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4 He who has helped me hitherto,

Will help me all my journey through,
And give me daily cause to raise

New trophies to his endless praise.
5 Though rough and thorny be the road,

It leads thee home apace to God;
Then count thy present trial small,
For heaven will make amends for all.

322. L. M. WATTS.

Holiness and Grace.
1 So let our lips and lives express

The holy gospel we profess;
So let our works and virtues shine,

To prove the doctrine all divine. .
2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad

The honors of our Saviour God,
When the salvation reigns within,

grace subdues the power of sin. 3 Our flesh and sense must be denied,

Passion and envy, lust and pride;
While justice, temperance, truth and love,

Our inward piety approve.
4 Religion bears our spirits up,

While we expect that blessed hope,
The bright appearance of the Lord,
And faith stands leaning on his word.


323. S. M. CowPER.

Dependence on God. 1 To keep the lamp alive,

With oil we fill the bowl; 'Tis water makes the willow thrive,

And grace that feeds the soul. 2 The Lord's unsparing hand

Supplies the living stream; It is not at our own command,

But still derived from him.

3 Man's wisdom is to seek

His strength in God alone;
And even an angel would be weak,

Who trusted in his own.
4 Retreat beneath his wings,

And in his grace confide;
This more exalts the King of kings,

Than all your works beside. 5 In God is all our store,

Grace issues from his throne; Whoever says, “I want no more,”

Confesses he has none.

824. C. M. TATE & BRADY.

Happiness of Trusting in God. Ps. 33. 1 'Tis God, who those that trust in him

Beholds with gracious eyes; He frees their soul from death, their want

In time of dearth supplies.

2 How happy then are they, to whom

The Lord for God is known! Whom he, from all the world besides,

Has chosen for his own. 3 Our souls on God with patience wait;

Our help and shield is he: Then, Lord, still let our hearts rejoice,

Because we trust in thee.
4 The riches of thy mercy, Lord,

Do thou to us extend;
Since we, for all we want or wish,

On thee alone depend.


C. M. Watts.

Love God. 1 HAPPY the heart where graces reign,

Where love inspires the breast: Love is the brightest of the train,

And strengthens all the rest. 2 Knowledge-alas! 't is all in vain,

And all in vain our fear: Our stubborn sins will fight and reign,

If love be absent there. 3 This is the grace that lives and sings,

When faith and hope shall cease; 'Tis this shall strike our joyful strings

In the sweet realms of bliss.
4 Before we quite forsake our clay,

Or leave this dark abode,
The wings of love bear ns away
To see our gracious God.

326. C. M.

Holiness to the Lord.
1 Holy and reverend is the name

Of our eternal King;
Thrice holy Lord, the angels cry

Thrice holy, let us sing.
2 Holy is he in all his works,

And truth is his delight;
But sinners and their wicked ways

Shall perish from his sight.

3 The deepest reverence of the mind

Pay, O my soul, to God;
Lift with thy hands a holy heart

To his sublime abode.

4 With sacred awe pronounce his name,

Whom words nor thoughts can reach; A broken heart shall please him more

Than the best forms of speech.
5 Thou holy God! preserve my soul

From all pollution free;
The pure in heart are thy delight,

And they thy face shall see.

327. L. M. J. Roscoe.

Entire Trust in God. 1 How rich the blessings, O my God,

Which teach this grateful heart to glow; How kindly poured, and free beste wed, The rivers of thy mercy flow!

2 How calmly rolls the sea of lite;

Secure in thine immortal trust,
The soul has hushed her secret strife,

Nor longer shudders at the dust. 3 Though sorrow's cloud awhile o'ercast

The dawn of earthly hope and joy,
She knows that it must soon be past,

And will unveil eternity.
4 Then virtue's humble toil and prayer

Shall stand acknowledged at thy throne,
Triumphant over earthly care;
And the blest record thou wilt own.

328. L. M. DoDDRIDGE.

Service of God.
1 My gracious God, I own thy right

To every service I can pay;
And call it my supreme delight

To hear thy dictates, and obey. 2 What is my being but for thee,

Its sure support, its noblest end?
Thy ever-smiling face to see,

And serve the cause of such a friend ? 3 Thy work my hoary age shall bless,

When youthful vigor is no more;
And my last hour of life confess
Thy love hath animating power.


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