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that are most like him, p. 16, 17, F, the Glo-


CH A P. I.


Oncerning the Ultimate End of the

Christian Life, the Necessity of ex-
plaining what it is, in order to our under-
standing the Christian Life, Page 1, that
Heaven is the End of it, p. 2, 3, &c. that
Heaven and Gods Glory are the same thing,
P. 4, 5; what kind of Happiness Heaven im-
plies, with a general Account of the Happines
of Reft and the Happiness of Motion, Shewing

that Heaven includes both, but confifts princi-

pally of the latter, p.6,7, &c. that the Hap-

pineß of a Man consists in the vigorous Morion

of his Understanding and Will towards suitable

objects, p. 8, 9, and chiefly in the Know-

ledge and Choice of God, p. 9, 10, &c.

and alfo in the Knowledge and Choice of those

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