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So shall thy glorious name be fear'd,

By those who never fear'd before. 3 () pity those who live in sin,

Preserve them from the sinner's doom : Open the ark and take them in,

And save them from the wrath to come. 4 So shall thy people joyful be,

The angels too will louder sing,
And both ascribe the praise to thee;
To thee the everlasting King.

463. After Sermon. Show me a token for good.—Psalm lxxxvi. 17. 1 Of thy love some gracious token,

Grant us, Lord, before we go; Bless the word which has been spoken,

Life and peace on all bestow; When we join the world again, Let our hearts with thee remain !

O direct us,

And protect us,
Till we gain the heav'nly shore,
Where thy people want no more.

464. After Sermon. 4—7—5.
Some sweet savour of thy favour
Shed abroad in ev'ry heart :
Heaven-ward as to thee we go
Leaving guilt and fear below;
Blessing, praising without ceasing,
Bid us, Lord, depart.

465. After Sermon. 8—7—4.
1 LORD, dismiss us with thy blessing,

Fill our hearts with joy and peace;
Let us each, thy love possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace!

O refresh us,

Trav’lling through this wilderness ! 2 Thanks we give, and adoration,

For thy gospel's joyful sound,
May the fruits of thy salvation
In our hearts and lives abound!

May thy presence

With us evermore be found ! 3 So whene'er the signal's given

Us from earth to call away,
Borne on angels' wings to heav'n,
Glad to leave our cumbrous clay,

May we, ready,
Rise and reign in endless day!

466. After Sermon. 7-6. My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee

rest.-EXODUS xxxiii. 14. 1 O LORD, be ever near us,

Fix in our hearts thy home:
By thine appearing cheer us,
And let thy kingdom come.
Fulfil our expectation,
And give our souls to prove
Thine uttermost salvation,
Thine everlasting love!


467. The Dying Love of Christ. C.M.

1 How condescending and how kind

Was God's eternal Son!
Our misery reach'd his heav'nly mind,

And pity brought him down. 2 This was compassion like a God,

That when the Saviour knew
The price of pardon was his blood,

His pity ne'er withdrew. 3 Now, though he reigns exalted high,

His love is still as great :
Well he remembers Calvary-

Nor let his saints forget.
4 Here we receive repeated seals

Of Jesu's dying love;
Hard is the heart that never feels

One soft affection move.
5 Here let our hearts begin to melt,

While we his death record;
And, with our joy for pardon'd guilt,

Mourn that we pierc'd the Lord.

468. Communion with Christ desired.


Go in peace.-LUKE vii. 50.


LAMB of God, whose bleeding love

We now recall to mind,
Send the answer from above,

And let us mercy find,
Burst our bonds, and set us free,
From all iniquity release;
O remember Calvary,

And bid us “go in peace!”


Let thy blood, by faith applied,

The sinner's pardon seal,
Speak us freely justified,

And all our sickness heal :
By thy passion on the tree
Let all our griefs and troubles cease;
() remember Calvary,

And bid us “go in peace!”


Lord, we would not hence depart,

Till thou our wants relieve;
Write forgiveness in our heart,

And more thine image give:
May our souls still cry to thee,

Till perfected in holiness;
O remember Calvary,
And bid us

go in peace!”


469. Christ our great High-Priest. 148th. Wherefore he is able also to save them to the uttermost

that come unto God by him, seeing he ever liveth to make intercession for them.-Heb. vii. 25. 1 Our great High-Priest we sing,

His dying love adore;
We hail our rising King,

Who lives for evermore :
He only can our wants relieve,

And sinners to the utmost save. 2 Why then indulge despair,

Tho'sunk in deepest guilt ?
We hear his voice declare,

For such his blood was spilt:
In Jesu's hands my soul I leave,

For he can to the utmost save. 3 Believing souls, rejoice!

And on bis grace depend;
The objects of his choice,

He'll love you to the end :
With holy boldness dare believe,
Your Lord will to the utmost save.

470. Invitation to the Lord's Supper. C.M. This is my blood of the New Testament, which is

shed for many for the remission of sins.—Matt. xxvi. 28. 1 This is the feast of heav'nly wine,

And God invites to sup;
The juices of the living vine

Were press'd, to fill the cup.

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