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2 Bread of our souls! whereon we feed;

True manna from on high !
Our guide and chart! wherein we read

of realıns beyond the sky!
3 Our shield and buckler in the fight!

Victory's triumphant palm !
Comfort in grief ! in weakness might !

In sickness, Gilead's balm !
4 Childhood's preceptor! manhood's trust!

Old age's firm ally!
Our hope,--when we go down to dust

Our immortality!
5 Word of the ever-living God!

Will of his glorious Son!
Without Thee how could earth be trod,

Or heaven itself be won?

625. L. M. BOWRING.

Progress of Gospel Truth. 1 UPON the Gospel's sacred page

The gathered beams of ages shine;
And, as it hastens, every age

But makes its brightness more divine. 2 On mightier wing, in loftier flight,

From year to year does knowledge soar,
And as it soars, the Gospel light

Adds to its influence more and more. 3 Truth, strengthened by the strength of thought,

Pours inexhaustible supplies,
Whence sagest teachers may be taught,
And Wisdom's self become more wise.

4 More glorious still as centuries roll,

New regions blessed, new powers unfurled, Expanding with the expanding soul,

Its waters shall o’erflow the world ;5 Flow to restore-but not destroy;

As when the cloudless lamp of day
Pours out its floods of light and joy,
And sweeps each lingering mist away.

626. 8 & 7s. M. WATERSTON. As for the truth, it endureth and is always strong." 1 Theories, which thousands cherish,

Pass like clouds that sweep the sky;
Creeds and dogmas all may perish;

Truth herself can never die.
2 From the glorious heavens above her,

She has shed her beams abroad,
That the souls who truly love her,

May become the sons of God.
3 Worldlings blindly may refuse her,

Close their eyes and call it night;
Learned scoffers may abuse her,

But they cannot quench her light ! 4 Thrones may totter, empires crumble,

All their glories cease to be ;
While she, Christ-like, crowns the humble,

And from bondage sets them free. 5 God himself will e'er defend her

From the fury of her foe,
Till she in her native splendor,

Sits enthroned o'er all below.

627. 6s. M. LUTHER.

The Death of Martyrs.
1 FLUNG to the heedless winds,

Or on the waters cast,
Their ashes shall be watched,

And gathered at the last;
And from that scattered dust,

Around us and abroad,
Shall spring a plenteous seed

Of witnesses for God.

2 The Father hath received

Their latest living breath;
Yet vain is Satan's boast,

Of victory in their death :
Still, still, though dead, they speak,

And, trumpet-tongued, proclaim
To many a wakening land

The one availing name.

628. 7 & 6s. M. ANONYMOUS.

The morning light is breaking.
1 The morning light is breaking,

The darkness disappears,
The sons of earth are waking

To penitential tears :
Each breeze that sweeps the ocean,

Brings tidings from afar,
Of nations in commotion,

Prepared for Zion's war.

2 Rich dews of grace come o'er us,

In many a gentle shower,
And brighter scenes before us

Are opening every hour;
Each cry to Heaven going,

Abundant answer brings,
And heavenly gales are blowing,

With peace upon their wings. 3 Blest river of salvation,

Pursne thy onward way,
Flow thou to every nation,

Nor in thy richness stay;
Stay not, till all the lowly

Triumphant reach their home,
Stay not, till all the holy,

Proclaim the Lord has come.

629. 78. M.

WATERSTON. Nature and the Soul. 1 In each breeze that wanders free,

And each flower that gems the sod, Living souls may hear and see,

Freshly uttered words from God! 2 Had we but a searching mind,

Seeking good where'er it springs, We should then true wisdom find,

Hidden in familiar things! 3 God is present, and doth shine

Through each scene beneath the sky, Kindling, with a light divine,

Every form that meets the eye.

4 Nature with eternal youth

Ever bursts upon the sight,
All her works are types of truth!

Mirrors of celestial light!
5 But the soul, when veiled in sin,

And eclipsed with fear and doubt,
From the darkened world within

Throws its shade on that without.

6 While to those, who, pure in heart,

For the Truth their powers employ, She will constant good impart,

And diffuse perpetual joy.
7 If the mind would Nature see,

Let her cherish Virtue more;
Goodness bears the golden key

That unlocks her palace door!

C. M.

Unto you who believe he is precious."
1 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

In a believer's ear! It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds,

And drives away his fear. 2 It makes the wounded spirit whole,

It calms the troubled breast; 'Tis manna to the hungry soul,

And, to the weary, rest. 3 Weak is the effort of my heart,

And cold my warmest thought, But when I see thee as thou art, I'll praise thee as I ought.

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