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Of Prepositions. Of Prepositions fome will have an accusative after them, fome an ablative, fome both, according to their different signification.

An accusative these following, Ad, apud, ante, ad. versus, adversum, cis, citra, circum, circa, circiter, contra, erga, extrà, inter, intra, infra, juxta, ob, pone, per, propè, propter, poft, penes, præter, secundum, fupra, fecùs, trans, ultra, ufque, verfus : but versus is molt commonly set after the case it governs, as Londinum verfus.

And for an accusative after ad, a dative fometimes is used in poets; as It clamor cælo. Virg. Cælo fi gloria tollit Æneadum. Sil. for ad cælum.

An ablative these, A, ab, abs, abfque, cum, coram, de, e, ex, pro, præ, palàm, fine, tenus, which last is also put after his cafe, being most usually a genitive, if it be plural; as Capulo tenus. Aurium tellus.

These, both cases, In, sub, super, subter, clam, procul.

In, fignifying to, towards, into, or against, requires an accusative; as Pifces emptos obolo in cænam seni. Animus in Teucros benignus. Verfa eft in cineres Troja. In te committere tantum quid Troes potuere? Lalily, when it fignifies future time, or for; as Bellum in trigefimum diem indixerunt. · Designati consules in annum sequentem. Alii pretia faciunt in fingula capita canum. Var. Otherwise in will have an ablative; as In urbe. In terris,

Sub, when it fignifies to, or in time, about, or a little before, requires an accusative; as sub umbram properemus. Sub id tempus. Sub noctem. Otherwife an ablative. Sub pedibus. Sub umbra.

Super fignifying beyond, cr present time, an accufative; as Super Garamantas & Indos. Super cænam. Suet. at supper-time. Of or concerning, an ablative; a Multa fuper Priamo rogitans. Super hac re.

Super, over or upon, may have either case; as Super ripas Tiberis effusus. Sæva fedens fuper arma. Fronde

So also may subter; as pugnatum est super fubterque

super viridi.

terras. Subter densa testudine. Virg. Clam patrem or patre. Procul muros. Liv. Patria procul.

Prepositions in composition govern the same cases as before in apposition. Adibo hominem. Detrudunt naves fcopulo. And the preposition is sometimes repeated; as Detrahere de tua fama nunquam cogitavi. And sometimes understood, governeth his usual cafe ; as Habeo te loco parentis. Apparuit humana specie. Cumis erant oriundi. Liv. Liberis parentibus oriundis

. Colum. Mutat quadrata rotundis. Hor. Pridie compitalia. Pridie nonas or calendas. Poftridie idus Poftridie ludos. Before which accusatives ante or poti is to be understood. Filii id ætatis. Cic. Hoc noctis. Liv. Understand Secundum. Or refer to part of time. Omnia Mercurio fimilis. Virg. Understand per.

Of Interjections. Certain interjections have several cases after them. O, a nominative, accusative, or vocative; as O feftus dies hominis. O ego lævus. Hor. O fortunatos. O

formose puer.

Others a nominative or an accusative; as Heu prisca sides! Heu ftirpem invisam! Proh fancte Jupiter! Proh deum atque hominum fidem! Hem tibi Davum !

Yea, though the interjection be understood; as Me miserum! Me cæcum, qui hæc ante non viderim!

Others will have a dative; as Hei mihi. Væ mifero mihi. Terent.


Luke Hansard, printer, near Lincoln's Inn Fields.

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