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5 Go, tyrants! to the rocks complain!

Go seek the mountain's cleft in vain !
But faith, victorious o'er the tomb,
Shall sing for joy—the Lord is come!

213. 8 & 7s. M.

CAWOOD. Song of the Angels at Bethlehem. 1 HARK! what mean those holy voices,

Sweetly sounding through the skies? Lo! the angelic host rejoices;

Heavenly hallelujahs rise. 2 Listen to the wondrous story,

Which they chant in hymns of joy: “Glory in the highest, glory!

Glory be to God most high ! 3 “Peace on earth, good will from heaven,

Reaching far as man is found: Souls redeemed and sins forgiven :

Loud our golden harps shall sound. 4. “Christ is born, the great anointed ;

Heaven and earth his praises sing ! O receive whom God appointed,

For your Prophet, Priest and King." 5 Let us learn the wondrous story

Of our great Redeemer's birth; Spread the brightness of his glory,

Till it cover all the earth.


C. M.

A Light to lighten the Gentiles.
1 The race that long in darkness pined,

Have seen a glorious light;
The people dwell in day, who dwelt

In death's surrounding night.
2 To hail thy rise, thou better Sun,

The gathering nations come,
Joyous, as when the reapers bear

The harvest treasures home.
3 To us a child of hope is born,

To us a Son is given;
Him shall the tribes of earth obey,

Him, all the hosts of heaven.
4 His name shall be the Prince of Peace,

Whose rule shall stretch abroad,
The Wonderful, the Counsellor,

The great and mighty Lord.
5 His power, increasing, still shall spread;

His reign no end shall know;
Justice shall guard his throne above,

And peace abound below.

215. C. M. PATRICK.

Nativity of Christ. 1 While shepherds watched their flocks by night,

All seated on the ground,
The angel of the Lord came down,

And glory shone around.

2 "Fear not," said he--for mighty dread

Had seized their troubled mind “Glad tidings of great joy I bring

To you and all mankind.
3 "To you, in David's town, this day

Is born, of David's line,
The Saviour, who is Christ the Lord;

And this shall be the sign : 4 “ The heavenly babe you there shall find

To human view displayed,
All meanly wrapped in swathing bands,

And in a manger laid.”
5 Thus spake the seraph, and forth with

Appeared a shining throng
Of angels, praising God, and thus

Address their joyful song:
6 “All glory be to God on high,
And to the earth be

peace! Good will henceforth, from heaven to men,

Begin and never cease!”


Birth of Christ.
1 Hail, all hail the joyful morn!

Tell it forth from earth to heaven,
That to us a child is born,

That to us a Son is given.
2 Angels bending from the sky

Chanted at the wondrous birth;
“Glory be to God on high,
Peace-good will to man on earth.”

3 Join we then our feeble lays,

To the chorus of the sky;
And, in songs of grateful praise,
Glory give to God on high.


The guiding Star.
1 BRIGHT was the guiding star that led,

With mild benignant ray,
The Gentiles to the lowly shed

Where the Redeemer lay.
2 But lo! a brighter, clearer light

Now points to his abode;
It shines through sin and sorrow's night,

To guide us to our Lord.
3 O haste to follow where it leads;

The gracious call obey;
Be rugged wilds, or flowery meads,

The Christian's destined way. 4 O gladly tread the narrow path,

While light and grace are given;
Who meekly follow Christ on earth,

Shall reign with him in heaven.

218. 78. M. ANONYMOUS.

Star of Bethlehem.
1 Sons of men, behold from far,

Hail the long-expected star!
Star of truth that gilds the night,
And guides bewildered men aright.


2 Mild it shines on all beneath,

Piercing through the shades of death;
Scattering error's wide-spread night;

Kindling darkness into light. 3 Nations all, remote and near, Haste to see your


appear; Haste, for him your hearts prepare,

Meet him manifested there!
4 There behold the day-spring rise,

Pouring light on mortal eyes;
See it chase the shades away,
Shining to the perfect day !


Gospel Peace proclaimed.
1 Hark! for the great Creator speaks;

In silence let the earth attend;
And when his words of grace are heard,

In grateful adoration bend.
2 "'Tis I create the fruit of praise,

And give the broken heart to sing;
Peace, heavenly peace, my lips proclaim,

Pleased with the happy news they bring." 3 Receive the tidings with delight,

Ye Gentile nations from afar;
And you, the children of his love,

Whom grace hath brought already near. 4 To these, to those, his sovereign hand

Its healing energy imparts;
Peace, peace, be echoed from your tongues,
And echoed from consenting hearts.

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