Christian/Citizen...Wise Up!

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Xulon Press, 2007 - 260 pages
This is a document to expose evil in our government, our country and our churches and to suggest ways to correct this evil, improve life in general, and help bring unity to the faith. Life's most important problems are addressed with ways to solve them. These include problems in education, voting, taxes, abuse, health, faith, churches, murder, traveling, Bible, quality of life, and many others. Implementing these suggested improvements can increase the quality of your life and the lives of those around you. In each Bible example, many verses are used to show the correct understanding of each subject. Perhaps these spiritual corrections will give the churches a reason to change from their old traditional beliefs and teach the truth. Similarly, the exposure of evil in our government will encourage 'public servants' to change and get back to our Constitution and the wisdom of our founding fathers. Sylvanus J. Diel has over fifty years of self-study from world-wide authorities on natural health and nutrition and is a student of the Scriptures. He is a Life Member of the National Health Federation, a non-profit Health Advocacy Organization. In addition, while Director of the Diel Institute of Health and Nutrition; he had the opportunity to help people solve their health problems with natural nutrition. He has also researched many books available to the patriot movement. These various studies resulted in a desire to share information in the form of several books and a video series. One book addresses evil in government and churches and provides ways to correct this evil. The video series, called "Health and Happiness," is in a five and one-half hour question and answer format containing charts with a wealth of information. Mr. Diel has real answers to real problems for real people.

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Deception and Murder
Chap Subjects
Promoters of the New World Order
Should a Christian Obey Rulers?
The Root Cause of Abuse
Swinton on the New York Press
Whats Wrong With Churches Now?
Salvation and Baptism
The Holy Ghost is Different
Keep the Sabbath Day Not Sunday
Men Who Run the Local Church
Your Keys to Unlimited Achievements
More Major Doctrines
Choose Life
Society Problems and Cures

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