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4 There at thy feet with awful fear

Adoring angels fall,
Saints cast their crowns of glory there

Before th' eternal All.

5 There I would vie with all the host

In duty and in bliss;
His love alone should be my boast,

And all the glory his.

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254. Desiring Heaven. 8s. Having a desire to depart, and to be with CHRIST;

which is far better.-PHIL. i. 23.
1 Ye Angels, vyho stand round the throne,

And view my Immanuel's face,
In rapturou.s songs make him known;

Tune, trine your soft harps to his praise:
He form'd you the spirits you are,

So happy, so noble, so good ; When o'chers sunk down in despair,

Confirm'd by his power, ye stood.

2 Ye saints, who stand nearer than they,

And cast your bright crowns at his feet,
His grace and his glory display,

And all his rich mercy repeat:
He snatch'd you from hell and the grave,

He ransom'd from death and despair ;

you he was mighty to save, Almighty to bring you safe there.

3 O when will the period appear,

When I shall ünite in your song ?
I'm weary of lingering here,

And I to your Saviour belong!
I'm fetter'd and chain'd up in clay,

I struggle and pant to be free;
I long to be soaring away,

My God and my Saviour to see.

4 I want to put on my attire

Wash'd white in the blood of the Lamb; I want to be one of your choir,

And tune my sweet harp to his name ;
I want, О I want to be there,

Where sorrow and sin bid adieu ;
Your joy, and your friendship to share ;

To wonder, and worship with you !

255. Desiring Holiness. L.M. Jsrael, thou hast destroyed thyself, but in me is

thine help.—HOSEA xiii. 9.
1 Jesus, in whom the Godhead's rays

Beam forth with mildest majesty,
I see thee full of truth and grace,
And come for all I want to thee.

2 Wrathful, impure, and proud I am;

Nor constancy, nor strength, I have;
But thou, O Lord, art still the same,
And hast not lost thy pow'r to save.

3 Save me from pride, the plague repel;

Jesu, thy humble mind impart,
O let that mind within me dwell,

And give me lowliness of heart ! 4 Enter thyself, and cast out sin;

More of thy purity bestow :
Touch me, and make the leper clean:
Wash me, and I am white as snow.

256. Desiring Holiness. S.M. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.-MAT.

vi. 10.
1 Jesus, my strength and hope,

On thee I cast my care ;
With humble confidence look up,

And know thou hearest prayer.
2 I want a heart to pray ;

and never cease : Never to murmur at thy stay,

Or wish my sufferings less. 3 I want a godly fear,

A quick discerning eye;
That looks to thee when sin is near,

And sees the tempter fly. 4 I want a just concern

For thine immortal praise;
desire that all

may learn
And glorify thy grace.

5 I want with all


Thy pleasure to fulfil;
To know myself, and what thou art,

And what thy perfect will. 6 Thy promises how sweet!

I rest on these alone :
And trust thou wilt the work complete
Thou hast in me begun.

257. Desiring Holiness. L.M. Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and

know my thoughts; and see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Psalm cxxxix. 23, 24.
1 O THOU to whose all-searching sight

The darkness shineth as the light,
Search, prove my heart! it pants for thee;

O burst these bonds, and set it free! 2 Wash out its stains, refine its dross;

Nail my affections to thy cross :
Hallow each thought, that I like thee

My Lord, may pure and holy be.
3 While in the darksome wild I stray,

Be thou my light, be thou my way:
No foes, no violence, I'd fear,

Nor snare, while thou, my God, art near. 4 When rising floods my soul o'erflow,

When sinks my head in waves of woe,
Jesus thy timely aid impart,
To raise my head, and cheer my heart.

5 Saviour, where'er thy steps I see,

Fearless, untried, I'd follow thee :
O let thine hand support me still,

And lead me to thy holy hill!
6 If rough and thorny be my way,

My strength proportion to my day;
Till toil, and grief, and pain, shall cease,
Where all is rest, and joy, und peace.

258. Desiring Holiness. C.M. Create in me a clean heart, O GOD; and renew a right

spirit within me.-Psalm li. 10. 1 On thee, O God of purity,

I wait for hallowing grace;
None without holiness shall see

The glories of thy face.
2 But, as for me, with humble fear

I will approach thy gate ;
Tho' most unworthy to draw near,

Or in thy courts to wait:
3 Trusting to thy sufficient grace,

In Jesus freely giv'n,
I worship tow’rd thy holy place,

And list mine eyes to heav'n.
4 Lead me in all thy righteous ways,

Nor suffer me to slide ;
Make plain my path before my face;

My God, be thou my guide!

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