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ed) Compos’d in the Year 1687, will sufficiently thew.

. The Wicked (says he flies when no Man purfueth, but the Righteous is bold as a Lion. Grace reforms and changes Nature: It makes " the Proud Man Humble; The Furious Man ' Veek and Patient; The Luxurious Man "Imperate and Mortified: But can it also i mare a Coward Valiant? This seems to be fs deeply rooted in our bodily Frame,

that without molding us a new, it cannot ad"mit of any alteration. And on the other

hand, men that are naturally Stout, tho' I never so Vicious, still retain their Courage.

How then shall we understand this sentence of the Wiseman? Either we must conceive

it of Wicked and Righteous Men, who have ' naturally equal Degrees of Courage; and

then in Case of Terror, see who is the Bra' vest Man: Or else we must take it in case

of Publick Calamities when God visits; then the Wicked tremble as a Leaf, but the RighIceous is bold as a Lion. Fear is a great Sin 'in a good Man; for why shou'd He fear,

who has the Lord of Hosts for his Shield, "and most sure Protector ? His Heart stand

eth fast and believeth in the Lord; bis Heart 'is establish'd and will not shrink ; be is not de fraid of any evil Tidings; nor of any Terror or

Amazement. Thothe Earth be movd, and 'thothe Hills be carried into the midst of the

Sea, yet will be not fear. These are the Cha<racters of the good Man. Faith that re.

moves Mountains, works this change also;

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and e and makes Women and Children out-brave

Death and Tyrants in their cruellest Forms. 'It is only want of Faith, of believing in the ' Lord, that makes good Men fear. Peter

who had ventur’d out, where never Man

went before, when he saw the Waves arise, I was afraid. Our Saviour gives the reason, ' Thou of little Faith, Wherefore didst Thou

Doubt? I believe that except the Lord keep

the House, the Watch-man waketh but in ( vain; I believe that God is my keeper in 'the way of my lawful Calling, and abode;

If I Fear, I either do not believe, or do not believe enough. If it be his will to give (me up to the violence of evil Men, where<fore hou'd I fear his Will? We fear only

for something we are fond of: The good "Man has given up all his earthly Concerns to God. If I am still afraid for any of These, and think this Fear, only an innocent and unavoidable Infirmity of my Na

ture, I mistake; for it is a certain proof, " that I ain still fond of what I pretend to

have given up to God; It is a contradiction " to my Profession, and a manifest Sin. But <if (as I said) it be the Will of God, to give ' me up to the violence of evil Men; my Bo?dy, my Goods, or my Life: why Tou'd I

be afraid of the Will of God, which is full ? of goodness and kind Intentions towards (me? If it be not his Will, I know all the < Powers of Earth and Hell cannot hurt me. "I will lay me down therefore in Peace, and { take my rest, for Thou, O Lord, only makeit


me dwell in safety. I will repose my self ' under the shadow of thy Divine Pleasure,

and in it will I find a sure retreat, cho'my < Body and all my Earthly Concerns be given

up to violence.

The other Meditation is as follows.

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In time of Wealth and Prosperity God requires us to watch and be fober ; to keep the 'World at a distance from our Affections ; to live in it, but not to live to it; to be reasonably pleas'd with it, but not to dore on it. But there is a time, when he requires us to be utterly estrang’d from it; when the dispute is not about enjoying it more or less, but about quitting it altogether. When we are to have the lo ns of our Minds girt up, as the Israelites had their bodies, the Night they were to go out of Egypt; when we are

to be as indifferent to Lite, or this World, ' as they were to the Land they were leaving;

when we are to put our Lives into our “ Hands and not love them to Death: And

this time is when such a case happens, as we find mention’d in the 13th of the Revelations when we have our choice to Worship or

Die; no way to escape Death, but by a sin"ful compliance; when none but they whole ? Names are il ritten in the Book of Lie, and have ' Ears to bear, of all that dmell upon the Earth,

hall refuse to Worship the Beast, or bos Image, When power is given to it, to fight against the Saints, and to overcome them; then is the time

6 for

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for the Patience and Faith of the Saints. This ! is a time when there is to be no parlying

with the World ; it must not come into our I thoughts; we must either resist bravely and ( fave our Lives by losing them, or Dye for cever. We may observe more severe, and < lively exprest Punishments, denounc'd a(gainst such sinful compliance, than against

all the Immoralities and Sins reprov'd in holy Writ. Thus Rev. 14. 9, 10, 11, If any in Man Worship the Beast and his Image the same i shall drink of the Wine of the Wrath of God,which cis poured out without mixture, in the Cup of his ( Indignation ; and he shall be tormented with Fire and Brimstone, in the presence of the Holy

Angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And (the Smoke of their Torment ascendeth up for ever cand ever; and they have no rest Day and Night : < And the reason is, because the Temptation is

greater to this, than any other Sin; and ! therefore it is ballanced with greater Ter{ rors, to Arm us against it. The Dispute c here is not about resisting some little Temp(tation, from which we might hope to reco( ver our selves again, and Repent ; but about 6 resisting a Sin, that can never be repented 6 of; about parting with Life and All at once,

or Falling for ever. And on the other hand, <as the Terror is great ; so God stands by,

heartning his own Soldiers, and encouraging them to quit the World resolutely, and Die bravely." Verf. 12, 13. Here is the < Patience of the Saints, here are they that keep

the Commandments of God, and the Faith of Fea.

sus. And I heard a Voice from Heaven say'ing unto me, Blessed are the Dead that Die in

(or for) the Lord, even so faith the Spirit for they rest from their Labours, and their Works Shall follow them. And they sing the song of

Moses and the Song of the Lamb. Chap is. 3. ' The Triumphal Song after the overthrow of ' Pharoah, and the Lambs Triumphal Song

after his Glorious Resurrection when he

ceas'd from his Labours, and all the Sons of (God shouted for Joy.

By such Exercises as these, Mr. Bonnell was very well fitted for whatever cou'd befal him ; and he took the true way to make Dangers not only tolerable but easie, by flying to him for succour, who can either give safety, or enable us to bear trouble; can remove the Rod, or sweeten its Pains. Nor was he less earnest in his Prayers for the removal of those Calamities he saw falling upon the Church, than careful to fit himself to bear his own share of them. And we have reason to Bless God that he ( among other Religious Persons) was then devoutly employ'd in fervent Addresses to God for his Church and our Holy Religion ; since we may reasonably believe that their Pious Intercessions shortend our Troubles and preserv'd us under them. Such publick Bleslings are the Devout and Religious, since to their Prayers even the Wicked owe their peace and safety. .

And how constant, how earnest his Prayers in those Days of Trouble were, the following Meditation will shew...:

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