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3 Thy glorious eye pervadeth space;

Thy presence, Lord, fills every place;
And wheresoe'er my lot may be,

Still shall my spirit rest with thee. 4 Renouncing every worldly thing,

And safe beneath thy spreading wing,
My sweetest thought henceforth shall be,
That all I want I find in thee.

618. L. M. BOWRING.

God is Everywhere.
1 Father and Friend! thy light, thy love,

Beaming through all thy works, we see;
Thy glory gilds the heavens above,

And all the earth is full of thee.
2 Thy voice we hear-thy presence feel,

Whilst thou, too pure for mortal sight,
Involved in clouds, invisible,

Reignest the Lord of life and light.
3 We know not in what hallowed part

Of the wide heavens thy throne may be ; But this we know, that where thou art,

Strength, wisdomn, goodness dwell with thee. 4 And through the various maze of time,

And through th' infinity of space,
We follow thy career sublime,

And all thy wondrous footsteps trace. 5 Thy children shall not faint nor fear,

Sustained by this delightful thought,-
Since thou, their God, art everywhere,
They cannot be where thou art not.

619. C. M.

H. WARE, JR. Invoking God's Aid. 1 Father in heaven, to thee my heart

Would lift itself in prayer ; Drive from my soul each earthly thought,

And show thy presence there. 2 Each moment of my life renews

The mercies of my Lord; Each moment is itself a gist

To bear me on to God.
3 0, help me break the galling chains

This world has round me thrown;
Each passion of my heart subdue,

Each darling sin disown.
4 0 Father, kindle in my breast

A never-dying flame
Of holy love, of grateful trust

In thine almighty name.


The Love and Forgiveness of God Imitated. 1 GREAT Author of the immortal mind !

For noble thoughts and views designed,
Make me ambitious to express

The image of thy holiness.
2 While I thy boundless love admire,

Grant me to catch the sacred fire !
Thus shall my heavenly birth be known,
And for thy child thou wilt me own.

3 Father, I see thy sun arise,

To cheer thy friends and enemies;
And when thy rain from heaven descends,

Thy bounty both alike befriends.
4 Enlarge my soul with love like thine;

My moral powers by grace refine;
So shall I feel another's woe,

And cheerful feed a hungry foe.
5 I hope for pardon, through thy Son,

For all the sins which I have done;
O, may the grace which pardons me,
Constrain me to forgive like thee!

621. S. M. STEELE.

God our Father.
1 My Father! cheering name!

O may I call thee mine?
Give me the humble hope to claim

A portion so divine.
2 This can my fears control,

And bid my sorrows fly:
What real harm can reach my soul,

Beneath my Father's eye?
3 Whate'er thy will denies,

I calmly would resign;
For thou art just and good and wise

O bend my will to thine!
4 Whate'er thy will ordains,

O give me strength to bear;
Still let me know a Father reigns,

· And trust a Father's care.

5 Thy ways are little known

Toiny weak, erring sight;
Yet shall my soul, believing, own

That all thy ways are right.
6 My Father! blissful name!

Above expression dear!
If thou accept my humble claim,

I bid adieu to fear.

622, C. M. BERRIDGE.

Blessings of Providence and Redemption. 1 The goodness, Lord! our souls confess,

Thy goodness we adore;
A spring whose blessings never fail,

A sea without a shore. 2 Sun, moon, and stars, thy love declare

In every golden ray;
Love draws the curtains of the night,

And love brings back the day. 3 Thy bounty every season crowns

With all the bliss it yields;
With joyful clusters loads the vine,

With strength’ning grain the fields. 4 But chiefly thy compassion, Lord!

Is in the gospel seen;
There, like the sun, thy mercy shines,

Without a cloud between.


623. L. M. MRS. STEELE.

Light and Comfort from the Scriptures.
1 To God, its source, my soul aspires;

Come, Lord, and fill my vast desires :
Be thou my portion; here I rest,

Since of my utmost wish possessed. 20! let thy sacred word impart

Its quickening influence to my heart; With power and light, and love divine,

Assure my soul that thou art mine. 3 The blissful word, with joy replete,

Shall bid my gloomy fears retreat;
And heaven-born hope, serenely bright,

Shine cheerful through this mortal night. 4 Then shall my joyful spirit rise

On wings of faith above the skies;
And when these transient scenes are o’er

And this vain world shall tempt no more; 5 0, may I reach the blissful plains,

Where thy unclouded glory reigns;
And dwell forever near thy throne,
In joys to mortal thought unknown.

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I LAMP of our feet! whereby we trace

Our path when wont to stray; Stream from the fount of heavenly grace!

Brook by the traveller's way!

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