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Motions and holy Inspirations to me a * Wretch; O pardon my rebellings against

thee, my grievings of thee; be not pro

vok'd to leave my poor Soul; graciously u allist me, and make me meekly attentive

and readily obedient to all thy secret Mo.. « tions, that thou may'st Conform me in all " things to thy holy Will. · "o my God, I Praise thee for thy conu tinual preservation of me; for thy fa" therly protection over me * [ the Night * At Night, u past, for refreshing me with comfortable Sleep, lay, c and bringing me in Peace to the light of this be

Peace to the light of this The Day past, " Day, ] for all the outwardoComforts an

and bringing .66 which thou surroundest me with, for the to the end of

its me in Peace measure of Health and Strength which it now before

thou givest me, and for leave now hum-thee. ." bly to Pray untų thee: O accept of my 66 poor Services, pardon the linfulness of sf these and of all my holy Duties: Re66 ceive me into thy gracious Protection "s and keeping || [this Day.] Let me be in || This Night, so thy Fear all the Day long, and set thee st before my Face continually: O. Bless me, K and all my Dear Friends | [This Day elpe + This Night 6: cially]. with the Bleflings of thy Childreg. especially. 6. Amen. Our Father, &c. . .

Vndreffing, Say the 4th Psalm.

Kneeling doron before stepping into Bed. ..« Good Lord pardon my Sins against the Love; Let me lyę dowo this Night re

es concild

" concild to thee my God, and in Peace and Charity with all the World.

At Lying down.

« Lord pardon my unworthiness of the << the least of all thy Mercies, particularly « of these comfortable conveniences which « thy fatherly tenderness doth provide for o my repose, fanctifie them to me, Gracious « Lord, and comfort all that want them; e all that are now in Pain, Sickness, Trou6: ble, Sorrow, and all that labour in the 6? Agony of Death. Grant that I may lye ce down with thee, and rise up with thee, « and when I awake up, whether in Life or « in Eternity, O let me be prefent with 66 thee. Fill my Heart with thy Fear and 86 Love, and vouchsafe to be the first and “ laft in all my Thoughts, that whether 6 Sleeping or Waking, Living or Dying I

may be thine. O thou Shepheard of Il

rael who never slumberest nor sleepest, sc vouchsafe to watch over me and keep me < this Night and preserve me from Sin and « Danger and all Illusions of the Enemy, for “thy Infinite Mercies. Amen. .

Waking in the Night. « I adore thy condescending Majesty, O

my God, who vouchsafest thy self to be & the Pilate of the Ship, the Charioteer of as the Chariots which carries me lying at ease

« and Peace, through the Seas and Wilder Is ness of this Night: Thou art near to me, 16 and I desire to speak to thee, to bless «c thee, and adore thee, who art so near to

me. Amen.

Waking in the Morning.

"O my God who haft vouchsafed to (i carry me through the Seas of this Night, " and to set me down in Peace and Safety w on the shore of this Day, where I wou'd 6. be, among my acquaintance of the things " of this World, let me not enter into con66 versation with them, till I have first pay'd 6i my humble Homage to thee, my most a“ dorable and gracious God. I lift my Heart o to thee.

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" To thee, my most adorable Preserver, " I humbly offer up my preserved felf: " my Body, my Soul, my Members, my “ Senses, my Faculties, my Thoughts, my

Words, my Desires, my Inclinations, my 26 Affections, my Actions, to be Govern.« ed, Guided and Sanctified by thee, and to

be made conformable to thy holy Will “ this day and always. Amen.

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" Wash me throughly from my Wicked“ ness, and cleanse me from my sin. O " Wah me with ihy precions Blood, O most “ gracious Lord Jesu, who halt loved us and 66 waih'd us from our Sins. Except thou wash u me, I have no part in thee. Thou hast made e me sensible that I stand in needof thy amacc zing Condescention to be washt from the e stains which I daily Contract, that thou " may'st engage me to practice daily the es fame Condescention to my Christian Bre" thren. Amen.

Kneeling in the day time.

"O my God, to thee I humbly offer up my 86 self, accept of me graciously to be thine t in thy Dear Son. Thou hast made me e what I am, and given me what I havez 6C I live by thee, O that I may live to thee. " By thee I am this moving Body, and this " thinking Soul. O that both may pay 6 Homage to thee; thou upholdest and suc stainest me every Moment, I am a living « Monument of thy Mercy, o that I may 66 be a living Monument of thy Praise: “ Glory be to thee, O Lord, most High. " Amen. .

Thus did Mr. Bonnell discharge the great Duty of Prayer, in every part of it, both Publick and Private: And as he Pray'd with. Ouit ceasing ; To he was a constant and devout


Guest at the Lord's-Table: And therefore I now come to shew, what his Practice was, with Respect to the Holy Sacrament of the Lord's-Supper.

He was very early touch'd, with a lively Sense of his Obligations, to commemorate our Saviours Passion, in that Holy Mystery; and I find from his own Meditations, that as he improv'd in Knowledge and Years, his Defires after that Divine Feast, grew stronger still. For there he found all che èndearing Comforts of Religion; God's Goodness dif play'd, and His Justice satisfi’d: The Contemplation of which, gives the truest Peace and Joy to Humble and Penitent Minds.

A great part of his Private Writings confist of Meditations, preparative to the Sacrament, or Thanksgivings after it: So that for several Years of his Life, hardly a Week passed over, but he put down some Communion Thoughts in Writing; some Meditation or Prayer, upon the Love of God to Mankind; or some part of our Saviour's Life, or Sufferings; especially, du. ring the late Troubles, when he needed the Supports of Religion most, and feems to have enjoy'd them, in a greater degree than at other times.

After his Settling in Dublin, His constant Practice for many years, was, to Communicate twice every Month: Beside all the solemn Times, when the Holy Sacrament is adminiftred. But such longing Desires had be, after that facred Memorial of our Savi

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