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240. C. M. Mrs. BARBAULD.

Christ's Precepts of Love.
1 BEHOLD where, breathing love divine,

Our dying Master stands;
His weeping followers gathering round,

Receive his last commands.

2 From that mild teacher's parting lips

What tender accents fell!
The gentle precept which he gave,

Became its author well. 3 “Blessed is the man whose softening heart

Feels all another's pain;
To whom the supplicating eye

Was never raised in vain : 4. "Whose breast expands with generous warmth,

A stranger's woes to feel,
And bleeds in pity o’er the wound,

He wants the power to heal.
5 "Peace from the bosom of his Lord,

My peace to him I give;
And when he kneels before the throne,

His trembling soul shall live.
6 “To him protection shall be shown;

And mercy from above Descend on those who thus fulfil

The perfect law of love."


241. C. M.

Erample of Christ.
1 BEHOLD where, in a mortal form,

Appears each grace divine;
The virtues, all in Jesus met,

With mildest radiance shine.
2 To spread the rays of heavenly light,

To give the mourner joy,
To preach glad tidings to the poor,

Was his divine employ.
3 'Midst keen reproach and cruel scorn,

Patient and meek he stood;
His foes, ungrateful, songht his life;

He labored for their good.
4 In the last hour of deep distress,

Before his Father's throne,
With soul resigned he bowed and said,

“Thy will, not mine, be done!”
5 Be Christ our pattern, and our guide!

His image may we bear!
O may we tread his holy steps,

His joy and glory share!

242. 7s. M. 61. MONTGOMERY.

Christ our Example in Suffering.
1 Go to dark Gethsemane,

Ye that feel temptation's power,
Your Redeemer's conflict see,
Watch with him one bitter hour;
Turn not from his griefs away,
Learn of Jesus Christ to pray.

2 Follow to the judgment-hall,

View the Lord of life arraigned.
O the worm wood and the gall !
O the pangs his soul sustained.
Shun not suffering, shame, or loss;
Learn of him to bear the cross.

3 Calvary's mournful mountain climb;

There, admiring at his feet,
Mark that miracle of time,
God's own sacrifice complete;
" It is finished,” hear him cry;

Learn of Jesus Christ to die. 4 Early hasten to the tomb

Where they laid his breathless clay;
All is solitude and gloom;

-Who has taken him away?
Christ is risen; he meets our eyes.
Saviour, teach us so to rise.

243. C. M. BEDDOME.

Example of Christ.
1 In duties and in sufferings too,

My Lord I fain would trace;
As he hath done, so would I do,

Sustained by heavenly grace. 2 Inflamed with zeal, 't was his delight

To do his Father's will;
May the same zeal my soul excite
His precepts to fulfil.

3 Meekness, humility, and love

Through all his conduct shine;
O may my whole deportment prove

A copy, Lord, of thine.

244. L. M. Watts.

Example of Christ.
1 My dear Redeemer, and my Lord,

I read my duty in thy word:
But in thy life the law appears,

Drawn out in living characters.
2 Such was thy truth, and such thy zeal,

Such deference to thy Father's will,
Such love, and meekness so divine,

I would transcribe, and make them mine. 3 Cold mountains, and the midnight air,

Witnessed the fervor of thy prayer;
The desert thy temptations knew,

Thy conflict, and thy victory too. 4 Be thou my pattern; may I bear

More of thy gracious image here;
Then God, the Judge, shall own my name
Amongst the followers of the Lamb.

245. L. M. MRS. STEELE.

Example of Christ.
1 And is the gospel peace and love?

Such let our conversation be;
The serpent blended with the dove,
Wisdom and meek simplicity.

2 Whene'er the angry passions rise,

And tempt our thoughts or tongues to strife, On Jesus let us fix our eyes,

Bright pattern of the Christian life! 3 O how benevolent and kind!

How mild! how ready to forgive !
Be his the temper of our mind,

And his the rules by which we live. 4 To do his heavenly Father's will,

Was his employment and delight;
Humility and holy zeal

Shone through his life divinely bright! 5 Dispensing good where'er he came,

The labors of his life were love:
If then we love the Saviour's name,
Let his divine example move.


The Captain of our Salvation. 1 Our Captain leads us on,

He beckons from the skies,
He reaches out a starry crowl.

And bids us take the prize. 2 "Be faithful unto death,

Partake my victory,
And thou shalt wear this glorious wreath,

And thou shalt reign with me." 3 'Tis thus the righteous Lord

To every soldier saith ;
Eternal life is the reward

Of all victorious faith.

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