Herodotus: A New and Literal Version from the Text of Baehr ; with a Geographical and General Index

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Henry G. Bohn, 1848 - 613 pages

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Page 126 - At their convivial banquets, among the wealthy classes, when they have finished supper, a man carries round in a coffin the image of a dead body carved in wood, made as like as possible in color and workmanship, and in size generally about one or two cubits in length ; and showing this to each of the company, he says, ' Look upon this, then drink and enjoy yourself ; for when dead you will be like this.
Page 127 - The art of medicine is thus divided amongst them : each physician applies himself to one disease only, and not more, All places abound in physicians ; some physicians are for the eyes, others for the head, others for the teeth, others for the parts about the belly, and others for internal disorders.
Page 491 - This inscription was made for all ; and for the Spartans in particular : " Stranger, go tell the Lacedaemonians, that we lie here, obedient to their commands." This was for the Lacedaemonians ; and for the prophet, the following : " This is the monument of the illustrious Megistias, whom once the Medes, having passed the river Sperchius, slew ; a prophet, who, at the time well knowing the impending fate, would not abandon the leaders of Sparta.
Page 103 - I was unable to gain any information, either from the priests or any one else. I was very desirous, however, of learning from them why the Nile, beginning at the summer solstice, fills and overflows for a hundred days ; and when it has nearly completed this number of 'lay.-, falls short in its stream, and retires ; so that it continues low all the winter, until the return of the summer solstice.
Page 22 - ... from it ; of which the longest were six palms in length, the shortest three, and in thickness one palm : their number was one hundred and seventeen : four of these, of pure gold, weighed each two talents and a half ; the other half-bricks of pale gold, weighed two talents each.
Page 122 - When a conflagration takes place, a supernatural impulse seizes on the cats. For the Egyptians, standing at a distance, take care of the cats, and neglect to put out the fire ; but the cats, making their escape, and leaping over the men, throw themselves into the fire and when this happens great lamentations are made among the Egyptians. In whatever house a cat dies of a natural...
Page 430 - When he was seated there, looking down towards the shore, he beheld both the land army and the fleet ; and when he beheld them, he desired to see a contest take place between the ships ; and when it had taken place, and the Sidonian Phoenicians were victorious, he showed himself exceedingly gratified both with the contest and the army.
Page 100 - Nile should choose to divert his waters from their present bed into this Arabian gulf, what is there to hinder it from being filled up by the stream within, at the utmost, twenty thousand years ? For my part, I think it would be filled in half the time.
Page 18 - ... Croesus answered as follows : " You are born of parents who are our friends, and you are come to friends among whom, if you will stay, you shall want nothing ; and by bearing your misfortune as lightly as possible, you will be the greatest gainer." So Adrastus took up his abode in the palace of Croesus. At this same time a boar of enormous size appeared in Mysian Olympus, and rushing down from that mountain, ravaged the fields of the Mysians. The Mysians, though they often went out against him,...
Page 126 - They purge themselves every month, three days in succession," says Herodotus, "seeking to preserve health by emetics and clysters; for they suppose that all diseases to which men are subject proceed from the food they use. And, indeed, in other respects, the Egyptians, next to the Libyans, are the most healthy people in the world...

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