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Trust and Submission. | My God, I thank thee! may no thought

E’er deem thy chastisements severe;
But may this heart, by sorrow taught,

Calm each wild wish, each idle fear. 2 Thy mercy bids all nature bloom;

The sun shines bright, and man is gay;
Thine equal mercy spreads the gloom,

That darkens o'er his little day.
3 Full many a throb of grief and pain

Thy frail and erring child must know:
But not one prayer is breathed in vain,

Nor does one tear unheeded flow. 4 Thy various messengers employ;

Thy purposes of love fulfil;
And, 'mid the wreck of hunan joy,
Let kneeling faith adore thy will.

330. L. M.

Retirement and Meditation.
1 My God, permit me not to be

A stranger to myself and thee:
Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove,
Forgetful of my highest

love. 2 Why should my passions mix with earth,

And thus debase my heavenly birth?
Why should I cleave to things below,
Ani let my God, my Saviour, go?

3 Call me away from flesh and sense:

One sovereign word can draw me thence: I would obey the voice divine,

And all inferior joys resign. 4 Be earth, with all her scenes, withdrawn,

Let noise and vanity be gone:
In secret silence of the mind,
My heaven, and there my God, I find.

331. C. M. CowPER.

Religious Retirement.
1 Far from the world, O Lord! I flee,

From strife and tumult far;
From scenes where sin is waging still

Its most successful war.
2 The calm retreat, the silent shade,

With prayer and praise agree;
And seem by thy sweet bounty made

For those who follow thee.
3 There, if thy spirit touch the soul,

her mean abode,
O with what peace, and joy, and love,

She communes with her God.
4 There, like the nightingale, she pours

Her solitary lays;
Nor asks a witness of her song,

Nor thirsts for human praise.
5 Author and Guardian of my life,

Sweet source of light divine,
And all harmonious names in one,

My Father—thou art mine!

6 What thanks I owe thee, and what love,

A boundless, endless store,
Shall echo through the realms above,

When time shall be no more.



He that hath the Son hath Life.
1 O HAPPY Christian, who can boast

" The Son of God is mine!
Happy, though humbled in the dust,

Rich in this gift divine.
2 He lives the life of heaven below,

And shall forever live;
Eternal streams from Christ shall flow,

And endless vigor give.
3 That life we ask with bended knee,

Nor will the Lord deny;
Nor will celestial mercy see

Its humble suppliants die.
4 That life obtained, for praise alone

We wish continued breath;
And, taught by blest experience, own

That praise can live in death.


The Blessing of Meekness.
1 “Blest are the meek," he said,

Whose doctrine is divine;
The humble-minded earth possess,

And bright in heaven will shine.

2 While here on earth they stay,

Calm peace with them shall dwell; And cheerful hope and heavenly joy

Beyond what tongue can tell. 3 The God of peace is theirs;

They own his gracious sway; And yielding all their wills to him,

His sovereign laws obey. 4. No angry passions move,

No envy fires the breast;
The prospect of eternal peace

trouble rest.
5 O gracious Father, grant

That we this influence feel, That all we hope, or wish, may be

Subjected to thy will.


Ornament of a meek and quiet Spirit. 1 How glorious, Lord, art thou !

How bright thy splendors shine! Whose rays, reflected, gild thy saints

With ornaments divine.

2 With lowliness and love,

Wisdom and courage meet; The grateful heart, the cheerful eye,

How reverend and how sweet! 3 In beauties such as these,

Thy children now are drest;
But brighter habits shall they wear

In regions of the blest.


Humility and Submission. Ps. 131.
1 Is there ambition in my heart?

Search, gracious God, and see;
Or do I act a haughty part?

Lord, I appeal to thee.
2 I charge my thoughts, be humble still,

And all my carriage mild;
Content, my Father, with thy will,

And quiet as a child.
3 The patient soul, the lowly mind,

Shall have a large reward :
Let saints in sorrow lie resigned,

And trust a faithful Lord.

L. M.

Meekness and Lowliness of Heart. Ps. 131.
1 "Oh learn of me," the Saviour cried,

"Oh learn of me, ye sons of pride; For I am lowly, humble, meek,

No haughty looks high thoughts bespeak!' 2 Yes, blest Immanuel ! thou wast mild,

Patient, and gentle as a child;
And they who would thy kingdom see,
Must meek and lowly be like thee.


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