttermost coasts. The heart of her husband trusteth in her, and he shall have no need of spoils. * She will render him good, and not evil, all the days of her life. She sought wool and flax, and wrought it by the contrivance of her own hands. She was like the mer. chant's ship, bringing her bread from afar off. And she rose in the night, and gave food to her household, and victuals t to maidens. She

ed a field, and bought it'; and of the fruit of the labour of her hands she planted a vineyard. She girded her loins with courage, and strengthened her arm. She tasted, and saw her management was good : her lamp shall not go out by night. She put forth her hand to strong things, and her fingers managed the distaff. She opened her hand to the needy one, and stretched out her hands to the poor. She shall not fear for her family in the cold of snow; for all her household are doubly clothed, She made herself a thick garment ; her clothes are silk and purple. Her husband is honourable at the gates of The city, sitting with the senators of the land. She made Jinen, and sold it, and delivered girdles to the Canaanite Merchant. Strength and beauty are her clothing, and she shall rejoice in the last day She opened her mouth to wisdom, and the law of mercy is on her tongue. She looked well to the ways of her house, and eat not her bread in idleness. Her children rose up, and called her blessed; and her husband also commended her. Many daughters have stored up riches : but thou hast outdone thein all. Comeliness is deceitful, and beauty is vain : but the woman that fears the Lord shall be praised. Give her of the fruit of her hands : and let her own works commend her at the gate of the city.

+ Or, She allotted to each maid her appointed work. So the Septuagint translate it from the Hebrew.

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In the Paschal time, instead of the GRADUAL, is said

Alleluia, Alleluia. V. In thy comeliness V. Specie tua & pulchriand beauty go on, proceed tudine tua intende, prosprosperously, and reign. pere procede, & regna. Alleluia. V. For thy truth, Alleluia. V. Propter verimeekness, and righteous- tatem, & masuetudinem & ness, shall thy right hand justitiam, & deducet te mir also lead thee on wonder. rabiliter dextera tua. Alfully. Alleluia.

After the Paschal time is said the

GRADUAL. Psalm xliv. Grace is spread on thy Diffusa est gratia in labilips : therefore hath God is tuis : propterea benedixblessed thee for ever. V. it te Deus in æternum. V. For thy truth, meekness, Propter veritatem, mansuand righteousness, shall thy etudinem, et justitiam, et right hand also lead thee on deducet te mirabiliter dexwonderfully.

tera tua Alleluia, Alleluia. V. , . Alleluia, Alleluia. V. Io thy comeliness and Specie tua et pulchritudine beauty go on, proceed pros- tua intende, prospere properously and reign. Alle- cede, et regna. Alleluia. luia.

GOSPEL. Matt. xii. 44, 52. p. lv.

OFFERTORY. Psalm xliv. Grace is spread on thy Diffusa est gratia in labi.! lips : therefore hath God is tuis : propterea benedixit blessed thee for ever and te Deus in æternum, et in ever.

sæcalum sæculi.


AY the offerings, O Lord, of thy devout people

be acceptable to thee in honor of thy saints : by whose merits they have experienced help in their afflic-tions. Thro'..

COMMUNION Psalm xliv. Thou lovedst righteous- Dilexisti justitiam, ness, and hatedst iniquity; odisti iniquitatem ; prop-. therefore God, thy God a- terea unxit te Deus, Deus. nointed thee with an oil of tuus oleo lætitiæ præ congladness in a more excel- sortibus tuis. lent manner than thy companions.



POSTCOMMUNION. Satiasti. "HOU hast fed, O Lord, thy family, with these

sacred oblations : ever therefore comfort us with her intercession, whose feast we celebrate. Thro'.

All as in the first Vespers, p. lix. except
V. Grace is spread on thy

v. Diffusa est gratia in lips. R. Therefore hath labiis tuis. R. Propterea God blessed thee for ever. benedixit te Deus in æter


At the MAGNIFICAT. Anth. She opened her Ant. Manum suam apehand to the needy one, and ruit inopi, et palmas suas stretched forth both her extendit ad pauperem, et hands to the poor, and eat panem otiosa non comedit. not her bread in idleness.



I, VESPERS. The Psalms as on Sundays, p. 69. ercept the last,

which is Psalm cxlvii. Lauda Jerusalem, p. 98.


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cometh tby

Domine, decet house, O Lord, for ever. sanctitudo in longitudinem

dierum. Anth. My house sball be Ant. Domus mea domus called the house of prayer. orationis vocabitur.

Anth. This the house of Ant. Hæc est domus Dothe Lord is strongly built, mini firniiter ædificata, beits foundation is on a solid ne fundata est supra firmam rock.

petram. Anth. The house of the Ant. Bene fundata est Lord hath a good foundation domus Domini supra firon a solid rock.

mam petram. Anth. All thy walls are Ant. Lapides pretiosi of precious stones, and the omnes muri tui, et turres towers of Jerusalem are Jerusalem gemmis ædificabuilt with jewels.

buntur. LITTLE CHAPTER, Beginning of the Lesson to this

mark*, p. Ixvii.

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