The Fall of Jerusalem: A Dramatic Poem

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I. and F. Lockwood, C.S. Van Winkle, Printer, 1820 - 180 pages

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Page 175 - ... begin their jocund strain : Still to the pouring out the Cup of Woe; Till Earth, a drunkard, reeling to and fro. And mountains molten by his burning feet, And Heaven his presence own, all red with furnace heat. The hundred-gated Cities then, The Towers and Temples, nam'd of men Eternal, and the Thrones of Kings ; . The gilded summer Palaces, The courtly bowers of love and ease.
Page 120 - To the sound of timbrels sweet*, Moving slow our solemn feet, We have borne thee on the road, To the virgin's blest abode ; With thy yellow torches gleaming And thy scarlet mantle streaming, And the canopy above Swaying as we slowly move. Thou hast left the joyous feast, And the mirth and wine have...
Page 43 - Gliding uncheck'd and calm along the liquid sky ; The Eastern Sages leading on As at a kingly throne, To lay their gold and odours sweet Before thy infant feet. The Earth and Ocean were not hush'd to hear Bright harmony from every starry sphere ; Nor at thy presence brake the voice of song From all the cherub choirs, And seraphs' burning lyres Pour'd thro' the host of heaven the charmed clouds along.
Page 42 - Was thy tempestuous road ; Nor indignation burnt before thee on thy way. But thee, a soft and naked child, Thy mother undefiled, In the rude manger laid to rest From off her virgin breast. _. The heavens were not commanded to prepare A gorgeous canopy of golden air ; Nor stoop'd their lamps th...
Page 71 - Lord, the heathen tread The branches of thy fruitful vine, That its luxurious tendrils spread O'er all the hills of Palestine. And now the wild boar comes to waste Even us, the greenest boughs and last, That, drinking of thy choicest dew, On Zion's hill, in .beauty grew. No ! by the marvels of thine hand, Thou wilt save thy chosen land ; By all thine ancient mercies shown, By all our fathers...
Page 45 - Then bask'd in bright repose beneath the cloudless sun : While thou didst sleep beneath the tomb, Consenting to thy doom ; Ere yet the white-robed Angel shone Upon the sealed stone. And when thou didst arise, thou didst not stand With Devastation in thy red right hand, Plaguing the guilty city's murtherous crew ; But thou didst haste to meet Thy mother's coming feet, And bear the words of peace unto the faithful few. Then calmly, slowly didst thou rise Into thy native skies, Thy human form dissolved...
Page 174 - When all the cherub-throning clouds shall shine, Irradiate with his bright advancing sign : When that Great Husbandman shall wave his fan, Sweeping, like chaff, thy wealth and pomp away : Still to the noontide of that nightless day, Shalt thou thy wonted dissolute course maintain.
Page 15 - Where Kedron at our feet, its scanty waters, Distils from stone to stone with gentle motion, As through a valley sacred to sweet peace, How boldly doth it front us ! how majestically ! Like a luxurious vineyard, the hill side Is hung with marble fabrics, line o'er line, Terrace o'er terrace, nearer still, and nearer To the blue heavens.
Page 176 - ... all that hath been, is no more : When for the round earth hung in air, With all its constellations fair In the sky's azure canopy ; When for the breathing Earth, and sparkling Sea, Is but a fiery deluge without shore, Heaving along the abyss profound and dark, A fiery deluge, and without an Ark. Lord of all power, when thou art there alone On thy eternal fiery-wheeled throne, That in its high meridian noon Needs not the...

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