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3 Thus far his arm hath led me on,

Thus far I make his mercy known;
And while I tread this desert land,

New mercies shall new songs demand. 4 My grateful soul, on Jordan's shore,

Shall raise one sacred pillar more:
Then bear, in his bright courts above,
Inscriptions of immortal love.

506. Winter. L.M.

1 See, how rude winter's icy hand Has stripp'd the trees, and seal'd the

ground! But spring shall soon his rage withstand,

And spread new beauties all around. 2 My soul a sharper winter mourns ;

Barren and fruitless I remain;
When will the gentle spring return,

And bid my graces grow again ? 3 Jesus, my glorious sun, arise;

'Tis thine the frozen heart to move; O! hush these storms, and clear my eyes,

And let me fully know thy love. 4 O Lord, regard my feeble cry,

I faint and droop till thou appear;
Wilt thou permit thy plant to die ?
Must it be winter all the year ?

5 Be still, my soul, and wait his hour,

With humble prayer and patient faith;
Till be reveal his gracious power,

Repose on what his promise saith,
6 He, by whose all-commanding word

Seasons their changing course maintain,
In every change a pledge affords,
That none shall seek his face in vain.


507. The Vanity of Life. 8—7—7. What is your life? it is even a vapour, that appeareth

for a little time, and then vanisheth away.-JAM. iv. 14. 1 What is life ? 'Tis but a vapour;

Soon it vanishes away:
Life is like a dying taper:

O my soul, why wish to stay ?
Why not spread thy wings and fly

Straight to yonder world of joy. 2 See that glory how resplendant !

Brighter far than fancy paints;
There in majesty transcendent,

Jesus reigns the King of saints.
Spread thy wings, my soul, and fiy
Straight to yonder world of joy.

3 [Joyful crowds his throne surrounding,

Sing with rapture of his love:
Through the heav'ns his praises sounding,

Filling all the courts above.
Spread thy wings, my soul, and fly

Straight to yonder world of joy.] 4 Go and share his people's glory, Midst the ransom d crowd

Thine a joyful, wondrous story:

One that angels love to hear.
Spread thy wings, my soul, and fly
Straight to yonder world of joy.

508. The Uncertainty of Life. s.n. Ye know not what shall be on the morrow.-Jam.iv. 14. 1 TO-MORROW, Lord, is thine,

Lodg’d in thy sov'reign hand;
And if its sun arise and shine,

It shines by thy command. 2 The present moment flies,

And bears our life away :
O make thy servants truly wise,

That they may live to-day. 3 Since on this fleeting hour

Eternity is hung,
Waken, by thine Almighty power,

The aged and the young.
4 One thing demands their care,

Be that one thing pursu'd;
Lest, slighted now, the season fair

Should never be renew’d.

5 O let the word of truth

Spread an alarm abroad, And cry in every careless ear,

Prepare to meet thy God.”

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509. Preparation for Death. s.m. Now he that hath wrought us for the self-same thing

is God.-2 COR. V. 5. 1 PREPARE me,


To stand before thy face:
Thy Spirit must the work perform,

For it is all of grace.
2 In Christ's obedience clothe,

And wash me in his blood;
So shall I lift my head with joy

Among the sons of God. 3 My soul for refuge flies

To him that died for men,
Who gave himself a sacrifice

To take away my sin. 4 Do thou

my sins subdue,
Thy sov'reign love make known;
The spirit of ту

mind renew,
And save me in thy Son.
5 Let me attest thy pow'r,

And all thy goodness prove,
Till my full soul can hold no more

Of everlasting love.

510. Triumph over Death through Christ.

8—7—4. I will ransom them from the power of the grave; I

will redeem them from death: 0 death, will be
thy plague; () grave, I will be thy destruction.-
HOSEA xiii. 14.
1 GUIDE me,

O thou great Jehovah !
Pilgrim through this desert land;
I am weak but thou art mighty,
Hold me with thy pow'rful hand;

Bread of heaven,
Feed me till I want no more.

2 Open thou the living fountain,

Whence the healing streams do flow;
Let the fiery cloudy pillar
Lead me all my journey through;

Strong deliv’rer,
Be thou still my strength and shield.
3 When I tread the verge of Jordan,

Bid my anxious fears subside; Triumphs give and consolation; Land me safe on Canaan's side:

Songs of praises

I will ever give to thee. 4 Musing on my habitation,

Musing on my heav'nly home,
Fills my soul with holy longing;
Come, O Jesus, quickly come:

Here vanity is all I see,
Lord, I long to be with thee.


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