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4 Who conquer in his might,

The victor's meed receive;
They claim a kingdom in his right,

Which God shall freely give.

247. 78. M. MRS. BARBAULD.

Invitations of Jesus. 1 COME, said Jesus' sacred voice,

Come and make my paths your choice: I will guide you to your home;

Weary pilgrim, hither come! 2 Thou, who, houseless, sole, forlorn,

Long hast borne the proud world's scorn, Long hast roamed the barren waste, Weary pilgrim, hither haste!

3 Ye, who, tossed on beds of pain,

Seek for ease, but seek in vain;
Ye, whose swoln and sleepless eyes
Watch to see the morning rise:

4 Ye, by fiercer anguish torn,

In remorse for guilt who mourn,
Here repose your heavy care:
A wounded spirit who can bear?

5 Sinner, come! for here is found

Balm that flows for every wound;
Peace that ever shall endure,
Rest eternal, sacred, sure.



The good Shepherd and his Flock.
1 GREEN pastures and clear streams,

Freedom and quiet rest,
Christ's flock enjoy, beneath his beams,

Or in his shadow, blest.

2 Secure amidst alarms,

From violence or snares,
The lambs he gathers in his arms,

And in his bosom bears.

3 The wounded and the weak,

He comforts, heals and binds;
The lost he came from heaven to seek,

And saves them when he finds.

4 Conflicts and trials done,

His glory they behold,
Where Jesus and his flock are one,

One shepherd and one fold.



Jesus teaching the People.
1 How sweetly flowed the gospel's sound

From lips of gentleness and grace,
When listening thousands gathered round,

And joy and reverence filled the place. 2 From heaven he came, of heaven he spoke,

To heaven he led his followers' way;
Dark clouds of gloomy night he broke,
Unveiling an immortal day.

3 “Come, wanderers, to my Father's home,

Come, all ye weary ones, and rest!"
Yes, sacred teacher, we will come,

Obey thee, love thee, and be blest. 4 Decay, then, tenements of dust!

Pillars of earthly pride, decay !
A nobler mansion waits the just,
And Jesus has prepared the way.

250. L. M. GREGG.

Not ashamed of Jesus. 1 JESUS, and can it ever be,

A mortal man ashamed of thee?
Scorned be the thought by rich and poor;

My soul shall scorn it more and more. 2 Ashamed of Jesus! yes, I may,

When I've no sins to wash away,
No tears to wipe, no joys to crave,
And no immortal soul to save.

3 Ashamed of Jesus! that dear friend,

On whom my hopes of heaven depend?
No; when 1 blush, be this my shame,
That I no more revere his name.

4 Till then-nor is the boasting vain

Till then I boast a Savionir slain;,
And O, may this my portion be,
That Saviour's not ashamed of me!


251. L. M. WESLEY'S COL.

Glorying in Christ.
1 LET not the wise their wisdom boast;

The mighty glory in his might;
The rich in flattering riches trust,

Which take their everlasting flight. 2 The rush of numerous years bears down

The most gigantic strength of man;
And where is all his wisdom gone,

When dust he turns to dust again ?
3 The Lord, my righteousness, I praise,

I triumph in the love divine,
The wisdom, wealth, and strength of grace
In Christ through endless ages mine.


The Coming of the Holy Ghost.
1 LET songs of praises fill the sky !

Christ, our ascended Lord,
Sends down the Spirit from on high,

According to his word.
2 The Spirit, by his heavenly breath,

New life creates within;
He quickens sinners from the death

Of trespasses and sins.
3 The things of God the Spirit takes

And shows them unto men;
The contrite soul his temple makes,

God's image stamps again.

4 Come, Holy Spirit, from above,

With thy celestial fire;
Come, and with flames of zeal and love

Our hearts and tongues inspire.


The Holy Ghost the Comforter.
1 Our blest Redeemer, ere he breathed

His tender, last farewell,
A Guide, a Comforter, bequeathed

With us to dwell.
2 He came in tongues of living flame,

To teach, convince, subdue;
All powerful as the wind he came,

As viewless too.
3 He came sweet influence to impart,

A gracious willing guest,
While he can find one humble heart

Wherein to rest.
4 And his that gentle voice we hear,

Soft as the breath of even,
That checks each fault, that calms each fear,

And speaks of heaven. 5 And every virtue we possess,

And every victory won,
And every thought of holiness,

Are his alone.
6 Spirit of purity and grace,

Our weakness pitying see;
O make our hearts thy dwelling-place,

And worthier thee.

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