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In another place, is the ensuing Meditation upon those words of the Apostle, 1 Pet. 1.8. Whom having not seen ye love.

"Blessed Lord, can I hear of any thing El generously or bravely done, by such whom

thqu hast endu'd with Celestial or Humane

Virtues, and not be mov'd to love the Per'son who acted them, especially if such a one :.' be the Deliverer of his Country, and by - whom, I my self, or others at this Day reap

signal benefits. Who can read of David's sact against Goliah, and not have their Souls

knit to him as well as Jonathan who did - see him. And if he were any where still a-. i live and might be seen, who wou'd not be

desirous to pay him Honour, Respect and
Love? -Lord Thou livest, who hast done so

great Things for us; who can but love what I Thou hast done? Who can but love the

• Meekness and Goodness wherewith Thou . - haft done them? Who can but Love,..

s Honour, and Esteem Thee who hast done
? them? When we behold Thee in the Ago-
?ny of Love and Fear; Fear deterring Thee,
s and Love engaging Thee to suffer, when
o we behold Thee speaking such words of

Love and Tenderness as never Man spoke, s to his Dearest Friend : Are we Marble « Lord, are we harder than Flint? Do we

change our nature and become otherwise to · Thee than we are to all the World besides? « Oļet us at least equal Thee with thy Creactures, and having not seen let us Love Fbee. But let us Love Thee as becomes the noblea


ness of the Object, and long, O Gracious Jesu to pay our Homage to thy presence, whom absent we adore. Amen.

The Comparison betwixt the Love of Christ and his Servants with the Love of David and Jonathan, he elsewhere pursues in the following manner.

“We cannot hear the Story of the Loves ' of Jonathan and David, without being affect. "ed with it; and why, but because of the ' carthly Grandure there is in it; a Goliah • defeated, a Robe and Belt, a Royal Table, « the Jealousie of a King; all which Men " are naturally apt to revere, these add 'Grandure, and Grandure Affectingness to to the Story. " Awaken thy Mind, my Soul, open thy Eyes : 'Behold a greater Love than both theirs is here; get up above the round level of this World; raise up thy head a while, and fee as Angels see, and think as « Angels think: 'Those things that are high

ly esteemed among Men, are low in the sight

of God. Here is the true Grandure, here " is that which affects the minds of Angels. "The only Son of God on the one side, and

the Princes of his Kingdom on the other. ' Here they seem mean and contemptible,

but to those Blessed Spirits who know the į Rank reserv'd for them in Heaven, and the

vacant Thrones belonging to each of them, they appear with true greatness. The tokens of this Love, are Jewels of Immortal Stamp, not an Earthly Robe, that fits loose


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on him that gives it, but the very Body and

Blood of the Giver. The Acts of this 'Love, are an effectual Reconcilement of his

Friends to God the Father, tho'with the ' Expence of his Glory, and Life. And on 'both sides, this act is mutual, of sacrificing

all they had, and Life it self for each other. The Expressions of this Love are the most solidly Endearing, the most substantially Tender, without Extravagance, Fondness or Pomp; not with strain'd appellations, but in the natural Terms of Children and Friends: As the Father bath loved me, lo have I loved you ; let not your Heart betrov

bled; be of good chear. My Peace I leave ' with you, I will see you again. The Circum

stances of this Love, are his glorious Relur(rection, with the Ministration of Angels,

opening the Prison Gates, and his Triumsphal Ascension with the whole Quire of « Angels attending ; Promising at the same ļ time to be mindful of his poor (but great) ¢ Friends whom he left here behind, in the

midst of his and their Enemies : Nor was "he unmindful of them afterwards, like. Pha

roahs Buttler : But when his Martyr Stephen was over-born by the violence of his Persecu

tors,he caused the Heavens to open to shew to \this his beloved Friend, that be beheld him in

his conflict and would immediately bring him to his own glory. Had he by Angels taken him trait upto himself from the midst of their Confistory, the Scenewou'd not have been greater to those Heavenly Spectators, than as he was


< pleas'd to manage it: For as we laugh at

the Rage which our Enemies express against (the Dead Bodies of our Friends, so do the

Angels in Heaven at the Rage of Men a 'gainst our living Bodies here, being only a < Lump of Clay and Corruption, which must

be fow'd before it can be quickn’d, and put off Mortality, before it can be invested with

& Glory.

:ro'poor 'sighted Mortals; That this • Scene does not appear to you with that $ Grandure as the Loves of Earthly Prin

ces, when to the Blessed Inhabitants of the ļother World, it appears so heroick, and

fills their thoughts with more affecting joy and wonder than all the Earthly Pomp cou'd do ours : This noble Scene of Love bea ? tween our Blessed Lord and his Servants, < from his first quitting his Glory for their « fakes, to the last Act of Love that fhall ap6 pear on this Earthly Stage at the final ( confummation of all things. How Divineį ly great will these Stories appear in the An« nals of Eternity, to entertain that Blessed < Society with, through never ending days of & Bliss !

I shall add but one Meditation more upon his Love to Cod; and that has a particular Relation to Gods Laws and Commandments by which, with what goes befare, the Reader may judge of the sincerity, and fervency of this his Divine Love, especially with respect to the adorable Mystery of our Redemption.


at the final

ly great willen of all things

Psal. u9. 127. I love thy Commandments above Gold and Precious stones. · The Commandments of God, are the Rule of our Life; the Revelation of the • Holy Will of God, the means of perfect. ‘ing our Nature, and making us ever happy,

so passionately did David love them, that he had rather all the Jewels of his Crown shou'd be lost, than one of them taken away. (Not one of them are to be spar'd, they are ? all adorable,all to be beloved.) Who wou'd

be content to lose one of his Members, tho' (not Ellential to his Life? But the Commande

ments of God, are Links of the Chain of E'ternity, as much worth as Heaven and Im6 mortality: Who can but love that which ' is holy, just and good? What true Ser

vant of God, can but love every Declaration of the Will of his Heavenly Father? Is it not condescention enough to captivate

our Hearts, that the Almighty shou'd re. 'veal his Will to us? Better Heaven and

Earth shou'd pass away,than one tittle of the 'Law of God shou'd be withdrawn. I love then

every Commandment of my God, even that which most contradicts my sinful and natural Inclinations; and wou'd not wish it to be taken out of the number, for a Thousand { Worlds. For I know the Will of my God is Holy, (his Will is our Sanétification) and I can't be happy without being like him; nor can I be like him that is Holy, if any part of this His Law shou'd be withdrawn. O Almighty God, give unto us the increase of thy


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