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When thou art malignant, shalt thou then rejoice? 16 An olive tree, green, fair, of goodly fruit,

JEHOVAH had called thy name :
With the noise of loud clamour hath he kindled

a fire mounting upwards,

Even to consume the branches thereof.
17 For JEHOVAH of hosts, who planted thee,

Hath pronounced evil against thee,
In prosecution of the evil of the house of Israel,

and of the house of Judah,
Which they have wrought unto themselves,
In provoking me to anger by burning incense to

Baal. 18 JEHOVAH also acquainted me, and I knew;

Then didst thou shew me their proceedings. 19 For I was like a tame lamb that is led to slaughter;

And knew not that they had laid plots against
· me, [saying]
Let us destroy the tree in its nutriment;
And let us cut him off from the land of the living,

That his name may no more be mentioned. 20 But, OJEHOVAH of hosts, who judgest righteously,

Who triest the reins and the heart,
Let me see thy vengeance upon them,

For unto thee have I laid open my cause. 21 Therefore thus saith JEHOVAH,

As concerning the men of Anathoth that seek thy

life, Saying, Prophesy not in the name of JEHOVAH,

That thou mayest not die by our hand : 22 For this cause, thus saith Jehovah of hosts;

Behold I am about to execute judgment upon


The young men shall die by the sword ;

Their sons and their daughters shall die by famine; 23 And there shall be none of them left remaining;

For I will bring evil upon the men of Anathoth,

of their visitation.

CHAP. XII. 1 RIGHTEOUS art thou, O JEHOVAH, whenso

ever I enter into controversy with thee, Yet let me expostulate with thee concerning judg

ments. Wherefore doth the way of wicked men prosper ?

At ease are all they who deal very perfidiously. 2 Thou hast planted them, they have also taken root;

They advance in growth, they have borne fruit;
Thou art near in their mouth,

But art far from their reins. 3 But Thou; O JEHOVAH, hast known me; Thou canst discern by trial my heart to be with

Draw them out as sheep for slaughter,

And set them apart as for the day of execution. - À How long shall the land mourn, And the



field wither,
Through the wickedness of them that dwell there-

in ?
The beasts are consumed, and the birds,
Because they have said, He will not see our lat-

ter end.
If thou hast run with footñen, and they have

wearied thee,
Then how wilt thou chafe thyself with horses ?
And though in a land of peace

thou confidence,


mayest have


Yet how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan? 6 Whereas also thy brethren and the house of thy

father, Even these have acted perfidiously towards thee; Even these have pursued with loud outcries after

thee : Rely not upon them, that they will speak friend

ly unto thee.
ma I have abandoned my house,

I have relinquished my heritage,
I have given the beloved of my soul into the

hand of her enemies. & Mine heritage hath been to me as a lion in the fo-,

She hath exerted her voice against me,

Therefore have I hated her. 9 As the ravenous bird Tseboa hath my heritage

been to me; O ye ravenous birds, come ye against her round

about; Assemble, all


beasts of the field,
Come ye to devour.
10 Many pastors have destroyed my vineyard,

They have trodden under foot my portion,
They have reduced my pleasant portion into a de-

solate wilderness.
11 They have made it a desolation;

Through me it mourneth being desolate;
The whole land is made desolate,

Yet there is no man that layeth it to heart. 12 Upon all the plains in the wilderness are the

spoilers come; Surely the sword by Jehovah's appointment de


From one end of the land even unto the other

end of the land,

No flesh hath any peace. 13 They have sown wheat, and have reaped thorns,

They have possessed, and shall not be benefited
But they shall be disappointed of your crops,
Because of the fierceness of the wrath of Jano-

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With regard to all my evil neighbours,
Who molest the inheritance which I have caus-

ed my people Israel to inherit;
Behold I will pluck them out of their land,
And the house of Judah will I pluck out from

among them.

15 And it shall be, after that I shall have plucked

them out,

I will again have compassion on them, and bring

them back,
Every one to his own possession,

And every one to his own land. 16 And it shall be, if they will indeed learn the

ways of my people,
To swear by my name, As Jehovah liveth,
Like as they have taught my people to swear by

Then shall they be built in the midst of my peo-

17 But if they will not comply,

Then will I pluck up that nation,
Plucking up and destroying, saith JEHOVAH,



THUS SAID JEHOVAH UNTO ME, Go aud get thee a linen girdle, and put it upon thy loins, byt put it not in water. And I got the girdle accord

ing to the word of JEHOVAH, and I put it upon 3 my

loins. And the word of JEHOVAH came un4 to me a second time, saying, Take the girdle

which thou hast gotten, which is upon thy loins,

and arise, go to Euphrates, and hide it there in a 5 hole of the rock. So I went and hid it near Eu6 phrates, as Jehovah had commanded me. And

it came to pass after many days, that JEHOVAH said unto me, Arişe, go to Euphrates, and take

from thence the girdle, which I commanded thee my to hide there. And I went to Euphrates, and

digged, and took the girdle from the place where

I had hidden it; and, behold, the girdle was mar8 red, so that it was good for nothing. And the

word of JEHOVAH came unto me, saying, 9

Thus saith JEHOVAH;
After this manner will I mar the excellency of


And the excellency of Jerusalem exceedingly; 10 This wicked people,

Who refuse to hearken to my words,
Who walk after the lust of their own heart,
And have gone after strange gods,
To serve them, and to bow down to them ;
And they shall be as this girdle,

Which is good for nothing. 11 For as the girdle cleaveth unto the loins of a man;

So caused I to cleave unto me
The whole house of Israel,

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