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From whom eternal mutual railing flows;
Who in each other's crimes, their own expose :
Thy fons, though crafty, deaf to wisdom's call;
Despising all men, and despis’d by all ;
Sons, while thy cliffs a ditch-like river laves,

Rude as thy rocks, and muddy as thy waves,
Of thoughts as narrow as of words immense,
As full of turbulence as void of sense ?
Thee, thee, what senatorial fouls adorn!
Thy natives sure would prove a senate's scorn.

60 Do strangers deign to serve thee; what their praise ? Their

generous services thy murmurs raise. What fiend malign, that o'er thy air presides, Around from breast to breaft inherent glides, And, as he glides, there scatters in a trice The lurking seeds of every rank device? Let foreign youths to thy indentures run! Each, each will prove, in thy adopted son, Proud, pert, and dull-though brilliant once from

schools, Will scorn all learning's as all virtue's rules; And, though by nature friendly, honest, brave, Turn a lly, selfith, fimpering, sharping knave. Boast petty.courts, where 'stead of fluent ease, Of cited precedents and learned pleas; Stead of fage counsel in the dubious cause, 75 Attornies, chattering wild, burlesque the laws (So Ihameless quacks, who doctors rights invade, Of jargon and of poison form a trade, o





So canting coblers, while from tubs they teach,
Buffoon the gospel they pretend to preach.) 80
Boast petty courts, whence rules new rigour draw,
Unknown to Nature's and to Statute-law;
Quirks that explain all saving rights away,
To give th' attorney and the catchpoll prey.
Is there where law too rigorous may descend, 85
Or charity her kindly hand extend ?
Thy courts, that, shut when pity would redress,
Spontaneous open to inflict distress.
Try misdemeanours ! -all thy wiles employ,
Not to chastise th' offender, but destroy ;
Bid the large lawless fine his fate foretel;
Bid it beyond his crime and fortune swell ;
Cut off from service due to kindred blood,
To private welfare and to public good,
Pitied by all, but thee, he sentenc'd lies;

95 Imprison'd languishes, imprison'd dies.


Boast swarming vessels, whose plebeian state
Owes not to merchants but mechanics freight.
Boast nought but pedlar-feets-in war's alarms,
Unknown to glory, as unknown to arms.



Boast thy base * Tolsey, and thy turn-Spit dogs,
Thy | Halliers horses and thy human hogs;
Upstarts and mushrooms, proud, relentless hearts ;
Thou blank of sciences ! thou dearth of arts !
Such foes as learning once was doom’d to see!

105 Huns, Goths, and Vandals, were but types of thee.

Proceed, great Bristol, in all-righteous ways,
And let one Justice heighten yet thy praise ;
Still spare the catamite, and swinge the whore,
And be, whate'er Gomorrha was before,

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* A place where the merchants used to meet to transact their affairs before the Exchange was erected. See Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. XIII. p. 496.

| Halliers are the persons who drive or own the Sledges, which are here uled instead of carts.


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