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all the enemies of our salvation; and finally to attain the crown of everlasting life.

Through the merits and intercession of the Redeemer, the grace of this Holy Spirit is given unto all men, in that degree which enables them to work out their salvation. But Christians enjoy his sanctifying and comforting influences, through their union with the Church, which this Spirit governs and sanctifies. Constituted members of Christ's mystical body in baptism, we are entitled, my Christian brethren, to the influences of that Divine Spirit, by which this body is animated. We are the " temples of the Holy Ghost";" and let us not incur the tremendous guilt of resisting and quenching the Spirit of God.

If we are indifferent and unconcerned in regard to the momentous business of our salvation; let us earnestly implore this quickening Spirit to awaken us from this state of criminal and dangerous security. Subject to the dominion of error and sin; let us supplicate the blessed Spirit of truth and holiness, to renew and sanctify, and purify our souls. When oppressed with the burden of our sins, and assailed by doubt, by sorrow, and adversity; let us earnestly implore this blessed Comforter to inspire us with sure trust and confidence in the mercies of God, through Jesus Christ. Let us not reject, because

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they are incomprehensible, his divine operations. Translated, by his power, from the darkness of error into "the marvellous light of Gospel truth;" and restored, by his grace, from "the bondage of sin into the glorious liberty of the sons of God," we shall have the witness, in ourselves, of the reality and efficacy of his gracious influences;— and fruitful in every good work, shall be kept by his power unto salvation.

Come then, blessed Spirit-exercise towards us thy gracious offices. Lead us into truthsanctify us from all sin-comfort us under all adversity guide us through the dark valley of the shadow of death and bring us, finally, to that eternal rest, where, our doubts dispelled, our labours ended, our trials terminated, and our sorrows past, we shall enjoy for ever blissful communion with thee, the Comforter, and with the Father and the Son to whom three persons but one God, be ascribed all honour, power, majesty, and dominion, world without end.

The Sermons which follow, with the exception of the last, relate to the doctrine of the Trinity generally, and particularly to the personality and offices of the Son and of the Holy Ghost, as set forth in the Nicene Creed.





JOB Xi. 7, 8.

Canst thou by searching find out God? Canst thou find out the Almighty unto perfection? It is as high as Heaven, what canst thou do? deeper than Hell, what canst thou know?

VAIN, my brethren, are all attempts "to find out" that Eternal Being, who in respect to his character and attributes can be known only as far as he has revealed himself to us, and whose infinite essence can never be fully comprehended by finite


And yet the self-confident spirit of man prompts him to the presumptuous attempt. He leaves the plain and direct path of duty, for the regions of daring speculation; aspiring even to search out God-and to measure, by the feeble line of reason, that divine nature which even the exalted intelligences of Heaven in vain seek to explore. "Canst thou by searching find out

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