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700. 7s. M. 61. ANONYMOUS.

Active Benevolence.
1 In the morning sow thy seed,

Nor at eve withhold thy hand;
Who can tell which may succeed,

Or if both alike shall stand,
And a glorious harvest bear

To reward the sower's care?
2 Sow it ’mid the crowded street-

Lanes and alleys, dark and foul,
Where the teeming masses meet--

Each with an immortal soul,
Sunk in deepest moral gloom,

Reckless of the coming doom.
3 Sow it 'mid the haunts of vice-

Scenes of infamy and crime;
Suddenly, may Paradise

Burst, as in the northern clime
Spring, with all its verdant race,

Starts from Winter's cold embrace. 4 Sow it with unsparing hand;

'Tis the kingdom's precious seed,
'Tis the Master's great command,

And his grace shall crown the deed;
He hath said, the precious grain
Never shall be sown in vain.

701. 6 & 4s. M. WATERSTON.

For a Religious Festival.
1 Oh, God of Light and Love,

Look from thy throne above

And bliss impart;
While we as brothers meet,
Holding communion sweet,
Make thou our joy complete;

Bind heart to heart.
2 And as the opening Spring
From the brown earth will bring

Flowers into birth:
So may thy truth be heard,
So by thy glorious word
May every sonl be stirred,

O'er all the earth. 3 God bless the Christian band Who, through our wide-spread land,

Go forth in might;
Where western rivers blend,
Where ancient forests bend,
May they the Truth defend,

And scatter light.
4 And o'er the ocean wide,
Of the Atlantic tide,

Bless those we love;
Touch them with holy flame,
As, in Jehovah's name,
They to the world proclaim

Truth from above.
5 Great God, with heavenly power,
Fill thou this festal hour;

Make us as one;
May we united be,-
Keep us from error free,-
True to thy Word and Thee,

True to thy Son.


Christ and the Church.
1 O Lord of life, and truth, and grace,

Ere nature was begun !
Make welcome to our erring race

Thy Spirit and thy Son.
2 We hail the church, built high o'er all

The heathens' rage and scoff; Thy Providence its fenced wall,

« The Lamb the light thereof." 3 Thy Christ hath reached his heavenly seat,

Through sorrows and through scars ; The golden lamps are at his feet,

And in his hand the stars. *
4 0, may he walk among us here,

With his rebuke and love,
A brightness o'er this lower sphere,

A ray from worlds above.

703. C. M. BRYANT.

Dedication Hymn. 1 0 Thou, whose own vast temple stands,

Built over earth and sea,
Accept the walls that human hands

Have raised to worship thee.
2 Lord, from thine inmost glory send,

Within these courts to bide,
The peace that dwelleth, without end,

Securely by thy side.

* Rev. ii. 1.

3 May erring minds that worship here

Be taught the better way,
And they who mourn, and they who fear,

Be strengthened as they pray. 4 May faith grow firm, and love grow warm,

And pure devotion rise,
While round these hallowed walls the storm

Of earth-born passion dies.


Ordination Hymn. 1 Great Source of good; onr God and Friend!

Fountain of life and light divine ! Here thy adoring children bend,

And pray to be forever thine. 2 Bless thou the work we here begin ;

Bless him who now is set apart; That, moved by faith lost souls to win,

Thy holy truth he may impart. 3 Long may thy blessings crown, O God,

This servant of the Prince of Peace; Here may he spread heaven's light abroad,

Bid knowledge reign, and faith increase. 4 Wisdom to us and virtue give,

And, by thy Spirit, lead us still With thee to walk, for thee to live,

To love thy word, and do thy will. 5 And when our mission here is o'er,

O, take us to thyself in love,
To know thee better, serve thee more,

And dwell with Christ, in worlds above.


705. L. M. BOWRING.

Introduction to Evening Worship.
1 How shall we praise thee, Lord of light?

How all thy boundless love declare?
The earth is veiled in shades of night,

But heaven is open to our prayer,-
That heaven, so bright with stars and suns,

That glorious heaven which has no bound,
Where the full tide of being runs, -

And life and beauty glow around. 2 We would adore thee, God sublime,

Whose power and wisdom, love and grace, Are greater than the round of time,

And wider than the bounds of space; 0, how shall thought expression find,

All lost in thine immensity!
How shall we seek thee, glorious Mind,

Amid thy dread infinity!
3 But thou art present with us here,

As in thy glittering, high domain;
And grateful hearts and humble fear

Can never seek thy face in vain :
Help us to praise thee, Lord of light;

Help us thy boundless love declare;
And, while we crowd thy courts to-night,

and hearken to our prayer.

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