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For he said, Surely they are my people,
Children that will not lie:
So he was their Saviour.
In all their affliction he was afflicted,
And the angel of his presence saved them:
In his love and in his pity he redeemed them;
And he bare them, and carried them all the days of

old. But they rebelled, and vexed his holy Spirit: Therefore he was turned to be their enemy, and he

fought against them. Then he remembered the days of old, Moses, and

his people, saying, Where is he that brought them up out of the sea

with the shepherd of his flock? Where is he that put his holy Spirit within him? That led them by the right hand of Moses with his

glorious arm, Dividing the water before them, to make himself an

everlasting name? That led them through the deep, As an horse in the wilderness, that they should not

As a beast goeth down into the valley,
The Spirit of the Lord caused him to rest:
So didst thou lead thy people,
To make thyself a glorious name.

Look down from heaven, and behold
From the habitation of thy holiness and of thy glory:
Where is thy zeal and thy strength,
The sounding of thy bowels and of thy mercies to-

ward me? are they restrained?
Doubtless thou art our father,
Though Abraham be ignorant of us,
And Israel acknowledge us not:
Thou, O Lord, art our father, our redeemer;
Thy name is from everlasting.
O Lord, why hast thou made us to err from thy ways,
And hardened our heart from thy fear?
Return for thy servants' sake,
The tribes of thine inheritance.
The people of thy holiness have possessed it but a

little while: Our adversaries have trodden down thy sanctuary. We are thine: thou never barest rule over them; They were not called by thy name.

Oh that thou wouldest rend the heavens, that thou

wouldest come down, That the mountains might flow down at thy pre

sence, As when the melting fire burneth, the fire causeth

the waters to boil, To make thy name known to thine adversaries, That the nations may tremble at thy presence!

When thou didst terrible things which we looked

not for, Thou camest down, the mountains flowed down at

thy presence. For since the beginning of the world men have not

heard, nor perceived by the ear,
Neither hath the eye seen, O God, beside thee,
What he hath prepared for him that waiteth for him.
Thou meetest him that rejoiceth and worketh right-

Those that remember thee in thy ways:
Behold, thou art wroth; for we have sinned:
In those is continuance, and we shall be saved.
But we are all as an unclean thing,
And all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags;
And we all do fade as a leaf;
And our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us

And there is none that calleth upon thy name,
That stirreth up himself to take hold of thee:
For thou hast hid thy face from us,
And hast consumed us, because of our iniquities.
But now, O Lord, thou art our father;
We are the clay, and thou our potter;
And we all are the work of thy hand.
Be not wroth very sore, O Lord,
Neither remember iniquity for ever:

Behold, see, we beseech thee, we are all thy people.
Thy holy cities are a wilderness,
Zion is a wilderness, Jerusalem a desolation.
Our holy and our beautiful house,
Where our fathers praised thee,
Is burned up with fire:
And all our pleasant things are laid waste.
Wilt thou refrain thyself for these things, O Lord?
Wilt thou hold thy peace, and afflict us very sore?

I am sought of them that asked not for me;
I am found of them that sought me not:
I said, Behold me, behold me,
Unto a nation that was not called by my name.
I have spread out my hands all the day unto a re-

bellious people, Which walketh in a way that was not good, after

their own thoughts; A people that provoketh me to anger continually to

my face; That sacrificeth in gardens, and burneth incense up

on altars of brick; Which remain among the graves, And lodge in the monuments, Which eat swine's flesh, And broth of abominable things is in their vessels; Which say, Stand by thyself, Come not near to me; for I am holier than thou.

These are a smoke in my nose,
A fire that burneth all the day.
Behold, it is written before me:
I will not keep silence, but will recompense,
Even recompense into their bosom,
Your iniquities, and the iniquities of your fathers to

gether, saith the Lord,
Which have burned incense upon the mountains,
And blasphemed me upon the hills:
Therefore will I measure their former work into

their bosom.

Thus saith the Lord,
As the new wine is found in the cluster,
And one saith, Destroy it not; for a blessing is in it:
So will I do for my servants' sakes,
That I may not destroy them all.
And I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob,
And out of Judah an inheritor of my mountains:
And mine elect shall inherit it,
And my servants shall dwell there.
And Sharon shall be a fold of flocks,
And the valley of Achor a place for the herds to lie

down in,
For my people that have sought me.

But ye are they that forsake the Lord,
That forget my holy mountain,

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