Lives of Men of Letters and Science, who Flourished in the Time of George III.

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Page 213 - Not to perpetuate a name Which must endure while the peaceful arts flourish, But to show That mankind have learned to honor those Who best deserve their gratitude, The King, His Ministers, and many of the Nobles And Commoners of the Realm, Raised this monument to James Watt, Who, directing the force of an original Genius Early exercised in Philosophic research, To the improvement...
Page 213 - Watt, who directing the force of an original genius early exercised in philosophic research to the improvement of the steam-engine, enlarged the resources of his country, increased the power of man, and rose to an eminent place among the most illustrious followers of science, and the real benefactors of the world.
Page 123 - I passed them agreeably and in good company; and my appointments, with my frugality, had made me reach a fortune which I called independent, though most of my friends were inclined to smile when I said so : in short, I was- now master of near a thousand pounds.
Page 155 - I wish it were still in my power to be a hypocrite in this particular. The common duties of society usually require it ; and the ecclesiastical profession only adds a little more to an innocent dissimulation, or rather simulation, without which it is impossible to pass through the world.
Page 25 - Quand on a tout perdu, quand on n'a plus d'espoir, La vie est un opprobre, et la mort un devoir.
Page 212 - His friends in this part of the country never saw him more full of intellectual vigour and colloquial animation never more delightful or more instructive than in his last visit to Scotland in autumn 1817.
Page 191 - Helmont, who flourished at the end of the sixteenth and beginning of the seventeenth century...
Page 179 - About ten o'clock, he thought he beheld a light glimmering at a great distance. Fearing his eager hopes might deceive him, he called to Pedro Gutierrez, gentleman of the king's bed-chamber, and inquired whether he saw such a light ; the latter replied in the affirmative.
Page 212 - ... up almost to the last moment of his existence, not only the full command of his extraordinary intellect, but all the alacrity of spirit and the social gaiety which had illumined his happiest days.

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