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C. P. M.


1 Soft are the fruitful showers that bring
The welcome promise of the spring,

And soft the vernal gale :
Sweet the wild warblings of the grove,
The voice of nature and of love,

That gladden every vale.
2 But softer in the mourner's ear
Sounds the mild voice of Mercy near,

That whispers sins forgiven;
And sweeter far the music swells,
When, to the raptured soul, she tells

Of peace and promised heaven. 3 Fair are the flowers that deck the ground; And groves and gardens, blooming round,

Unnumbered charms unfold :
Bright is the sun's meridian ray,
And bright the beams of setting day,

That robe the clouds in gold.
4 But far more fair the pious breast,
In richer robes of goodness dressed,

Where heaven's own graces shine; And brighter far the prospects rise, That burst on Faith's delightel eyes,

From glories all divine.



Peace to the returning penitent.
1 Sweet is the friendly voice

Which speaks of life and peace,
Which bids the penitent rejoice,

And sin and sorrow cease.
2 No balm on earth like this

Can cheer the contrite heart:
No flattering dreams of earthly bliss

Such pure delight impart.
3 Still merciful and kind,

Thy mercy, Lord ! reveal :
The broken heart thy love can bind,

The wounded spirit heal.
4 Thy presence shall restore

Peace to my anxious breast :
Lord, let my steps be drawn no more

From paths which thou hast blest.

669. 11s. M.

Learn of me, and ye shall find rest." 1 How gracious the promise, how soothing the

word, Thatcame from the lips of our merciful Lord; “Ye lone and ye weary, ye sad and oppressed, Come learn of your Saviour, and ye shall find



2 Ye heart-stricken sons, and ye daughters of

woe, For you the fresh fountains of comfort o'er

flow; Your souls to the blessed Redeemer unite;

His yoke it is easy, his burthen is light. 3 And ye that have sinned and have wandered

astray, Come, walk in the light, and the truth, and the

way; Ye proud, from the paths of ambition depart;

For meek was your Master, and lowly of heart. 4 Now thanks be to him who hath given us light,

The way of the Christian is easy and bright; And humbly, when touched by the chastening

rod, He bows to the will of his Father and God.

670. L. M. Exeter COLL.

Prayer for Steadfastness and Watchfulness.
1 Great God! our Father and our Friend,

On whom we cast our constant care,
On whom for all things we depend,

To thee we raise our humble prayer. 2 Endue us with a holy fear;

The frailty of our hearts reveal;
Sin and its snares are always near-

Thee we may always nearer feel.
3 ( ! that to thee each constant mind

May with a steadfast love aspire;
And each the earliest motions find,
And check the rise of wrong desire,

4 O! that our watchful souls may fly

The first perceived approach of sin, -
Look up to thee, when danger 's nigh,

And feel thy fear control within ! 5 Search, gracious God! each inmost heart;

From guilt and error set us free,
Thy light, and truth, and peace impart,
And guide us safe to heaven and thee.

671. 78. M.

Longing to love God.
1 Lord, my God, I long to know,-

Oft it causes anxious thought, –
Do I love thee, Lord, or no?

Am I thine, or am I not?
2 Could my heart so hard remain,

Prayer a task and burden prove,
Any duty give me pain,

If I knew a Saviour's love? 3 When I turn mine eyes within,

O, how dark, and vain, and wild !
Prone to unbelief and sin,

Can I deem myself thy child ? 4 Yet I mourn my stubborn will,

Find my sin a grief and thrall:
Should I grieve for what I feel,

If I did not love at all ?
5 Could I love the saints to meet,

Choose the ways I once abhorred,
Find at times the promise sweet,

If I did not love thee, Lord ?

6 Father, let me love thee more, If I love at all, I

pray: If I have not loved before,

Help me to begin to-day.

672. C. M. BARTON.

" Walk in the Light.1 Walk in the light! so shalt thou know

That fellowship of love, His Spirit only can bestow,

Who reigns in light above. 2 Walk in the light! and thou shalt find

Thy heart made truly his, Who dwells in cloudless light enshrined,

In whom no darkness is. 3 Walk in the light! and thou shalt own

Thy darkness passed away, Because that light hath on thee shone

In which is perfect day. 4 Walk in the light! and e'en the tomb

No fearful shade shall wear; Glory shall chase away its gloom,

For Christ hath conquered there! 5 Walk in the light! and thine shall be

A path, though thorny,- bright: For God, by grace, shall dwell in thee,

And God himself is light!


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