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. By the Right Reverend ZACHARY, Lord Bishop of Bangor.

1 O N D ON:
Printed by and for J. WATTS; and Sold by him at the

Printing-Office in Wild-Court near Lincoln's-Inn Fields.
And by B. DOD, at the Bible and Key in Ave-Mary-Lane,

near Stationers-Hall.
MDCCXLIX. [Price 1s. 6.]

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IQ T is now above twenty Years, since the
A D following Sheets were first printed. They

were intended as an Answer to some of Com the principal Parts of Mr. Woolston's Six

Discourses on the Miracles of our Saviour, &c. which were published in 1727 and 1728, and in which he treated those Miracles after the most ludicrous and outrageous Manner, without any Regard to Truth, and even to the Appearance of it, either in his Criticisms, or his Reasonings, or his Quotations. Such Writings Then alarmed all Good Christians, and several Learned ones employed their Pens to take off any ill Impressions, which it was feared) his bold Attempts might make on the Unlearned and Unstable. At that time appeared in Print the Four Parts of this Treatise, The Miracles of Jesus Vindicated; which have therefore more of a controversial Turn in them, than may be Necessary or Pleasing at present to a Reader, who has never perused those wild and extravagant Performances of Mr. Woolston. I However the Printer, now finding a Call for a fifth Impression of them, has furnish'd the Author with an Occasion of reviewing them. In several Passages what seem'd personal, and now-aA 2


days unseasonable, has been omitted; that the Arguments and Proofs may be the better attended to: And some few additional Notes have been inserted, which may help to give a farther Light and Strength to what had been before advanced. If this Treatise has already proved, or shall hereafter prove, of Use to support the Truth of Christianity, the Author thinks his Labour to have been well bestowed in the Service of that divine Being, to whose Honour and Glory his Life is dedicated, and his Studies shall ever be directed,

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P. 8


The Truth of Jesus's Refurreétion from the Dead shewn

from the following Arguments;

TT is Absolutely Impossible, that the Apostles should have been

1 Deceived in this fact.

Page 2

It is Morally Impossible, that they should have intended to Dea

ceive us.

p. 3

Their suffering Death in Testimony of this Fact not liable to any


p. 4

Four Objections against the Literal account of Jesus's Resurrec-

tion answer'd.

P: 5.

That he rose on the Third Day, Shewn.

p. 6, 7

What is meant by after Three Days, and by Three Days and

Three Nights.

P: 7

Why he did not fully discover himself to his Disciples at first after

his Resurrection.

By what Steps he discover'd himself to them.


What is meant by, he vanished out of their fight.

p. 9

Reasons, why he did not perfonally appear to the Chief Priests and


p. 10

The Seal of the Grave being broken open, when the Chief Priests

were not Present, no Proof of a Fraud in the Case. p. 12

A Conclufion from the whole.

p. 13

Some Instances of the Effects, which Mr. W's Golden Religion

of Nature has on his Writings.

p. 14


Enthuhasm what.

p. 17

The Apostles no Enthusiasts.

p. 18

The Proof of Jesus's Refurrection proves the Truth of his other


p. 19

A Defence of the Literal Story of Jesus's driving the Buyers and

Sellers out of the Temple.

p. 20

That there were shops and a Market for Sheep, &c. in the outer-

Court of the Temple during the Passover, prov'd from the

Jewish Writers.

p. 21

This was a Profanation of that Court.

P 22


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