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In issuing this collection from our press we do it in the profound conviction that the Christian community and the great American Public in general will appreciate these soul-stirring discourses on the temptations and vices of city life, by Dr. Talmage as seen by him in his midnight explorations in the haunts of vice of New York City, with his exposure of the traps and pitfalls that tempt our youth from the path of rectitude. They are written in his strongest descriptive powers, sparkling with graceful images and illustrative anecdotes; terrible in their earnestness; uncompromising in denunciation of sin and wickedness among the high or low, sparing neither rich nor poor; and are Dr. Talmage's best efforts in his earnest, aggressive warfare against the foes of society, every page burning with eloquent entreaty for a better, purer life, and are of intense, soul-absorbing interest to all who look for the advancement and higher development of the human race. This work is the ONLY REVISED AND AUTHORIZED publication of Dr. Talmage's sermons.

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of these sormons-Holy Imbecility-Christmas Night at the Parto
House-Poor Wanderer"Oh! Mother.".



The Attack Night of Theft and Assassination--Who is my

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