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That which is secret ne'er disclose,

Give place to those above;
Learn your inferior to forgive,
Your equal learn to love.

TRUST thou in God, in him thy hopes confide,
Thyself distrust, nor hope in aught beside;
Mind your own business, nor a meddler be
In others' matters which concern not thee.
Morning and night, thy knees in private bend,
And holy prayers to thy Creator send.
Small things at first attempt, and then you may
Greater perchance perform another day.
But ne'er begin great things, which wiser shun,
And oft have tried, but ne'er the conquest won.
Many things hear, from them instruction gain,
But few things say, lest others think thee vain.
Keep well a secret, nor to aught reveal
The tale, another wishes to conceal.
Never oppress, but always spare the weak,
When they may need or thy protection seek.
Yield to the strong, lest thou should'st find a fall,
And (to conclude) deal equally with all.

IN God for all things put thy trust,
Nor boast thy powers, frail child of dust,
Yet keep thyself with good employ'd.
With simple heart pour forth thy prayers,
Use but few words to tell thy cares,

And all high-sounding phrase avoid.

Open thine ears when others teach,

But be not thou a man of speech,

And secrets keep with faithful mind:
Superiors treat with humble grace,
Nor from inferiors turn thy face,

And be to equals ever kind.



La bénignité de notre seigneur. "Que le Seigneur est bon, que son joug est aimable, Heureux qui de l'enfance en connoit la douceur, Les biens les plus charmans, n'ont rien de comparable, Aux torrens des plaisirs qu' il répand sur un cœur." (Translations in verse are requested.)


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